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Title Date Practice Area
Protecting Nontraditional Trademarks Under Trademark, Copyright and Design Patent Law 03/28/17 IP Law
Structuring Real Estate Loans With Foreign Borrowers, Trusts and Tenants in Common 03/28/17 Real Property Law
CERCLA Bona Fide Prospective Purchaser Defense: Securing and Maintaining Liability Protection 03/28/17 Environmental Law
Combating Plaintiff Reptilian Tactics in Complex and High-Stakes Litigation: Transforming Perception of the Company 03/28/17 Litigation
Medical Expert Depositions in Workers' Compensation Cases: Deposing Experts and Raising Strategic Objections 03/29/17 Workers Compensation
Using Inverted Leases to Finance Renewable Energy Projects 03/29/17 Energy Law
Litigating Trucking Accident Injury Claims: Theories of Liability, Impact of CSA Recordkeeping and Other Unique Issues 03/29/17 Personal Injury
Responding to CIDs and HIPAA Subpoenas in FCA Investigations 03/29/17 Health Law
Investment Advisers Under Heightened Scrutiny: Lessons from Recent SEC Enforcement Actions 03/29/17 Corporate Finance Law
Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act: CFPB Enforcement Activity, Condo Exemption, Litigation Updates 03/29/17 Real Property Law
Latest PTAB Decisions: Leveraging Trends in Institution and Final Written Decisions, Understanding Federal Circuit Scrutiny To Date 03/30/17 IP-Patent Law
Drafting Enforceable Limitation of Liability Clauses in Business Contracts 03/30/17 Contracts Law
Structuring Preferred Partnership Freezes in Estate Planning: Navigating IRC Chapter 14 Valuation Rules 03/30/17 Estate Planning
Restructuring Unitranche Loan Facilities: Navigating the Unique Aspects of Agreements Among Lenders 03/30/17 Banking Loan Doc
Litigating Trade Secret Misappropriation Claims Post-DTSA: Pursuing Claims Against Former Employees or New Employers 03/30/17 Employment Law
Audit Response Letters and Disclosures: In-House Counsel's Role in Balancing Auditor Demands and Company Privileges 03/30/17 Corporate Law
Protecting IP Rights in the Food and Beverage Industry 04/04/17 IP Law
Construction OCIP/CCIP Insurance Programs: Potential Coverage Gaps and Other Coverage Pitfalls 04/04/17 Construction Law
Navigating Section 1983 Liability for Municipalities: Individual/Official Capacity, Qualified Immunity and Monell Claims 04/04/17 Municipal Law
Renewable Energy Projects: Siting and Permitting Legal Challenges 04/04/17 Energy Law
Post-sale Duties: How to Comply and How to Defend Product Liability Litigation after Recalls 04/04/17 Product Liability
Post-Mortem Trust Planning, Modifications and Allocations: Tax Elections Available to the Executor 04/05/17 Estate Planning
Mastering New IRC 457(f) Plan Guidance for ERISA Counsel: Structuring Deferred Comp Plans for Nonprofit Entities 04/05/17 ERISA
Discovery Requests in Insurance Litigation After Amended Rules 26(b) and 34(b): Propounding or Answering Requests 04/05/17 Insurance Law
CMS 60-Day Rule: Reporting and Refunding Overpayments for Providers and Suppliers One Year Later 04/05/17 Health Law
Agile Software Development Agreements: Navigating the Complex Contracting Issues 04/05/17 Contracts Law
Form 3520 Foreign Trust Reporting for Tax Counsel: Navigating Filing Requirements and Penalty Abatements for Delinquencies 04/06/17 Tax Law
Appellate Oral Argument: Creating the Presentation, Weighing the Precedential Impact, Preparing for Rebuttal 04/06/17 Appellate Law
Markush Claims in Pharma/Chemical Patent Prosecution and Litigation: Leveraging Federal Court Guidance 04/06/17 IP-Patent Law
Discovery Strategies in Wage and Hour Class and Collective Actions Before and After Certification of Putative Class 04/06/17 Employment Law
Structuring Intercreditor Agreements in Split Collateral Lien Structures Between ABL and Term Lenders 04/06/17 Banking Loan Doc
Lay Witness and Expert Witness Depositions in Personal Injury Cases: Advanced Deposition Techniques 04/06/17 Personal Injury
Divorce Cases: Uncovering Critical Information in Tax Returns and Financial Statements 04/06/17 Family Law
Leveraging Latest CERCLA Decisions and Navigating New Complexities 04/11/17 Environmental Law
FRCP 45 Third-Party Subpoenas: Using or Objecting to Subpoenas to Obtain Testimony and Evidence 04/11/17 Litigation
