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Title Date Practice Area
Navigating Performance Bonds, Subcontractor Default, and CGL Coverage for Defective Workmanship and Property Damage 12/13/16 Real Property Law
Patent Infringement: Structuring Opinions of Counsel 12/13/16 IP-Patent Law
Deposing Rule 30(b)(6) Corporate Witnesses 12/13/16 Litigation
New California Employment Laws: Preparing for 2017 Changes to Fair Pay Act, Leave and Wage Laws, Background Checks, and More 12/14/16 Employment Law
Evidentiary Challenges in Divorce Cases: From Writings and Photos to Text Messages and Social Media 12/14/16 Family Law
Identifying and Managing Environmental Risks in Commercial Transactions 12/14/16 Environmental Law
Defending Against ERISA Wrongful Denial of Benefits Claims: Procedural and Substantive Strategies 12/14/16 ERISA
Using Municipal Land Banks for Urban Renewal: Structuring and Financing Land Banks, Partnering With Land Trusts 12/14/16 Municipal Law
Functionality in Trade Dress Prosecution and Litigation: Protecting the Look and Feel of Products and Packaging 12/14/16 IP Law
Structuring Agreements Among Lenders in Unitranche Loan Facilities and Overcoming Bankruptcy-Related Risks 12/15/16 Banking & Financial Services Law
Structuring CC&Rs and Easements for Mixed-Use Projects: Best Practices for Developers 12/15/16 Real Property Law
Private Equity Waterfall and Carried Interest Provisions: Economic and Tax Implications for Investors and Sponsors 12/15/16 Corporate Finance Law
Construction Defect Bad Faith Insurance Claims: Navigating Duty to Defend and Indemnify Denial and Bad Faith Set-Ups 12/15/16 Construction Law
Addressing Medicare and Medicaid Liens in Personal Injury Cases 12/15/16 Personal Injury
Opposing Class Certification by Attacking Plaintiffs' Classwide Damages Methods 12/20/16 Class Action
Multiemployer Pension Plan Withdrawal: An In-Depth Examination 12/20/16 ERISA
New ISO 37001 for Anti-Bribery Management: Leveraging Certification, Understanding Pros and Cons of the New Standard 12/20/16 International Law
Nursing Home Injury Litigation: Evaluating Common Claims, Reviewing Medical Records, and Assessing Damages 12/20/16 Medical Malpractice
Structuring Contributions of Appreciated Property to Partnerships: Avoiding Tax Recognition on Built-in Gain Assets 12/20/16 Tax Law
Demonstrating Patent Eligibility Post-Alice 12/20/16 IP-Patent Law
Single Asset Real Estate Cramdown: Analyzing Impaired Accepting Class and Per-Plan vs. Per-Debtor Under Sec. 1129 12/21/16 Bankruptcy Law
Negotiating Service Level Agreement Key Terms: Scope of Work, Quality of Service, Customer and Vendor Responsibilities 12/21/16 Contracts Law
Hospital Employment of Physicians: Complying With Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute 12/21/16 Health Law
Clearing Title for Defects Due to Mortgage-Related Issues, Legal Description Errors, and Foreclosure 12/21/16 Real Property Law
Parallel Patent Proceedings After Murata, Skyhawke and Shaw: Navigating Claim Construction, Estoppel, RPI, Stays and More 01/04/17 IP-Patent Law
Leveraging Demand Letters to Obtain High Settlements in Auto Accident Cases 01/04/17 Personal Injury
Modifying Irrevocable Trusts Using Nonjudicial Settlement Agreements 01/04/17 Estate Planning
Special Purpose Entities in Real Estate Transactions: Structuring and Documentation 01/04/17 Real Property Law
Fraudulent Conveyance Exposure for Intercorporate Guaranties, Integrated Transactions and Designated-Use Loans 01/04/17 Bankruptcy Law
UCC Battle of the Forms: Confronting Conflicting Terms in Purchase Orders, Invoices and Related Documents 01/04/17 Contracts Law
Bad Faith Claims When Verdicts Exceed Policy Limits: Navigating Nuances of the Insurer's Duty to Settle 01/05/17 Insurance Law
Complying With CMS' Overhauled Long-Term Care Regulations 01/05/17 Health Law
Mitigating Vapor Intrusion Risks: Navigating Interplay Between Federal and State Mandates, Negotiating Real Estate Deals 01/05/17 Environmental Law
Securing Social Media Admissions in Employment Litigation: Investigative Strategies, Spoliation Warnings, Use of Subpoenas 01/05/17 Employment Law
Partnership Allocations of Rehabilitation, New Market and Other Tax Credits: Navigating Complex 704(b) Rules 01/05/17 Tax Law
Financing Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure, Transportation, Energy and Redevelopment Projects 01/05/17 Corporate Finance Law
