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Title Date Practice Area
Survivor Benefit Plans and Military Divorce: Defending Against or Claiming Former-Spouse SBP Coverage 06/28/17 Family Law
Carve-Out Transactions: Strategies for Due Diligence and Structuring the Deal 06/28/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
Insurer Bad Faith Setup Defense and Reverse Bad Faith Claims: Insurer vs. Policyholder Perspectives 06/28/17 Insurance Law
Forced Pooling in Oil and Gas: Navigating State Laws, Addressing Conflicting Rights of Landowners, and Use in Negotiations 06/28/17 Energy Law
Medical Office Leases: Navigating Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute, Operational Restrictions and More 06/28/17 Real Property Law
Medicaid Planning: Pros and Cons of Gifting the House 06/29/17 Elder Law
Structuring Private Placement Memorandum for the Private Offering and Sale of Securities 06/29/17 Corporate Finance Law
Leveraging Bankruptcy Preference Defenses: Trade Creditor Payments, Earmarking, Critical Vendors, Claim Waivers, Set-Offs 06/29/17 Bankruptcy Law
Drafting Technology Services Statements of Work: Structuring Terms, Minimizing Disputes, Streamlining Negotiations 06/29/17 Contracts Law
Section 102 and Prior Art: Navigating the Expanded Scope of Prior Art and AIA Exceptions 06/29/17 IP-Patent Law
Construction Contract Waivers of Subrogation, Indemnity and Contribution 07/06/17 Construction Law
Lessons From PTAB Full or Partial Denials to Obtain a Denial and Avoid an IPR 07/06/17 IP-Patent Law
Structuring Mortgage Loan Participation Agreements: Strategies for Lead Lenders and Participants 07/06/17 Real Property Law
Navigating Venue and Jurisdiction in Trademark Cases 07/06/17 IP Law
Drafting Clickwrap and Browsewrap Agreements: Avoiding Enforceability Pitfalls 07/06/17 Contracts Law
Executive Compensation Tax Issues in M&A: Navigating IRS Rules for Stock Options, Deferred and Equity Comp, Golden Parachutes 07/06/17 ERISA
PRP Contribution Claims Under CERCLA: Strategies for Cost Recovery Against Potentially Responsible Parties 07/06/17 Environmental Law
Rendering Structured Finance Opinions of Counsel: Substantive Consolidation, Authority to File Bankruptcy and More 07/11/17 Corporate Finance Law
Asset Recovery in Commercial Litigation: Litigating Piercing the Corporate Veil, Alter Ego, Successor Liability, UVTA 07/11/17 Litigation
Trademark Examiner Teleconferences and Communications Strategies: Preparing for and Conducting Examiner Communications to Advance Trademark Prosecution 07/11/17 IP Law
Drafting IRA Beneficiary "See-Through" Trust Provisions 07/11/17 Estate Planning
Avoiding Hub-and-Spoke Liability: Recent Antitrust Cases and Practical Advice for Vertical and Horizontal Players 07/12/17 Antitrust
Structuring Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate: Entity Selection and Transaction Structures 07/12/17 Tax Law
Structuring International Contracts: Choice of Law, Jurisdiction and Language, Arbitration Clauses, and Terms of Art 07/12/17 International Law
Buy-Sell Agreements for Corporations and LLCs: Drafting Stock Redemption, Cross-Purchase and Mixed Agreements 07/12/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
Trucking Accident Cases and Insurance Coverage Complexities: Guidance for Personal Injury Counsel 07/12/17 Personal Injury
Notice, Tender and Reservation of Rights: Crafting Coverage Correspondence, Evaluating Issues Raised by Defense Under ROR 07/12/17 Insurance Law
HIPAA Compliance for Business Associates 07/12/17 Health Law
Divorce and Trusts: Dissolving or Amending Existing Trusts and Using New Trusts in Divorce Planning 07/12/17 Family Law