Navigating New York's New Cybersecurity Regulations and Federal Guidance for Banks and Other Financial Institutions 04/12/17 Banking & Financial Services Law
Personal Injury Opening Statements and Closing Arguments: Preparing and Delivering, Handling Objections and Related Motions 04/12/17 Personal Injury
Drafting Best Efforts, Good Faith and Fair Dealing Clauses in Commercial Contracts 04/12/17 Contracts Law
TCPA Class Actions: Pursuing or Defending Claims Over Phone, Text and Fax Solicitations 04/12/17 Class Action
FCPA Year in Review and What to Watch for in 2017 04/12/17 International Law
2016 ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey Standards: What Attorneys Need to Know 04/12/17 Real Property Law
Private Equity: Executing a Successful Leveraged Dividend Recapitalization 04/12/17 Corporate Finance Law
Managing the Transition to Value-Based Alternative Payment Models for Healthcare Providers and Payors 04/12/17 Health Law
Equitable Subordination and Recharacterization of Loans: Avoiding Pitfalls for Lenders, Creditors and PE Sponsors 04/13/17 Bankruptcy Law
M&A Post-Closing Claims for Breaches of Reps and Warranties: Strategies for Pursuing or Defending Recovery 04/13/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
Opinions of Counsel in Lending Transactions: Scope and Assumptions, Substantive Opinions, and Qualifications 04/13/17 Banking Loan Doc
Employment Retaliation Claims on the Rise: Avoiding and Defending EEOC Charges and Private Lawsuits 04/13/17 Employment Law
Insurance and Contractual Indemnification: Reconciling Competing Indemnity Obligations With Insurance Coverage 04/13/17 Insurance Law
Negotiating Reserve-Based Loans for Oil and Gas: Key Provisions of Credit Agreements 04/18/17 Energy Law
Municipal Regulation of Group Homes and Sober Living Arrangements 04/18/17 Municipal Law
ERISA Benefit Plan Investment Management Agreements: Selecting 3(38) Investment Managers, Structuring the IMA 04/18/17 ERISA
Structuring Special Needs Trusts for the Elderly and Disabled to Protect Public Benefits 04/18/17 Elder Law
Trademark Infringement: Structuring Opinions of Counsel 04/18/17 IP Law
Structuring Waterfall Provisions in LLC and Partnership Agreements 04/19/17 Tax Law
Antitrust Class Action Litigation: Navigating Predominance, Ascertainability, Settlement, Certification Appeals and More 04/19/17 Class Action
SaaS, PaaS and IaaS: Evaluating Cloud Service Agreement Models, Negotiating Key Terms, and Minimizing Contract Disputes 04/19/17 Contracts Law
Tax and Estate Planning for Art Collectors 04/19/17 Estate Planning
Medical Office Leases: Navigating Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute, Operational Restrictions and More 04/19/17 Real Property Law
Healthcare Deals: Post-Signing and Post-Closing Issues 04/19/17 Health Law
Letters of Credit: Understanding the ISP98 Forms, UCC Article 5, UCP, Draw Procedures and More 04/20/17 Banking Loan Doc
Expert Depositions in Employment Litigation: Attacking an Opposing Expert's Qualifications, Opinions and Methodology 04/20/17 Employment Law
Depositions of Insurance Claims Handlers or Representatives in Coverage and Bad Faith Litigation 04/20/17 Insurance Law
Double Patenting: Defeating Double Patenting Rejections and Avoiding Terminal Disclaimers 04/20/17 IP-Patent Law
Deposing Nursing Home Staff and Corporate Representatives in Nursing Home Injury Cases 04/20/17 Medical Malpractice
Environmental Litigation: Leveraging Daubert Motions; Litigation Strategies After a Daubert Order 04/25/17 Environmental Law
Trust Indenture Act and Involuntary Restructurings: Impact of Marblegate and Caesars Bankruptcy Litigation 04/25/17 Bankruptcy Law
Oil & Gas Projects: Structuring Operations and Maintenance Agreements 04/25/17 Energy Law
Divorce: When a Spouse or Former Spouse Files Bankruptcy 04/25/17 Family Law
Admissibility of Evidence at Trial: Overcoming the Challenges of Authentication, Relevance, Foundation and Hearsay 04/25/17 Litigation
Income Tax Treaty Practice for Tax Counsel: Planning and Structuring Transactions to Maximize Treaty-Based Benefits 04/26/17 Tax Law
Fair Use and IP Infringement on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Other Social Media 04/26/17 IP Law
E-Signatures and Electronic Contracts in International Transactions: Complying With ESIGN, UETA, eIDAS and More 04/26/17 International Law
