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Title Date Practice Area
Double Dipping and Business Valuation in Divorce: Navigating Equitable Distribution and Spousal Support 01/18/17 Family Law
Clinical Trials and Human Research: Complying With New Regulatory Obligations 01/18/17 Health Law
Employer Strategies for Responding to Employee Demand Letters: Legal, Strategic and Ethical Considerations 01/19/17 Employment Law
SBA Lending: Documenting, Closing and Servicing 7(a) and CDC/504 Loans 01/19/17 Banking Loan Doc
Preparing for Pharma PGRs: Lessons for Patent Owners From PGR Denials 01/19/17 IP-Patent Law
IRC 704(c) for Tax Counsel: Structuring Partnership Agreements for Contributions of Built-In Gain or Loss Property 01/24/17 Tax Law
Structuring Revolving Lines of Credit for Multiple Property Portfolios 01/24/17 Real Property Law
Boilerplate Clauses in Commercial Contracts: Avoiding Unintended Consequences and Implementing Practical Solutions 01/24/17 Contracts Law
Dealing with PBGC Reportable Events: A Practical Guide for Employers and Their Advisors 01/24/17 ERISA
Drafting IRA Beneficiary "See-Through" Trust Provisions 01/24/17 Estate Planning
Municipal Regulation and Use of Drones: Navigating New FAA Rules and Federal Preemption 01/24/17 Municipal Law
Bringing Avoidance Actions Against Foreign Transferees: Choice of Forum, Personal Jurisdiction, Discovery and More 01/25/17 Bankruptcy Law
Complying With the New CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule for Medicare and Medicaid Providers and Suppliers 01/25/17 Health Law
Anti-Corruption Compliance in China: Minimizing FCPA and Chinese Anti-Bribery Law Violations 01/25/17 International Law
Leveraging Latest Patent Decisions, Navigating New Complexities, Cases to Watch in 2017 01/26/17 IP-Patent Law
Navigating Thorny Employment Law Issues in the Construction Sector 01/26/17 Employment Law
Swaps in Loan Transactions: Coordinating Loan Document Terms with the ISDA Master Agreement 01/26/17 Banking Loan Doc
Builder's Risk Coverage for Construction Defects and Accidents Caused by Defective Workmanship 01/26/17 Construction Law
Using Partnership Flips to Finance Renewable Energy Projects: Evaluating Tax Risks, Navigating IRS Safe Harbors 01/26/17 Energy Law
Demonstrating Use in Commerce for Trademark Applications 01/31/17 IP Law
Drafting Irrevocable Trusts to Preserve Medicaid and VA Benefits 01/31/17 Elder Law
Lost Profits in Commercial Litigation: Proving and Defending Damages 01/31/17 Litigation
Proving and Avoiding Inequitable Conduct in Patent Prosecution and Litigation 01/31/17 IP-Patent Law
Discovery Requests in Employment Litigation After Amended Rules 26(b) and 34(b): Propounding or Answering Requests 01/31/17 Employment Law
Redefining General Solicitation for Securities Offerings in the Internet and Social Media Age 01/31/17 Corporate Finance Law
Commercial Lease Due Diligence in Real Estate Acquisitions: Key Issues and Best Practices 02/01/17 Real Property Law
FCA Litigation: Leveraging Statistical Sampling and Extrapolation to Prove or Disprove Liability 02/01/17 Health Law
Workers' Compensation Claims and the Medicare Secondary Payer Act 02/01/17 Workers Compensation
Drafting Enforceable Premarital and Postmarital Agreements 02/01/17 Family Law
Structuring LLC Operating Agreements: Crafting Fiduciary Duty, Indemnification and Exculpation Provisions 02/02/17 Corporate Law
Reps and Warranties Insurance in M&A: Critical Tool to Mitigate Risk and Close Deals 02/02/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
IC-DISC 2.0: Moving Beyond the Basics to Pricing Commissions and Structuring Complex Corporate Entities 02/02/17 Tax Law
CERCLA Actions and Statute of Limitations: Navigating the Circuit Split, Lessons From Recent Decisions 02/02/17 Environmental Law
Data Privacy Class Actions: Navigating Latest Legal Theories, Leveraging Defense Strategies, Evaluating Insurance Coverage 02/02/17 Class Action
Out-of-Network ERISA Claims after North Cypress Medical: Identifying Provisions Subject to Provider Challenge 02/07/17 ERISA
UCC Articles 8 and 9 and the Hague Securities Convention: Investment Property Update 02/07/17 Banking Loan Doc
Complying With 2016 Stark Law Amendments and Possible Changes in the Horizon for 2017 02/07/17 Health Law
Private Equity Carried Interest Clawbacks: Navigating Clawback Mechanisms, Fund Agreement Provisions, Tax Considerations 02/07/17 Corporate Finance Law
Estate Basis Consistency Rules for Fiduciaries: Navigating Reporting Requirements and Distribution Strategies 02/07/17 Estate Planning
Integrating Information Security Protections In Supplier Agreements: Guidance for Business and Technology Counsel 02/07/17 Contracts Law
Federal Appellate Petitions and Motions: Filing and Response Strategies 02/07/17 Litigation
Negotiating Reserve Provisions in Real Estate Loan Transactions 02/08/17 Real Property Law
Negotiating Music Licensing and Structuring Deals: Digital Sampling, Royalty Rates, Music Copyright and More 02/08/17 IP Law
Resale Price Maintenance: Minimizing Antitrust Risks 02/08/17 Antitrust
New IRS Partnership Audit Rules for Tax Counsel: Preparing for Massive Changes 02/08/17 Tax Law
