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Title Date Practice Area
Leveraging Design Patents to Protect Graphical User Interfaces 05/29/18 IP-Patent Law
Defending Class Actions Using Absent Class Member Discovery 05/30/18 Class Action
Information-Sharing by Healthcare Collaborations: Managing Antitrust Risk 05/30/18 Health Law
Estate Planning and New IRS Centralized Partnership Audit Rules: Impact on Trusts Holding Partnership Interests 05/30/18 Estate Planning
Voluntary Disclosure of Foreign Assets: Current Challenges for Noncompliant U.S. Taxpayers 05/31/18 Tax Law
LBO Transactions in Bankruptcy: Fraudulent Transfer Issues for Lenders, Equity Purchasers, Shareholders 05/31/18 Bankruptcy Law
Alternative Financing for Renewable Energy Projects: Evaluating Options, Structuring the Deal 05/31/18 Energy Law
M&A Buyer Protection Provisions Beyond Indemnification for Breaches of Representations and Warranties 05/31/18 Mergers & Acquisitions
Changes to AIA Contract Documents: What Construction Lawyers Need to Know 05/31/18 Construction Law
Rights of First Refusal, Rights of First Offer, Options to Purchase: Key Provisions for Clarity and Enforceability 05/31/18 Real Property Law
Groundwater Contamination Litigation: Proving and Defending Against Liability 06/05/18 Environmental Law
Bank Examination Privilege in Litigation: Understanding the Nuances, Best Practices for Asserting the Privilege 06/05/18 Banking & Financial Services Law
Tax Reform: Impact on REITs, Real Estate Businesses and Investors 06/05/18 Real Property Law
Utilizing Limitation of Liability Clauses in Business Contracts 06/05/18 Contracts Law
Structuring Waterfall Provisions in LLC and Partnership Agreements 06/05/18 Tax Law
Fiduciary Litigation for Defined Contribution Plan Administrators: Risks and Challenges 06/05/18 ERISA
Functional Claiming for Software Patents: Leveraging Recent Court Treatment 06/05/18 IP-Patent Law
Leveraging Daubert Motions in Class Certification: Using or Challenging Expert Testimony Amid Divergent Court Standards 06/05/18 Class Action
Structuring Indemnification Provisions in Business Associate Agreements: Allocating Risk in Healthcare Contracting 06/06/18 Health Law
Deposing Truck Drivers and Trucking Company Representatives in Injury Cases 06/06/18 Personal Injury
Impact of Tax Reform on Commercial Finance Documents: Adjustments to Financial and Other Covenants 06/06/18 Banking Loan Doc
Modifying Irrevocable Trusts: Changing the Unchangeable? 06/06/18 Estate Planning
High-Volatility Commercial Real Estate Loans: Guidance for Developers and Lenders on HVCRE Rules and Loan Covenants 06/07/18 Real Property Law
Legal Ethics Issues When an Attorney Leaves the Firm: Managing Client Communications and Files, Work Product, Conflicts of Interest 06/07/18 Ethics Law
Coverage and Bad Faith Litigation: Depositions of Insurance Claims Handlers or Representatives 06/07/18 Insurance Law
Key 2017 NLRB Rulings and Reversals Impacting Non-Union and Union Employers 06/07/18 Employment Law
Billboard Leasing Agreements: Key Considerations for Landlords and Tenants 06/12/18 Real Property Law
Trademarks Abandonment at TTAB and the Courts: Excusable Nonuse, Cancellation Petition, Impact on Global Brands 06/12/18 IP Law
Managed Care Disputes: Litigating Issues Involving Coverage, Payment Practices and More 06/12/18 Health Law
New SEC Guidance on Cybersecurity Disclosures: Risks, Incidents, Materiality, Data Governance Procedures 06/12/18 Corporate Finance Law
Severance Plans and ERISA Compliance: Limiting Liability in Design and Implementation of Severance Arrangements 06/12/18 ERISA
Deposing Nursing Home Staff and Corporate Representatives in Nursing Home Injury Cases 06/12/18 Medical Malpractice
Fiduciary Duties in Closely Held Entities: Litigation Strategies for Plaintiffs and Defendants in Business Disputes 06/13/18 Litigation
Bitcoin Financing: UCC, Regulatory and Hedging Concerns 06/13/18 Banking Loan Doc
Anticipating Challenges in Estate Plans 06/13/18 Estate Planning
Secondary Considerations at the PTAB: Combating Obviousness Challenges, Establishing Nexus 06/14/18 IP Law
Commercial Real Estate Loan Documents: Current Structures and Negotiating Trends 06/14/18 Real Property Law
Medicare and Medicaid Audits Using Statistical Sampling and Extrapolation: Challenging Methods and Results 06/14/18 Health Law
Navigating Multistate Tax Issues With Pass-Through Entities 06/14/18 Tax Law
