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Title Date Practice Area
Municipal Management of Cellphone Towers, DAS and Small Cell Deployments 10/19/17 Municipal Law
Structuring REIT Credit Facilities: Loan Terms, Financial Covenants, Commitment Letters, MAC Provisions and More 10/19/17 Real Property Law
Substance Use Treatment: Revised Part 2 Regulations Compliance 10/24/17 Health Law
CERCLA Statute of Limitations, Preemption, and Allocation: Latest Developments in Superfund and Environmental Litigation 10/24/17 Environmental Law
Structuring Programmatic Real Estate Joint Ventures: Structures, Deal Sharing and Exclusivity, Pooling Variations 10/24/17 Real Property Law
Form 5471 Substantial Compliance Rules: New IRS International Practice Unit Guidance 10/24/17 Tax Law
Drafting Severance and Confidentiality Agreements Amid Continued SEC, EEOC and NLRB Scrutiny 10/24/17 Employment Law
Investment Advisers and the Custody Rule: New SEC Guidance and Actions to Take Now 10/24/17 Corporate Finance Law
Negotiating Private Equity M&A Key Deal Terms 10/25/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
First-Party Property and Business Interruption Coverage After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma 10/25/17 Insurance Law
Personal Injury Settlement and Release Agreements: Confidentiality, Tax Liability, Indemnity and Other Complex Issues 10/25/17 Personal Injury
Drafting Website and Mobile App Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and IP Protections 10/25/17 Contracts Law
Structuring and Negotiating Executive Compensation Packages: Addressing Pay, Severance, Restrictive Covenants, and More 10/26/17 ERISA
Structuring Financial Covenants, EBITDA, and Events of Default to Maximize Borrower Protection and Lender Remedies 10/26/17 Banking Loan Doc
Intent to Use Trademark Applications: Pros and Cons, Demonstrating ITU, Converting to Actual Use 10/26/17 IP Law
Employment Litigation and Claim Settlements: Tax Withholding and Reporting Implications for Employers 10/26/17 Employment Law
Securing Social Media Admissions: Investigative Strategies, Spoliation Warnings, Use of Subpoenas to Obtain Evidence 10/26/17 Litigation
Corporate Restructuring of Subsidiaries: Mechanics of Dissolution or Merger Into a Parent or Affiliate 10/26/17 Corporate Law
Risk Allocation in Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions 10/26/17 Health Law
Drug Substance Patents: FDA Guidance, Protecting Composition-of-Matter Patents, Drafting Solid Form Claims 10/26/17 IP-Patent Law
Environmental Litigation: Piercing the Corporate Veil, Alter Ego and Successor Liability 10/31/17 Environmental Law
Divided Patent Infringement and Inducement: Protecting IP Rights and Allocating Liability 10/31/17 IP Law
Overtime Pay Claims for After-Hours Use of Electronic Devices: Avoiding and Defending Litigation 10/31/17 Employment Law
Mitigating Successor Trustee Liability for Prior Fiduciary Breach: Trust Structure and Administrative Tools 10/31/17 Estate Planning
Terminating Employees on Job-Protected Leave: Avoiding FMLA and ADA Claims 11/01/17 Employment Law
M&A Post-Closing Disputes: Minimizing and Resolving Disputes Over Working Capital Adjustments and Earnouts 11/01/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
Responding to Trademark Office Actions: Assessing Response Alternatives and Persuading the Examiner 11/01/17 Trademark Law
Expert Witness Depositions in Nursing Home Injury Cases: Taking and Defending Depositions 11/01/17 Medical Malpractice
OIG Changes to Anti-Kickback Safe Harbor Provisions and the CMP Beneficiary Inducement Prohibition 11/01/17 Health Law
Appealing IRS Penalty Abatement Denials: Offshore Disclosure Penalties, OVDP Denials and Appeals 11/01/17 Tax Law
Non-Recourse Carve Outs, Bad-Boy Guaranties, and Personal Liability: Latest Developments 11/01/17 Real Property Law
Insurance Coverage for Class Action Claims: Recovery for Indemnity and Defense Costs 11/01/17 Insurance Law
Legal Opinions for Article 9 Security Interests: Navigating the Complexities and Avoiding Liability 11/02/17 Banking Loan Doc
