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Title Date Practice Area
Section 112(a) Enablement and Written Description: Leveraging CCPA and Early Federal Circuit Decisions 08/24/17 IP-Patent Law
Negotiating Contractual Indemnity in M&A Deals: Transactional and Litigation Considerations 08/24/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
Negotiating Technology Transfer and Licensing Agreements: Structuring Key Provisions, Avoiding Drafting Pitfalls 08/24/17 Contracts Law
High Volatility Commercial Real Estate Loans: Guidance for Developers and Lenders on HVCRE Rules and Loan Covenants 08/24/17 Real Property Law
Antitrust Concerns With Joint Ventures and Other Collaborations: Balancing Competitive vs. Anti-Competitive Effects 08/24/17 Antitrust
Class Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements: Lessons From Case Law and New CFPB Regulatory Action 08/24/17 Class Action
Evaluating Fair Use for Copyrights 08/29/17 IP Law
Separate Share Rule Considerations in Structuring IRA Trusts 08/29/17 Estate Planning
CERCLA and Tenants as Bona Fide Prospective Purchasers: Obtaining and Maintaining BFPP Status 08/29/17 Environmental Law
Structuring Preferred Equity Investments in Real Estate Ventures: True Equity vs. "Debt-Like" Equity 08/29/17 Real Property Law
Smart Contracts: Navigating Legal, Regulatory and Consumer Protection Issues 08/30/17 Contracts Law
Using Expert Witnesses in Bad Faith and Coverage Litigation: Evidentiary Rules, Expert Opinions and Objections to Testimony 08/30/17 Insurance Law
Partnership Exchanges: Structuring "Drop and Swap" and "Mixing Bowl" Transactions 08/30/17 Tax Law
Structuring Exclusive Contracts Between Hospitals and Physician Groups 08/30/17 Health Law
Navigating the Patent Prosecution Highway and Other Accelerated Filing Options 08/31/17 IP-Patent Law
Divorce and Division of Stock Options and Restricted Stock Units: Identifying, Classifying and Valuing Options and RSUs for Equitable Distribution and/or Income Availability 08/31/17 Family Law
Midstream Executory Contracts in Bankruptcy After Sabine 08/31/17 Energy Law
Private Foundations in Estate Planning: Structuring Tax-Efficient Charitable Legacies 09/05/17 Estate Planning
Resolving ERISA Liens and Reimbursement Claims in Personal Injury Cases 09/06/17 Personal Injury
Coverage Pitfalls for Additional Insureds: Interplay With SIRS and "Other Insurance Provisions," Interpreting AI Endorsements 09/06/17 Construction Law
Key CFIUS Developments: Lessons From Recent CFIUS Decisions and Implications of the New Administration 09/06/17 International Law
New IRC 721(c) Regulations and Contributions to Foreign Partnerships 09/06/17 Tax Law
Medical Technology Compliance: FDA, AKS, FCA and Other Regulatory Requirements 09/06/17 Health Law
EEO Internal Investigations: Guidance for Employment Counsel 09/07/17 Employment Law
Functional Claiming for Mechanical and Electrical Arts 09/07/17 IP-Patent Law
Bankruptcy Fundamentals for Corporate Counsel: Protecting and Enforcing Creditor Claims in a Chapter 11 Proceeding 09/07/17 Corporate Law
Allocating Risk in Real Estate Leases: Contractual Indemnities, Additional Insured Endorsements and Waivers of Subrogation 09/07/17 Real Property Law
U.S.-Israeli Estate Tax Planning for Dual Citizens 09/12/17 Estate Planning
ERISA Plan Investment Committee Governance: Avoiding Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims 09/12/17 ERISA
Structuring Special Purpose Entities: Separateness, Bankruptcy Remoteness and True Sales 09/12/17 Bankruptcy Law
Construction Loan Funding and Title Insurance: Best Practices in Disbursement and Documentation 09/12/17 Real Property Law
Employment Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions: Planning for Integration and Mitigating Risk 09/12/17 Employment Law