Defeating Reptilian Tactics in First-Party Insurance Cases 06/14/18 Insurance Law
Blockchain Applications in Real Estate Finance: Mortgage Origination, Securitization and Servicing 06/19/18 Real Property Law
Protecting Software as a Medical Device: Patents, Design Patents and Trade Secrets 06/19/18 IP-Patent Law
Supply Chain Agreements: Consequential Damage Disclaimers, Indemnity, Force Majeure, Termination, Warranty Provisions 06/19/18 Contracts Law
Structuring a Private Placement Memorandum for the Private Offering and Sale of Securities 06/20/18 Corporate Finance Law
Estate Asset Basis Adjustment Planning: Trust Transfers, Distribution Strategies and Powers of Appointment 06/20/18 Estate Planning
Medicare Advantage and Part D Changes: Benefits Flexibility, Payment Rules, and Decreased Administrative Burdens 06/20/18 Health Law
Personal Injury Claims for Uber and Lyft Accidents: Navigating Complex Liability and Insurance Coverage Issues 06/20/18 Personal Injury
FLSA Collective Action Conditional Certification and Decertification Strategies 06/20/18 Employment Law
Double Patenting: Defeating Double Patenting Rejections and Avoiding Terminal Disclaimers 06/21/18 Patent-Prosecution
M&A Agreements: Limitations on Contractual and Extra-Contractual Liabilities 06/21/18 Mergers & Acquisitions
Corporate Board Meeting Minutes, Agendas and Other Written Records: Governance Best Practices 06/21/18 Corporate Law
Regulating Political Signs and Speech: Responding to First Amendment and Land Use Challenges 06/21/18 Municipal Law
Protecting Trademark Rights Outside the U.S. 06/21/18 IP Law
Protecting Interested Third Parties in the Resolution of Property Claims 06/21/18 Insurance Law
Reciprocal Easement Agreements: Structuring and Amending REAs for Retail and Mixed-Use Project Development 06/21/18 Real Property Law
Structuring M&A and Private Equity Sales Involving Employee Stock Ownership Plans 06/26/18 Mergers & Acquisitions
Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims Against Trustees/Managers of Closely Held Businesses 06/26/18 Estate Planning
FinCEN's Beneficial Ownership Rule: New Due Diligence Requirements for Customer Ownership and Control 06/26/18 Banking & Financial Services Law
UCC Article 9 Update on Searching and Filing: Best Practices for Secured Lenders Under the Amended Rules 06/26/18 Banking Loan Doc
Means-Plus-Function Patent Claims: Treatment in Prosecution, Litigation and Post-Grant Proceedings 06/26/18 IP-Patent Law
URS, UDRP, ACPA and Beyond: Domain Name Enforcement in the New gTLD Era 06/26/18 IP Law
Builder's Risk Coverage for Construction Defects and Accidents Caused by Defective Workmanship 06/27/18 Construction Law
Board Considerations for C-Suite Agreements: Managing Risk of Harassment and Discrimination Claims 06/27/18 Corporate Law
Data Protection in Cloud Computing Agreements: Allocating Risk, Interplay With Other Terms, Managing Compliance 06/27/18 Contracts Law
ERISA Compliance: Implementing Effective Claims Procedures Under Section 503 and DOL Regulations 06/27/18 ERISA
Corporate Venture Capital: Structuring Concerns for Investors and Startups 06/27/18 Corp Finance Private Equity
Bankruptcy Reorganization Plan Strategies: Debt Reinstatement and Indubitable Equivalent 06/28/18 Bankruptcy Law
Expanding Scope of Clean Water Act Jurisdiction and Liability: Impact of Recent Circuit Court Opinions 06/28/18 Environmental Law
Negotiating Office Leases With Technology Tenants: Unique Challenges, Perspectives and Pitfalls 06/28/18 Real Property Law
Rule 68 Offers of Judgment in Personal Injury: Responding, Countering or Rejecting 06/28/18 Personal Injury
Benefit Plans in M&A: Transitioning Pension, Savings and Welfare Plans 07/10/18 ERISA
Litigating Indemnification and Representations and Warranty Provisions in Commercial Litigation 07/10/18 Litigation
Private Equity Real Estate Fund Formation: Capital Raising, Regulatory Issues and Negotiating Trends 07/11/18 Corporate Finance Law
Medicare and Medicaid Liens in Personal Injury Cases 07/18/18 Personal Injury
Medical Office Leases: Navigating Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute, Operational Restrictions and More 07/24/18 Real Property Law
UCC3 Financing Amendment and Termination Statements: Avoiding Loss of Lien Perfection or Priority 07/31/18 Banking Loan Doc

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