Rule 30(b)(6) Depositions in Class Action Litigation: Deposing or Defending Corporate Witness Depositions 11/02/17 Class Action
Structuring 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges: Preserving Tax-Deferred Treatment for Real Estate Sales Transactions 11/02/17 Real Property Law
Data Privacy and Security Agreements: Defining, Allocating and Mitigating Risks From Data Security Breaches 11/02/17 Contracts Law
Insurance Defense Litigation: Defending Against the Reptile Theory Utilized by Plaintiffs 11/07/17 Insurance Law
Enforceability of Intercreditor Agreements in Bankruptcy: Maximizing Recovery for First and Second Lienholders 11/07/17 Corporate Finance Law
Ponzi Scheme Clawback Litigation in Bankruptcy: Bringing or Defending Claims 11/07/17 Bankruptcy Law
Third-Party Preferred Equity as a Financing Device: Structuring "Debt-Like" Equity 11/07/17 Corporate Finance Law
Personal Jurisdiction After Bristol-Myers Squibb: Unresolved Issues, Shifting Plaintiff Strategies 11/07/17 Personal Injury
GST Inclusion Ratios and Applicable Fractions for Estate Planners: Rules, Exceptions and Tax Calculations 11/07/17 Estate Planning
Private Equity Transactions in Healthcare: Stark, AKS and Other Compliance Challenges 11/08/17 Health Law
Medicaid Planning Techniques: Trusts, Private Annuities, Spousal Transfers, Caregiver Agreements 11/08/17 Elder Law
Regulating Signs and Billboards: Siting Issues, Environmental Concerns and Revenue Sharing Opportunities 11/08/17 Municipal Law
Construction Property Damage Claims: CGL Exclusions K, L and M, and Products-Completed Operations Coverage 11/08/17 Construction Law
Mixed-Use Development: Structuring Air Rights Condominiums and Other Common Interest Community Regimes 11/09/17 Real Property Law
Structuring Equity and Nonqualified Deferred Compensation: Achieving Tax and Legal Objectives 11/09/17 ERISA
Leveraging USPTO Examiner Count System: Efficiently Prosecuting Patents, Lowering Prosecution Costs 11/09/17 IP-Patent Law
Finders and Unregistered Broker-Dealers: Risks and Recent Developments 11/09/17 Corporate Finance Law
Role of Independent Directors in Corporate Governance and Decision-Making 11/09/17 Corporate Law
Allocating Operating Expenses in Commercial Real Estate Leases: Negotiating Strategies for Landlords and Tenants 11/14/17 Real Property Law
Joint Development Agreements in Renewable Energy Projects 11/14/17 Energy Law
U.S.-Mexican Tax and Estate Planning for Cross-Border Clients 11/14/17 Estate Planning
The Defend Trade Secrets Act: Lessons for Employment Counsel From DTSA Filings and Court Rulings 11/14/17 Employment Law
Rule 23(c)(4) Issue Certification: Reconciling the Conflict With Rule 23(b)(3)'s Predominance Requirement 11/14/17 Class Action
Corporate Board Meeting Minutes, Agendas and Other Written Records: Governance Best Practices 11/14/17 Corporate Law
Domain Name Rights Protection Mechanisms & ICANN Developments 11/14/17 IP Law
ERISA Pre-Approved and Customized Benefit Plans: Overhauled IRS Procedures and Determination Letter Process 11/14/17 ERISA
Structuring MOUs, LOIs, Term Sheets and Other Preliminary Agreements 11/15/17 Contracts Law
Restructuring Healthcare Entities in Bankruptcy: Unique Challenges and Benefits of Chapter 11 11/15/17 Health Law
Pleading Insurer Bad Faith Claims: Evolving Pleading Standards, Surviving or Filing a Motion to Dismiss 11/15/17 Insurance Law
Private Enforcement of U.S. Environmental Laws: Standing Challenges Amid Divergent Circuit Court Rulings 11/15/17 Environmental Law
Antitrust Implications of Noncompete and Nonsolicitation Agreements 11/15/17 Antitrust
Drafting Asset Purchase Agreements: Reps, Warranties, Covenants, Conditions, Indemnity and Other Provisions 11/15/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
Overcoming ยง103 Rejections for Biotech and Chemical Patents: Recent Decisions and USPTO Guidance 11/16/17 IP-Patent Law
Phase-Out of LIBOR: Impact on Floating Rate Loans and Derivatives; Implementing Alternative Reference Rates 11/16/17 Banking Loan Doc
Traumatic Brain Injury Claims: Navigating Litigation Complexities 11/16/17 Personal Injury
Employment Law Issues After a Natural Disaster or Other Crisis: Compensation, Leave, Workplace Safety and More 11/16/17 Employment Law