Navigating the IRS Penalty Abatement Procedures for Foreign Information Reporting Noncompliance 09/12/17 Tax Law
Responding to Trademark Office Actions: Assessing Response Alternatives and Persuading the Examiner 09/12/17 Trademark Law
Advanced Tax Considerations for Negotiating, Structuring and Documenting M&A Transactions 09/12/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
Emergence of Blockchain in Banking and FinTech: New Applications and Issues for Counsel 09/12/17 Banking & Financial Services Law
Rule 23(f) Class Certification Appeals: Pursuing or Challenging Interlocutory Review of Certification Orders 09/12/17 Class Action
Medical Staff Bylaws: Impact of Recent Regulatory Changes and Best Practices 09/13/17 Health Law
Electronic Spying and Tracking Spouses in Divorce Cases: What's Legal in the Digital World? 09/13/17 Family Law
Attorney-Client Privilege in Insurance Disputes: Preserving Confidentiality and Meeting Legal Ethics Standards 09/13/17 Insurance Law
Technology Professional Services Agreements: Drafting Key Provisions, Streamlining Negotiations, Minimizing Disputes 09/13/17 Contracts Law
Personal Injury Claims in the Hospitality Industry: Bringing or Defending Cases 09/13/17 Personal Injury
Defending Rule 30(b)(6) Corporate Depositions: Responding to Deposition Notices, Selecting and Preparing Witnesses 09/14/17 Litigation
E-Signatures and Electronic Loan Documentation: Complying with ESIGN/UETA, Interplay With the UCC 09/14/17 Banking Loan Doc
Settling Wage/Hour Claims: Weighing Settlement Options, Negotiating Damages, and Ensuring Court Approval 09/14/17 Employment Law
Municipal Annexation: Navigating Taxation, Land Use and Permitting Challenges 09/14/17 Municipal Law
Patent Cooperation Treaty: Evaluating the Benefits and Risks, Obtaining International Patent Protection 09/14/17 IP-Patent Law
Leveraging Big Data in Healthcare: Navigating HIPAA, Stark and AKS Compliance, and Security Issues 09/19/17 Health Law
Trademark Threats on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Other Social Media 09/19/17 IP Law
Embedded Appellate Counsel at the Trial Level: Demonstrating Your Value to Trial and In-House Counsel 09/19/17 Appellate Law
Modifying Irrevocable Trusts Using Nonjudicial Settlement Agreements 09/19/17 Estate Planning
Structuring and Negotiating Executive Compensation Packages: Addressing Pay, Severance, Restrictive Covenants, and More 09/19/17 ERISA
Special Purpose Acquisition Companies: Structuring IPOs and Facilitating Future Mergers and Acquisitions 09/19/17 Corporate Finance Law
Tax-Related Tips for Real Estate LLC and LLP Agreements: Capital Commitments, Tax Allocations and Distributions and More 09/19/17 Real Property Law
Elder Care Incapacity Planning: Advanced Directives and POLSTS, POAs, Controversial End-of-Life Healthcare Decisions 09/20/17 Elder Law
Bring Your Own Device in the Workplace: Minimizing Legal Risks of BYOD Programs 09/20/17 Employment Law
Hospital Joint Venture Trends and Post-Transaction Arrangements 09/20/17 Health Law
Structuring Class Settlements to Obtain Court Approval 09/20/17 Class Action
Structuring Solar PV Agreements: Negotiating Real Estate Entitlements and Offtake Agreements 09/20/17 Energy Law
Opinions of Counsel in Cross-Border Financial Transactions 09/20/17 Banking Loan Doc
M&A Agreements: Drafting Real Estate and Environmental Contract Provisions 09/20/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
Drafting Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Compliance Provisions in Cross-Border Distribution Agreements 09/20/17 Contracts Law
Blockchain and IP: Navigating Emerging Issues 09/26/17 IP Law
Litigation Holds in Employment Lawsuits: Creating an Early and Effective Plan for Collecting and Preserving ESI 09/26/17 Employment Lit-Procedural
Preserving Evidence in Trucking Injury Cases: Motor Carrier Certificates, Engine Control Module Data and More 09/26/17 Personal Injury