Emergence of Blockchain: New Applications and Issues for Corporate Counsel 07/12/17 Corporate Law
Data Center Development, Operation and Financing: Special Concerns for Real Estate Counsel 07/13/17 Real Property Law
Conducting Effective Service Provider RFPs for ERISA Retirement Plans 07/13/17 ERISA
Food and Beverage Class Actions: Litigating False Advertising, Labeling, Slack-Fill Packaging or Food Safety Claims 07/13/17 Class Action
Medicaid Planning and Annuities: Assessing Treatment of Annuities Under Federal and State Medicaid Planning Rules 07/13/17 Elder Law
Conducting Internal Investigations of Executives for Workplace Misconduct: Legal and Ethical Considerations 07/13/17 Employment Law
Labeling and Induced Infringement in Pharma Patent Litigation and Protecting IP Rights 07/13/17 IP-Patent Law
Drafting Telecom Services Agreements: Structuring Key Provisions, Anticipating Legal Pitfalls, Mitigating Risks 07/18/17 Contracts Law
Clean Air Act Citizen Suits: Defense and Litigation Strategies 07/18/17 Environmental Law
Structuring Defined Value Clauses in Trust Transfers: Formula Allocations and Price Adjustment Clauses 07/18/17 Estate Planning
DMCA and Online Service Providers: New Requirements, New Vulnerabilities 07/18/17 IP Law
ERISA Revenue Sharing Arrangements: Avoiding Plan Asset Status, Complying With Due Diligence Requirements 07/18/17 ERISA
Inverse Condemnation Litigation: Strategies for Municipal Attorneys for Avoiding and Defending Taking Claims 07/18/17 Municipal Law
Jury Selection in Employment Litigation: Preparing for Voir Dire, Identifying Bias, Leveraging Strikes 07/19/17 Employment Law
"Incident to" Billing in Healthcare: Navigating Complex Requirements and Ensuring Compliance 07/19/17 Health Law
IRC 831(b) Small Captives After the PATH Act: Meeting New Diversification Requirements and Avoiding IRS Scrutiny 07/19/17 Tax Law
Structuring Freedom-to-Operate Opinions: Reducing Risk of Patent Infringement 07/20/17 IP-Patent Law
Creatively Completing the Capital Stack: Real Estate GP Private Equity Funds 07/20/17 Corporate Finance Law
Negotiating Payment Processing Agreements: Key Provisions for Retailers, Banks and Payment Processors 07/20/17 Corporate Law
Nursing Home Litigation and Admissibility of Evidence: Proving or Challenging Authentication, Relevance and Hearsay 07/20/17 Medical Malpractice
Surveys in Trademark Litigation: Likelihood of Confusion and Dilution 07/25/17 IP Law
ERISA Breach of Fiduciary Duty Class Actions: Avoiding and Defending Claims Against Companies and Fiduciaries 07/25/17 ERISA
Navigating Hospital in Hospital Leasing Arrangements: LTACH, Skilled Nursing, Rehab, Behavioral Health, and Hospice 07/25/17 Health Law
Using Hacked Information in White Collar Criminal and Civil Litigation: Ethical and Legal Challenges for Litigators 07/25/17 Litigation
Renewable Energy Storage: Implementing Projects, Overcoming Co-Location Challenges, and Mitigating Risks 07/25/17 Energy Law
Structuring Installment Sales to Intentionally Defective Trusts: Using Private Annuities and Promissory Notes 07/26/17 Estate Planning
Advanced Strategies for Challenging FBAR Penalties: Using Administrative Procedures Act In Defending Against Assessments 07/26/17 Tax Law
Insurance Defense Costs: Allocation in Mixed Actions, Recoupment for Non-Covered Claims, Independent Counsel Fees 07/26/17 Insurance Law
Personal Injury Claims for Uber and Lyft Accidents: Navigating Complex Liability and Insurance Coverage Issues 07/26/17 Personal Injury
Advising Family Office Clients on Recurring Legal and Business Issues 07/26/17 Corporate Finance Law
