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Title Date Practice Area
Cross-Collateral/Cross-Default Loans: Structuring and Documenting Transactions 12/18/17 Banking Loan Doc
Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreements in Commercial Real Estate Finance 12/19/17 Real Property Law
Colossus and Other Insurance Adjustment Software: Maximizing Auto Accident Claim Settlement Offers 12/19/17 Personal Injury
Structuring Foreign UBTI Blocker Corporations for Exempt Orgs: Offshore Blockers to Hold Alternative Investments 12/19/17 Tax Law
Minimizing ADA Claims Over Employee Accommodation Requests for Leave, Telecommuting or Reassignment 12/19/17 Employment Law
Development Agreements Between Municipalities and Private Parties 12/19/17 Municipal Law
Online Counterfeiting and Infringements: Pursuing Trademark and Design Patent Infringers 12/19/17 IP Law
Syndicated Credit Facility Restructuring and Workouts 12/19/17 Banking Loan Doc
Defending ERISA Sect. 510 Retaliation and Interference Claims From Workforce Realignments and Terminations 12/19/17 ERISA Litigation
CFIUS Mitigation: Anticipating Requests, Structuring Agreements, Implementing Mitigation Measures 12/19/17 International Law
Nursing Home Injury Litigation: Common Claims, Medical Records, and Damages Assessment 12/20/17 Medical Malpractice
Litigating Indemnification and Representations and Warranty Provisions in Commercial Litigation 12/20/17 Litigation
Insurance Requirement Provisions in Commercial Contracts 12/20/17 Contracts Law
Urgent Care Centers: Corporate Practice of Medicine, State Licensure, EMTALA, Reimbursement Compliance 12/20/17 Health Law
NRD Recovery Under CERCLA and OPA: What to Expect in 2018 12/20/17 Environmental Law
Evaluating Key Intercreditor Arrangements: First Lien/Second Lien, Split Collateral, Senior/Mezzanine, Unitranche 12/20/17 Banking Loan Doc
Additional Insured Coverage in Construction Contracts and Interplay With Contractual Indemnification 12/21/17 Construction Law
Drafting and Prosecuting Patent Applications to Withstand PTAB Scrutiny 12/21/17 IP-Patent Law
340B Contract Pharmacy Arrangements: What Does the Future Hold? 12/21/17 Health Law
Securing Social Media Admissions in Employment Litigation: Investigative Strategies, Spoliation Warnings, Use of Subpoenas 01/03/18 Employment Law
Phase-Out of LIBOR: Impact on Floating Rate Loans and Derivatives; Implementing Alternative Reference Rates 01/03/18 Banking Loan Doc
Drafting Shareholder Agreements for Private Equity M&A Deals 01/04/18 Mergers & Acquisitions
Inadequate Tax Basis: Leveraging Basis Rules for S Corporations 01/04/18 Tax Law
Contract Management: Tools for Improving the Process Within Organizations 01/04/18 Corporate Law
Patent Drafting for Machine Learning: Structural Claim Limitations, Avoiding 101 or 112 Rejections 01/04/18 IP-Patent Law
UCC Issues in Mezzanine and Mortgage Loans: Equity Interests and Deposit Accounts as Collateral 01/04/18 Real Property Law
Contracting With Non-Employed Physicians and Physician Groups 01/04/18 Health Law
Contract Drafting Essentials: Structuring, Analyzing and Interpreting Business Agreements 01/04/18 Contracts Law
Incorporating FAR Subcontractor Flowdown Terms in Government Contracts: Guidance for Primes and Subs 01/09/18 Contracts Law
Non-Recourse Carve Outs, Bad-Boy Guaranties, and Personal Liability: Latest Developments 01/09/18 Real Property Law
Attorney-Client Privilege for Financial Institutions in Internal Investigations, Audits and Bank Regulatory Exams 01/09/18 Banking & Financial Services Law
FCPA and UK Bribery Act Risk Assessments: Identifying and Mitigating Corruption Risk, Ensuring Compliance 01/09/18 International Law
Blockchain Applications in Commercial Finance: Loan Syndications, Servicing, Swaps, Trade Finance and More 01/09/18 Banking Loan Doc
After-Final Practice: Navigating PTO Options to Compact Patent Prosecution 01/09/18 IP-Patent Law
CERCLA Settlements and PRP Intervention: Protecting PRP Interests in Contribution and Cost-Recovery Process 01/09/18 Environmental Law
Physician-Vendor Relationship Compliance: Minimizing False Claims, Anti-Kickback Risks 01/10/18 Health Law
Modifying Delaware Trusts By Consent: Powerful Tool for Changing Irrevocable Trusts 01/10/18 Estate Planning
New and Expanded Paid Family Leave Laws in New York, Washington, D.C. and California 01/10/18 Employment Law
Functionality in Trade Dress Prosecution and Litigation: Protecting the Look and Feel of Products and Packaging 01/11/18 Trademark Law
