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Title Date Practice Area
Discovery in Bad Faith Insurance Litigation: Key to Successfully Proving or Defending Claims 08/30/16 Insurance Law
Mixed-Use Development: Structuring Air Rights Condominiums and Other Common Interest Community Regimes 08/30/16 Real Property Law
Negotiating Contractual Indemnity in M&A Deals: Transactional and Litigation Considerations 08/31/16 Mergers & Acquisitions
Partnership Exchanges: Structuring "Drop and Swap" and "Mixing Bowl" Transactions 08/31/16 Tax Law
Structuring Private Equity Healthcare Management Service Organizations 08/31/16 Health Law
Oil and Gas E&P Bankruptcies: Tackling the Unique Complexities of E&P Restructuring 08/31/16 Bankruptcy Law
Drafting and Prosecuting Patent Applications to Withstand PTAB Scrutiny 09/01/16 IP-Patent Law
Asset-Based Lending and Structured Finance: Isolation of Assets, Bankruptcy-Remote Structures, Waterfall Technology 09/01/16 Banking Loan Doc
Insurance Policy Rescission: Navigating the Differing Legal Standards Underlying a Misrepresentation Claim or Defense 09/06/16 Insurance Law
Structuring GRATs: Maximizing Estate Freeze Benefits, Avoiding Costly Errors With Specific Trust Drafting Tools 09/06/16 Estate Planning
Products Liability Litigation: Addressing Other Similar Incidents and Lack of Prior Accidents Evidence 09/06/16 Product Liability
Mastering the Art of Writing Persuasive Appellate Briefs: Practical Tips from Past Appellate Law Clerks 09/07/16 Litigation
New 409A Guidance On Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans: Compliance Strategies for Employee Benefits Counsel 09/07/16 ERISA
Resolving ERISA Liens and Reimbursement Claims in Personal Injury Cases 09/07/16 Personal Injury
Navigating the IRS Penalty Abatement Procedures for Foreign Information Reporting Noncompliance 09/07/16 Tax Law
Electronic Spying and Tracking Spouses in Divorce Cases: What's Legal in the Digital World? 09/07/16 Family Law
DIP Financing: Structuring Roll-Overs, Cross-Collateralization, Priming Liens, Junior DIP Financing and More 09/07/16 Bankruptcy Law
Allocating Risk in Real Estate Leases: Contractual Indemnities, Additional Insured Endorsements and Waivers of Subrogation 09/08/16 Real Property Law
Advanced Health Practitioners: Structuring Employment Agreements for Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and More 09/08/16 Health Law
Settling Wage/Hour Claims: Weighing Settlement Options, Negotiating Damages, and Ensuring Court Approval 09/08/16 Employment Law
After-Final Practice: Navigating Expanding PTO Options to Compact Patent Prosecution 09/08/16 IP-Patent Law
Environmental Indemnity in Real Estate Transactions: Allocating Risks of Potential Cleanup Costs 09/08/16 Environmental Law
Tax-Related Tips for Real Estate LLC and LLP Agreements: Capital Commitments, Tax Allocations and Distributions and More 09/13/16 Real Property Law
Defending Rule 30(b)(6) Corporate Depositions: Responding to Deposition Notices, Selecting and Preparing Witnesses 09/13/16 Litigation
IP Due Diligence in M&A: Investigating Transferability of IP Assets, Blocking Rights, Liens and Other Encumbrances 09/13/16 IP Law
Private Fund Securities Law Exemptions: Navigating Accredited Investors, Qualified Purchasers and Qualified Clients 09/13/16 Corporate Finance Law
Attorney-Client Privilege at Risk in Investigations and Audits 09/14/16 Corporate Law
E-Signatures and Electronic Loan Documentation: Complying with ESIGN/UETA, Interplay With the UCC 09/15/16 Banking Loan Doc
M&A Post-Closing Disputes: Minimizing and Resolving Disputes Over Working Capital Adjustments and Earnouts 09/15/16 Mergers & Acquisitions
OIG and CMS Voluntary Self Disclosures: Weighing the Risks and Rewards of Self Reporting 09/15/16 Health Law
On Sale and Public Use Bars to Patentability: Leveraging Recent Developments 09/15/16 IP-Patent Law
Leveraging New Market Tax Credits to Finance Community Development: Latest Regs, Guidance and Legal Developments 09/20/16 Real Property Law
Defending Patents in IPR Proceedings: Best Practices to Mitigate Risks of Claim Cancellation 09/20/16 IP-Patent Law
Structuring Inpat and Expat Pension, Health and Welfare Plans: Challenges for Multinational Employers 09/20/16 ERISA
Leveraging Rule 68 Offers of Judgment in Settlement Negotiations: Inducing Favorable Settlements, Avoiding Potential Pitfalls 09/20/16 Litigation
Structuring Split-Dollar Life Insurance Arrangements After Morrissette: Leveraging the Economic Benefit Rule 09/20/16 Estate Planning
Fraud in Trademark Applications and Registrations: Proving or Defeating Allegations 09/20/16 IP Law