Wrongful Death Claims and Survival Actions: Pursuing or Defending Claims 04/26/17 Personal Injury
Insider Trading After Salman: Analyzing Current Theories of Liability, Impact and Limitations of Supreme Court Ruling 04/26/17 Corporate Finance Law
Defending No-Injury Class Actions Post-Spokeo: Standing for Statutory Violations, State Court Litigation, and CAFA Removal 04/27/17 Class Action
Summary Judgment Motions in Employment Discrimination Cases: Procedural and Substantive Strategies 04/27/17 Employment Law
Construction Lending: Key Issues for Negotiation and Documentation 04/27/17 Real Property Law
Perfecting Security Interests in Deposit Accounts, Securities Accounts and Other Investment Property 04/27/17 Banking Loan Doc
Navigating Section 112 Issues in IPR Proceedings: Using Section 112 as a Sword or a Shield 04/27/17 IP-Patent Law
Transactional Risk Insurance in M&A: Reps and Warranties, Contingent Liability and More 04/27/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
Bundled Discounts and Antitrust Compliance Amid Inconsistent Court Treatment and Heightened DOJ Scrutiny 04/27/17 Antitrust
Structuring Supply Agreement Defense, Indemnity and Insurance Provisions 04/27/17 Contracts Law
Structuring Trust Powers of Appointment for Tax Minimization and Asset Protection 04/27/17 Estate Planning
Ransomware Attack Preparation and Response: Operational Safeguards, Insurance and Damage Control 04/27/17 Corporate Law
Protecting Trade Secrets, Confidential Information and NDAs in China 05/02/17 IP Law
Solar Securitization: Leveraging Alternative Financing Without Jeopardizing Existing Investor Tax Breaks 05/02/17 Energy Law
ERISA Successor and Affiliate Liability in Asset Sales and Distressed Benefit Plans 05/02/17 ERISA
Insurance Subrogation, Indemnity and Hold Harmless Releases: Navigating the Complexities 05/02/17 Insurance Law
Representing Startups: Choice of Entity, Protection of IP, Employment Agreements, Equity Compensation and More 05/02/17 Corporate Law
Structuring Physician-Pharmacy Ventures: Minimizing Regulatory Risks, Ensuring Reimbursement 05/03/17 Health Law
Private Equity Real Estate Fund Formation: Capital Raising, Regulatory Issues and Negotiating Trends 05/03/17 Corporate Finance Law
Drafting Big Data Licensing Agreements: Maximizing Rights to Data While Balancing Access, Use and Ownership 05/03/17 Contracts Law
Structuring Special Needs Trusts as IRA Beneficiaries: Avoiding Tax Traps in Funding SNTs With Retirement Accounts 05/03/17 Estate Planning
Managing Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Risks in M&A Deals: Pre-Planning, Due Diligence and Risk Allocation Strategies 05/04/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
Structuring Local Counsel Opinions in Real Estate Finance Transactions 05/04/17 Real Property Law
Big Data in Employment Decisions: Avoiding Discrimination Claims, Privacy Violations and Other Legal Pitfalls 05/04/17 Employment Law
Basel III Capital Retention Requirements: Impact on Loan Structures and Loan Documentation 05/04/17 Banking Loan Doc
Overcoming 101 Rejections for Computer and Electronics Related Patents 05/04/17 IP-Patent Law
False Advertising Consumer Class Actions: Navigating Complex Issues of Standing, Damages, CAFA Removal and More 05/11/17 Class Action
U.S.-Canadian Tax and Estate Planning for Cross-Border Clients 05/16/17 Estate Planning
FCPA Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality: Surviving DOJ and SEC Enforcement 05/17/17 International Law
Number of Occurrences in Insurance Liability Claims: Maximizing Coverage or Limiting Liability Exposure 05/18/17 Insurance Law
Deposing Truck Drivers and Trucking Company Representatives in Injury Cases 05/24/17 Personal Injury
M&A Post-Closing Purchase Price Adjustments: Planning and Drafting Strategies 05/25/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
QDRO Drafting Boot Camp: Preparing QDROs for 401(k)s and Similar Defined Contribution Plans 05/25/17 Family Law
Effectively Managing Municipal Market Responsibilities in the Face of SEC Scrutiny and Enforcement 05/31/17 Municipal Law
Motions in Limine in Personal Injury: Obtaining Early Rulings on the Exclusion or Admissibility of Certain Evidence 05/31/17 Personal Injury

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