Combating Plaintiffs' Reptilian Tactics in Commercial Vehicle, Premises Liability, Products Liability and Med Mal Cases 11/20/17 Personal Injury
Using Depositions at Trial: Impeachment, Refreshing Recollection, Offer of Proof, Admissions, Unavailable Witness 11/20/17 Litigation
Telemedicine Requirements for Licensing, Scope of Practice and Reimbursement 11/21/17 Health Law
Section 336(e) Elections: Tax Basis Step Up Through Deemed Asset Sale Treatment 11/21/17 Tax Law
ERISA Wrongful Denial of Benefits Claims: Procedural Prerequisites and Key Defenses 11/21/17 ERISA
Exercising Setoff and Recoupment Rights in Bankruptcy 11/21/17 Bankruptcy Law
Breach of Employment Contract Litigation: Contract Interpretation, Materiality of Breach, Defenses, Damages 11/21/17 Employment Law
Mexico's New Anti-Corruption Laws and Implementing Regulations: Private Entities and Individuals in the Crosshairs 11/21/17 International Law
E-Signatures and Electronic Loan Documentation: Complying with ESIGN/UETA, Interplay With the UCC 11/21/17 Banking Loan Doc
Licensing Standard Essential Patents on FRAND Terms and Protecting IP Rights 11/21/17 IP-Patent Law
CERCLA Liability of U.S. Government as Owner, Operator or Arranger for Clean-Up Cost and NRD on Public Lands 11/21/17 Environmental Law
U.S.-Israeli Estate Tax Planning for Dual Citizens 11/21/17 Estate Planning
Investment Adviser Advertising Rule: New SEC Guidance and Best Practices for Compliance 11/21/17 Corporate Finance Law
2017 Changes to AIA Contract Documents: What Construction Lawyers Need to Know 11/21/17 Construction Law
International Trademarks: Monitoring, Policing Third-Party Marks, Evaluating Infringements, Pursuing Enforcement 11/21/17 IP Law
Financing Multi-Family Housing: Structuring the Low Income House Tax Credit and Tax-Exempt Bonds 11/21/17 Real Property Law
The "Fractions Rule" in Partnership Agreements: Drafting Section 514(c)(9)(E) Compliant Allocations 11/28/17 Tax Law
Digital Coin Offerings: New SEC Guidance on Registration of Blockchain Tokens as Securities 11/28/17 Securities
Solar Energy Projects: Structuring EPC Agreements 11/28/17 Energy Law
Title Insurance Coverage: What Real Estate Counsel Must Know 11/28/17 Real Property Law
Perfecting Security Interests in Deposit Accounts, Securities Accounts and Other Investment Property 11/28/17 Banking Loan Doc
HSAs, FSA, HRAs and Voluntary Insurance Programs: ERISA vs. Non-ERISA Compliance 11/28/17 ERISA
Acquisitions of Family-Owned Businesses: Valuation, Due Diligence, Deal Structure, Operational Transition 11/29/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
340B Contract Pharmacy Arrangements: What Does the Future Hold? 11/29/17 Health Law
Online Small-Business Lending: Regulatory Concerns With Peer-to-Peer, Balance Sheet and Other Funding Sources 11/29/17 Banking & Financial Services Law
Negotiating Private Equity Fund Terms: Key Provisions for Sponsors and Investors 11/29/17 Corporate Finance Law
Trademark Opposition and Cancellation Proceedings at the TTAB 11/29/17 IP Law
Structuring Independent Contractor Agreements to Avoid Misclassification Liability 11/29/17 Employment Law
Contract Management: Tools for Improving the Process Within Organizations 11/29/17 Corporate Law
Structuring Agreements Among Lenders in Unitranche Loan Facilities; Enforcement in Bankruptcy 11/30/17 Banking Loan Doc
Environmental Due Diligence for Real Estate Buyers, Sellers and Lenders 11/30/17 Environmental Law
Leveraging Design Patents to Protect Graphical User Interfaces 11/30/17 IP-Patent Law
Structuring Financeable Ground Leases and Leasehold Mortgages 11/30/17 Real Property Law
Structuring Healthcare Co-Location Arrangements: Legal and Regulatory Requirements 12/13/17 Health Law
Minimizing ADA Claims Over Employee Accommodation Requests for Leave, Telecommuting or Reassignment 12/19/17 Employment Law
Evaluating Key Intercreditor Arrangements: First Lien/Second Lien, Split Collateral, Senior/Mezzanine, Unitranche 12/20/17 Banking Loan Doc
Midstream Executory Contracts in Bankruptcy After Sabine 12/30/17 Energy Law

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