Competitor Information Sharing in Joint Ventures and Mergers: Minimizing Antitrust Risks 01/10/17 Antitrust
Supply Chain Risk Assessment and Compliance: Mitigating Risk With Effective Due Diligence and Supplier Oversight 01/10/17 Corporate Law
FMLA and ADA Leave in the Healthcare Industry: Considerations for Healthcare Employers 01/10/17 Health Law
Finders and Unregistered Broker-Dealers: Understanding the Risks and Recent Developments 01/10/17 Corporate Finance Law
Oil & Gas Bankruptcies: Protecting Lienholder Interests 01/10/17 Energy Law
Attorney-Client Privilege for Financial Institutions in Internal Investigations, Audits and Bank Regulatory Exams 01/10/17 Banking & Financial Services Law
FAR Subcontractor Flowdown Terms: Contract Negotiation Strategies for Primes and Subs 01/11/17 Contracts Law
Real Estate Finance: Evaluating Property Insurance Under Current Lender Standards 01/11/17 Real Property Law
Structuring Trademark Coexistence Agreements: Evaluating and Negotiating Agreements to Resolve Trademark Disputes 01/11/17 IP Law
Negotiating Staffing Agency Agreements: Drafting Key Provisions, Minimizing Individual and Joint-Employer Liability 01/11/17 Employment Law
Asset-Based Lending: Navigating Borrowing Base, Article 9 Collateral Issues, and Key Loan Documentation Provisions 01/12/17 Banking Loan Doc
Navigating Administrative Law in Patent Appeals Involving Review Proceedings 01/12/17 IP-Patent Law
Non-Cumulation and Prior Insurance Clauses: Allocating Liability Among Multiple Policies Triggered by Multi-Year Loss 01/12/17 Insurance Law
Multinational Employers and Cross-Border Employment Arrangements 01/12/17 International Law
Preparing Witnesses for Deposition: Overcoming Challenges With 30(b)(6) Representatives and Fact and Expert Witnesses 01/12/17 Litigation
M&A Disclosure Schedules: Seller and Buyer Perspectives on Making and Updating Disclosures in U.S. and Cross-Border Deals 01/12/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
IP Rights in the Fashion Industry: Leveraging Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents to Protect Designs and Strengthen Brands 01/17/17 IP Law
Brownfield Redevelopment: Overcoming Legal Challenges in the Remediation of Contaminated Sites 01/17/17 Environmental Law
Developing Trends in Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation Representations, Covenants and Indemnification Clauses in M&A 01/17/17 ERISA
Clinical Trials and Human Research: Complying With New Regulatory Obligations 01/18/17 Health Law
Zoning and Other Land Use Restrictions: Identifying and Resolving Issues for Acquisition and Development 01/18/17 Real Property Law
Double Dipping and Business Valuation in Divorce: Navigating Equitable Distribution and Spousal Support 01/18/17 Family Law
Government Investigations and Audits of Private Equity Firms: Preserving the Attorney-Client Privilege 01/18/17 Corporate Finance Law
Class Action Litigation Strategies Between Certification and Trial: Leveraging Procedural and Substantive Motions 01/19/17 Class Action
SBA Lending: Documenting, Closing and Servicing 7(a) and CDC/504 Loans 01/19/17 Banking Loan Doc
Drafting IRA Beneficiary "See-Through" Trust Provisions 01/24/17 Estate Planning
Boilerplate Clauses in Commercial Contracts: Avoiding Unintended Consequences and Implementing Practical Solutions 01/24/17 Contracts Law
Structuring Revolving Lines of Credit for Multiple Property Portfolios 01/24/17 Real Property Law
Anti-Corruption Compliance in China: Minimizing FCPA and Chinese Anti-Bribery Law Violations 01/25/17 International Law
Navigating Thorny NLRA and Wage and Hour Issues in the Construction Sector 01/26/17 Employment Law
Redefining General Solicitation for Securities Offerings in the Internet and Social Media Age 01/31/17 Corporate Finance Law
Data Privacy Class Actions: Navigating Latest Legal Theories, Leveraging Defense Strategies, Evaluating Insurance Coverage 02/02/17 Class Action
D&O Indemnification, Fee Advancement and Insurance After Yates Memo on Individual Accountability for Corporate Misconduct 02/14/17 Corporate Law
Avoiding Corporate Successor Liability in Asset Purchases 02/21/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
Interest Rate Hedges in Real Estate Finance: Placing Swaps, Caps, and Collars on Floating Rate Loans 02/22/17 Real Property Law

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Great program.

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