Private Equity Transactions in Healthcare: Stark, AKS and Other Compliance Challenges 01/11/18 Health Law
Insurance Issues in M&A: Evaluating Liabilities, Indemnifications, and Representations and Warranties Insurance 01/11/18 Insurance Law
Patent Term Adjustments and Extensions: Leveraging Recent Decisions and USPTO Rule Changes 01/11/18 IP-Patent Law
Structuring Opinions of Counsel in Real Estate Finance Transactions 01/11/18 Real Property Law
Structuring Tax-Free M&A Deals: Navigating IRC 368 and 351, Selecting the Appropriate Structure 01/11/18 Tax Law
Deposing Named Plaintiffs in Class Litigation: Leveraging Issues of Adequacy and Commonality 01/16/18 Class Action
Restructuring Debt Securities: Cash Tender Offers, Debt Exchange Offers and Alternative Transactions 01/16/18 Corporate Finance Law
Asset-Based Lending: Navigating Borrowing Base, Article 9 Collateral Issues, and Key Loan Documentation 01/16/18 Banking Loan Doc
IRC 645 Election: Estate Planning for Qualified Revocable Trusts in Taxable Estates 01/16/18 Estate Planning
Former Employees and Executives as Non-Party Witnesses in Employment Litigation 01/17/18 Employment Law
Corporate Board Meeting Minutes, Agendas and Other Written Records: Governance Best Practices 01/17/18 General Counsel
Opioids and Other Controlled Substances: Minimizing the Risks in Prescribing, Dispensing and Administering 01/17/18 Health Law
Plain Packaging: Branding and IP Infringement Risks 01/17/18 IP Law
Clinical Trials and Human Research: Complying With New Regulatory Obligations 01/18/18 Health Law
Responding to EPA Information Request Letters: Mitigating Further Agency Scrutiny 01/18/18 Environmental Law
Strategic Use of Patent Reissue: Whether and When to Pursue a Reissue Application 01/18/18 IP-Patent Law
Construction Professional Services Agreements 01/18/18 Construction Law
Goodwill in Corporate Asset Sales: Tax Planning Opportunities 01/18/18 Tax Law
Structuring Reverse and Forward Triangular Mergers 01/18/18 Mergers & Acquisitions
Trust and Probate Challenges: Minimizing and Litigating Claims of Undue Influence, Fraud, Capacity and Mistakes 01/18/18 Estate Planning
Catastrophic Burn Injury Cases: Assessing Claims, Proving or Defending Liability, Negotiating Settlements 01/18/18 Personal Injury
Data Security Compliance and Responding to a Data Breach: Lessons for Corporate Counsel After Equifax 01/23/18 Corporate Law
Drafting Software Patents to Survive Section 101 and AIA Challenges 01/23/18 IP-Patent Law
Statistics in Class Certification and at Trial: Leveraging and Attacking Statistical Evidence 01/23/18 Class Action
Drafting Software Hosting Agreements: Service Availability, Performance, Data Security, Other Key Provisions 01/23/18 Contracts Law
Real Estate Joint Ventures: Waterfall Structures, Developer Promote, IRR Lookback, Clawback and Catchup 01/24/18 Real Property Law
New IRS Partnership Audit Rules: Impact on Private Equity and Hedge Funds 01/24/18 Corporate Finance Law
Negotiating Cable Franchise Agreements and Renewals: Guidance for Municipal Attorneys 01/24/18 Municipal Law
Drafting Shareholder Agreements for Venture Capital Investment 01/24/18 Corporate Law
Structuring and Managing Oncology Service Lines: Regulatory Challenges, Physician Employment, and More 01/24/18 Health Law
Swaps in Loan Transactions: Coordinating Loan Document Terms With the ISDA Master Agreement 01/24/18 Banking Loan Doc
Divorce Property Division and Trust Assets: Attacking Trusts, Discovering Assets and Evidentiary Issues 01/24/18 Family Law
Bad Faith Claims When Verdicts Exceed Policy Limits: Navigating Nuances of the Insurance Company's Duty to Settle 01/25/18 Insurance Law
Tax Reform and Accelerating Deductions: Payroll Tax Accruals and Permanent Tax Savings 01/25/18 Tax Law
Pre-Bankruptcy Planning for Troubled Loans: Workout Strategies for Maximizing Recovery 01/25/18 Bankruptcy Law
Obviousness of Biologics Inventions: Strategies for Biologics Claims in the U.S., Europe and China 01/31/18 IP Law
Private Equity Waterfall and Carried Interest Provisions: Economic and Tax Implications for Investors and Sponsors 01/31/18 Corporate Finance Law
Divorce and Intellectual Property: Valuation and Division of Intangible IP Assets 02/13/18 Family Law
Financing Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure, Transportation, Energy and Redevelopment Projects 03/07/18 Corporate Finance Law

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