ERISA 403(b) Plan Litigation: New Frontier in Retirement Fund Litigation 09/26/17 ERISA
Environmental Insurance Coverage Under CGL, Property and D&O Policies for NRD, CERCLA, RCRA, OPA and Other Claims 09/26/17 Environmental Law
Directors & Officers Liability Insurance: Key Coverage Issues for Corporate Executives 09/26/17 Corporate D&O Issues
Section 336(e) Elections: Tax Basis Step Up Through Deemed Asset Sale Treatment 09/26/17 Tax Law
Structuring Direct Lending Funds: Open-Ended vs. Private Equity/Closed-Ended Style Structures; Valuation; Tax and ERISA; Regulatory Considerations 09/27/17 Corporate Finance Law
Structuring Trust Protector Provisions: Powers & Duties, Trustee Oversight, Tax and Fiduciary Risks 09/27/17 Estate Planning
Using Delaware Statutory Trusts in Real Estate Investments: Opportunities and Legal Risks 09/27/17 Real Property Law
Floating Terms in Vendor Contracts: Cloud Services, Software Licenses and Telecommunications Agreements 09/27/17 Contracts Law
Structuring Telemedicine Agreements for Healthcare Organizations, Physician Groups and Telemedicine Practitioners 09/27/17 Health Law
False Claims Act Litigation: Proof, Defenses, Individual Liability, and More 09/27/17 Litigation-Substantive
Indenture Trustee Fees in Bankruptcy: Exercising Fiduciary Duties and Protecting Rights to Compensation 09/27/17 Bankruptcy Reorganization
Class Action Removal and Federal Jurisdiction: Certification, Standing, Amount in Controversy, and SLUSA 09/28/17 Class Action
DOL Fiduciary Rule: Impact on Retirement Plan Sponsors, Plan Advisers and Service Providers 09/28/17 ERISA
M&A 2017 Delaware Update: Standard of Deal Review, Appraisal Rights, Disclosure-Only Settlements, D&O Fiduciary Duties 09/28/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
Real Estate Mezzanine and A/B Loans: Structuring and Enforcing Intercreditor and Co-Lender Agreements 09/28/17 Real Property Law
Offers of Judgment in Employment Litigation After Campbell-Ewald and Fulton Dental 09/28/17 Employment Law
Representing Closely Held Entities: Conflicts of Interest and Fiduciary Duty to a Company and its Principals 09/28/17 Corporate Law
Negotiating IP Rights in Industry Sponsored Research Agreements 09/28/17 IP-Patent Law
Evaluating Key Intercreditor Arrangements: First Lien/Second Lien, Split Collateral, Senior/Mezzanine, Unitranche 09/28/17 Banking Loan Doc-Mezzanine/Second Lien
2017 Changes to AIA Contract Documents: What Construction Lawyers Need to Know 09/28/17 Construction Law
Digital Coin Offerings: New SEC Guidance on Registration of Blockchain Tokens as Securities 10/03/17 Corporate Finance Law
Gain on Sales of U.S. Partnership Interests by Foreign Partners After Grecian Magnesite v. Commissioner 10/03/17 Tax Law
Section 363 Sales in Oil & Gas Bankruptcies: Purchasing Oil & Gas Assets 10/03/17 Energy Law
FCPA in M&A Transactions: Investigations, Post-Acquisition Diligence and Integration 10/03/17 International Law
Natural Resource Damages Assessment: Valuing and Contesting NRD Injury and Damages 10/03/17 Environmental Law
Corporate Board Meeting Minutes, Agendas and Other Written Records: Governance Best Practices 10/03/17 Corporate Governance
Healthcare, Blockchain and Smart Contracts: Emerging Issues for Healthcare Counsel 10/04/17 Health Law
Design Patents: Meeting Obviousness and Novelty Requirements 10/05/17 IP-Patent Law
Leveraging New Market Tax Credits to Finance Community Development: Latest Regs, Guidance and Legal Developments 10/05/17 Real Property Law
Strategic Use of Amicus Briefs in Appellate Advocacy 10/12/17 Appellate Law
Enforceability of Intercreditor Agreements in Bankruptcy: Maximizing Recovery for First and Second Lienholders 11/07/17 Corporate Finance Law

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