Antitrust Concerns with Standard-Setting Organizations, Standard Essential Patents, and FRAND Licensing Terms: Promoting Competition While Protecting IP Rights 07/26/17 Antitrust
Structuring Real Estate JVs: Capital Contributions, Distributions, Allocations, Taxes, Governance, Exit Strategies 07/27/17 Real Property Law
Managing Complex Class Litigation: Leveraging Bifurcation, Bellwether Trials, Joinder, Subclasses and Issue Classes 07/27/17 Class Action
Wage and Hour Issues in the Hospitality Industry: Worker Classification, Overtime Pay, Tip Pooling and Other Claims 07/27/17 Employment Law
Allocating Risk in Commercial Contracts: Additional Insured Endorsements and Waivers of Subrogation 07/27/17 Contracts Law
Managing Risks of Outsourcing Business Operations: Key Issues for Corporate Counsel 07/27/17 Corporate Law
Drafting Patent Counsel Engagement and Disengagement Letters 07/27/17 IP-Patent Law
Distracted Driving Accident Claims Involving Smart Phones: Pursuing or Defending Litigation 08/01/17 Personal Injury
IP Assets and Infringement Claims: Insurance Coverage Considerations 08/01/17 IP Law
Corporate Governance of Subsidiaries: Emerging Risks and Best Practices 08/01/17 Corporate Law
Conservation Easement Due Diligence: Navigating IRS Approval, Appraisals, Phase 1 Assessments and More 08/01/17 Environmental Law
Estate Planning and Carried Interest: Estate Tax Reduction Strategies for Private Equity and Hedge Fund Founders 08/01/17 Estate Planning
Removing PFIC Taint on Foreign Investments Through Subsequent Year QEF Elections 08/01/17 Tax Law
Structuring Private Family Trust Companies and SPEs for High Net Worth Individuals and Families 08/02/17 Estate Planning
Enforceability of Intercreditor Agreements in Bankruptcy: Maximizing Recovery for First and Second Lienholders 08/02/17 Corporate Finance Law
Structuring Executive Compensation Clawback Policies: Trends, Regulatory Developments and Tax Ramifications 08/02/17 ERISA
Drafting Position Statements to Mitigate Full-Scale EEOC Investigations and Lawsuits 08/02/17 Employment Law
Claims-Made Coverage: Navigating Claim Identification, Reporting, Late Notice, Multiple Policies, and Allocation 08/02/17 Insurance Law
Structuring Construction Contract Insurance, Indemnification and Limitations on Liability Clauses 08/02/17 Construction Law
Healthcare Transactions and Compliance With State and Federal Laws and Regulations 08/02/17 Health Law
Structuring Real Estate Sale-Leasebacks: An Alternative to Mortgage Financing for Owner-Operators and Investors 08/03/17 Real Property Law
Planning With ABLE Accounts and Special Needs Trusts: Selecting the Best Approach for Elderly and Disabled Clients 08/03/17 Elder Law
Patents and Export Control Compliance: Managing Risk and Avoiding Unintentional Violations 08/03/17 IP-Patent Law
Drafting Workplace Social Media Policies: Protecting Employer Interests, Avoiding NLRB Enforcement Action 08/03/17 Employment Law
Negotiating SaaS Agreements: Drafting Key Contract Provisions, Protecting Customer and Vendor Interests 08/08/17 Contracts Law
IP Rights in the Video Gaming Industry: Protecting and Defending Your Game's IP 08/08/17 IP Law
Midstream Executory Contracts in Bankruptcy After Sabine 08/08/17 Energy Law
Leveraging Big Data in Healthcare: Navigating HIPAA, Antitrust, Stark and AKS Compliance, and Security Issues 08/09/17 Health Law
Proprietary Funds in 401(k) and Retirement Plans: A View From the Trenches 08/09/17 ERISA
Structuring Forbearance Agreements and Strengthening Lender Collateral Position 08/10/17 Bankruptcy Law

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