Proving Damages for Breach of Covenants Not to Compete or Solicit, Confidentiality and Fiduciary Duty 09/21/16 Employment Law
Performance Bonds and CGL Insurance in Construction Projects: Navigating Interplay Between Insurance and Surety 09/21/16 Construction Law
Negotiating Software Licenses and Technology Agreements With the Federal Government: Use Rights, IP Protection and Data Privacy 09/21/16 Contracts Law
Conservation Easement Amendments: Navigating Amendment Mechanisms, Overcoming Challenges and the Lack of an Amendment Provision 09/21/16 Environmental Law
Combating Plaintiff Tactics Commonly Called Reptilian 09/21/16 Personal Injury
Structuring Freedom-to-Operate Opinions: Reducing Risk of Patent Infringement 09/21/16 IP-Patent Law
Urgent Care Centers: Key Legal and Business Considerations 09/21/16 Health Law
Navigating Intra-Class Conflicts: Basis for Certification of Sub-Classes or Denial of Class Certification Entirely? 09/22/16 Class Action
Equity Joint Ventures: Structuring Capital Contribution, Waterfall and Other Payment Provisions 09/22/16 Mergers & Acquisitions
Debt Restructuring and Indenture Amendments: Curing Ambiguities, Navigating Competing Intercreditor Agreements 09/22/16 Bankruptcy Law
Expert Witness Depositions: Preparing to Attack the Opponent's Expert 09/27/16 Litigation
Drafting Trademark Settlement Agreements to Resolve IP Disputes 09/27/16 IP Law
Drafting Corporate Sponsorship Agreements for Major Events, Marketing and Promotional Activities 09/27/16 Contracts Law
Insurance Litigation Under Reservation of Rights: Reimbursement of Defense Costs and Control of Defense 09/27/16 Insurance Law
Structuring Section 708 Partnership Mergers Absent IRS Guidance: Avoiding Termination in Collapsing Transactions 09/28/16 Tax Law
New Medicare Merit-Based Incentive Payment System: Navigating Changes Under MACRA 09/28/16 Health Law
Employment Litigation and Claim Settlements: Tax Withholding and Reporting Implications for Employers 09/28/16 Employment Law
Real Estate Leases With Franchised Businesses: Negotiating Strategies for Landlords, Franchisees and Franchisors 09/28/16 Real Property Law
Combating Class Settlement Objectors: Overview of Proposed Rule Amendments, Key Preventive Measures and Tactics 09/29/16 Class Action
Navigating Jurisdictional Determinations Under the Clean Water Act: Impact of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers v. Hawkes 09/29/16 Environmental Law
Swap Collateral Documentation and the New Final Margin Regulations for Uncleared Swaps 09/29/16 Banking Loan Doc
M&A Engagement Letters: Strategies for Buyers, Sellers, Investment Banks and Their Counsel 09/29/16 Mergers & Acquisitions
Patent Inventorship: Best Practices for Determination and Correction 09/29/16 IP-Patent Law
Employee Performance Rating Systems: Avoiding and Defending Against Discrimination Claims, WARN Act Violations 10/04/16 Employment Law
Section 363 Sales in Oil & Gas Bankruptcies: Purchasing Oil & Gas Assets 10/04/16 Energy Law
Funding Platforms for Rule 506 Offerings: Navigating Broker-Dealer Registration Exemption for Investment Advisers and Issuers 10/04/16 Corporate Finance Law
Additional Insured Coverage: Navigating Scope, AI Rights, Insurer Duties, AI Status vs. Contractual Indemnification 10/04/16 Insurance Law
Avoiding "Crummey Power" Mistakes in Drafting Trust Documents 10/04/16 Estate Planning
IP Agreements: Structuring Indemnification and Limitation of Liability Provisions to Allocate Infringement Risk 10/04/16 IP Law
Uber, Airbnb and Municipalities: Maximizing New Tax and Licensing Revenue Opportunities 10/05/16 Municipal Law
Structuring Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacements Collaborator Agreements 10/05/16 Health Law
Endangered Species Act Compliance in Project Development and Land Use 10/06/16 Environmental Law
Structuring Mergers and Sales of Closely Held Businesses 10/06/16 Mergers & Acquisitions
Overcoming ยง103 Rejections of Software and Electronics Related Patents: Leveraging Recent Decisions and USPTO Guidance 10/06/16 IP-Patent Law
Structuring REIT Credit Facilities: Loan Terms, Financial Covenants, Commitment Letters, MAC Provisions and More 10/06/16 Real Property Law
Aggregated Statutory Damages in Class Litigation: Leveraging Rule 23 and Due Process Arguments to Defeat Certification 10/12/16 Class Action
Drafting Indemnification and Hold Harmless Provisions in Commercial Contracts 10/19/16 Contracts Law
Renewable Energy Projects: Maximizing Investment and Production Tax Credits 10/26/16 Energy Law

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