Depositions in Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Litigation: 30(b)(6) and Fact Witnesses 02/09/17 Insurance Law
Renewable Energy Projects: Negotiating Power Purchase Agreements 02/09/17 Energy Law
Identifying and Managing Environmental Risks in Commercial Transactions 02/09/17 Environmental Law
Design Patent Damages: Impact of Samsung v. Apple on Patent Prosecution, Litigation and Valuation 02/09/17 IP-Patent Law
Auditing Employers' Trade Secret Protection Protocols After the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 02/09/17 Employment Law
Revocable Grantor Trusts and IDGTs After the Death of the Trustor: Avoiding Gain Triggers, Navigating Basis Calculations 02/14/17 Estate Planning
Structuring Equity Compensation for Partnerships and LLCs 02/14/17 ERISA
IRS Enforced Collection Actions: Challenges and Responses to Federal Tax Liens and Levies 02/14/17 Tax Law
D&O Indemnification, Fee Advancement and Insurance After Yates Memo on Individual Accountability for Corporate Misconduct 02/14/17 Corporate Law
ADA Compliance for Real Estate Owners and Operators: Avoiding and Responding to Drive-By Claims and Enforcement Actions 02/14/17 Real Property Law
Personal Injury Claims Against Municipalities: Pursuing or Defending Vehicular Liability and Premises Liability Claims 02/15/17 Personal Injury
Ensuring HIPAA Compliance When Transmitting PHI via Patient Portals, Email and Texting 02/15/17 Health Law
E-Signatures and Electronic Contracts: Complying With ESIGN and the UETA, Interplay With the UCC 02/15/17 Contracts Law
Responding to EPA Information Request Letters: Mitigating Further Agency Scrutiny 02/15/17 Environmental Law
Strategic Use of Joint Defense Agreements in Litigation: Avoiding Disqualification and Privilege Waivers 02/15/17 Litigation
Bankruptcy 363 Sales and Successor Liability: Navigating Limitations on "Free and Clear" of Liens and Other Interests 02/15/17 Bankruptcy Law
Securities Law Challenges in Mergers and Acquisitions: Using Section 4(a)(2) Exemption for Transfer or Issuance of Securities 02/15/17 Corporate Finance Law
Insurer Set-Off and Contribution Rights When Some Insurers Settle and Others Don't: Navigating Allocation, Trigger Theories 02/16/17 Insurance Law
Deposing Named Plaintiffs in Employment Class and Collective Actions: Strategies for Plaintiff and Defense Counsel 02/16/17 Employment Law
Structuring Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate: Entity Selection and Transaction Structures 02/16/17 Tax Law
Trade Secrets and Patents: A Comprehensive Approach to Protecting Intellectual Property 02/16/17 IP-Patent Law
Lender Protections in Purchase Agreements: Negotiating Xerox Provisions 02/16/17 Banking Loan Doc
Leveraging Daubert Motions in Class Certification: Using or Challenging Expert Testimony Amid Divergent Court Standards 02/16/17 Class Action
Drafting Enforceable Federal Contracting Teaming Agreements: Strategies for Prime Contractors and Subcontractors 02/21/17 Contracts Law
Structuring Best Interest Contract Exemptions to Comply With the DOL Fiduciary Rule 02/21/17 ERISA
Pipeline Projects: Preparing for FERC Certification, Addressing Environmental Impacts 02/21/17 Energy Law
Tax and Estate Planning for Art Collectors 02/21/17 Estate Planning
Structuring Collaborative Agreements in Life Sciences 02/21/17 IP Law
Avoiding Corporate Successor Liability in Asset Purchases 02/21/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
EEOC Onsite Investigations: Employer Best Practices for Preparing for and Cooperating With Investigators 02/22/17 Employment Law
Interest Rate Hedges in Real Estate Finance: Placing Swaps, Caps, and Collars on Floating Rate Loans 02/22/17 Real Property Law
RLUIPA Land Use Claims: Latest Litigation Trends and Key Case Law Developments 02/22/17 Municipal Law
Individual Accountability in Healthcare: Impact of Yates Memo on Corporate Misconduct for Providers, Companies, Employees 02/22/17 Health Law
FCPA Compliance in Latin America 2017: Implementing Compliance Programs and Mitigating Legal Risks 02/22/17 International Law
Food Safety Regulation and Litigation: Minimizing the Risk of Product Liability Claims 02/22/17 Product Liability
Deposition Strategies in Divorce and Custody Cases: Taking and Defending Depositions of Parties, Lay Witnesses and Experts 02/23/17 Family Law
Functional Claiming for Software Patents: Leveraging Recent Court Treatment 02/23/17 IP-Patent Law
UCC Article 9 Update on Searching and Filing: Lessons Learned Under Amended Rules, Best Practices for Secured Lenders 02/23/17 Banking Loan Doc
Occurrences in Construction Defects Claims: Triggering Coverage and Interpreting Exclusions Under CGL Policies 02/23/17 Construction Law
IRC 732(d) Partnership and LLC Basis Adjustments for Tax Counsel 02/23/17 Tax Law
Property Management and Leasing Agreements: Key Provisions for Multi-Family, Office, Retail and Industrial Properties 03/01/17 Real Property Law
Structuring Gainsharing Arrangements and Bundled Payments: Latest Developments 03/01/17 Health Law

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