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Title Date Practice Area
Structuring Joint Trusts in Separate Property States to Avoid Income and Gift Tax Pitfalls 05/23/17 Estate Planning
Fiduciary Duty Litigation in Business Disputes: Identifying Causes of Action, Key Defenses, Remedies and Proof 05/23/17 Litigation
Stormwater Discharge Permits and Clean Water Act Compliance 05/23/17 Environmental Law
Structuring Proxy Revenue Swaps in Wind Energy Projects 05/23/17 Energy Law
Structuring a Compensation Framework for Clinical Research 05/24/17 Health Law
Deposing Truck Drivers and Trucking Company Representatives in Injury Cases 05/24/17 Personal Injury
Medicaid Planning When a Spouse Enters a Nursing Home: Avoiding Costly Pitfalls to Preserve Spousal Income 05/24/17 Elder Law
Insurance SIRs and Deductibles: Impact on Satisfaction of SIRs, Policy Limits, Duty to Defend and Additional Insureds 05/24/17 Insurance Law
Alternative Investments in ERISA Retirement Plans: Mitigating Liability Risks for Hedge and Private Equity Funds and Pension Plan Fiduciaries 05/24/17 ERISA
UCC Secured Transactions: Documenting and Perfecting Security Interests, Navigating Competing and Hidden Liens 05/25/17 Banking Loan Doc
Tax Challenges for Counsel to Nonprofit Joint Ventures and Alliances 05/25/17 Tax Law
M&A Post-Closing Purchase Price Adjustments: Planning and Drafting Strategies 05/25/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
Evolving PTAB Trial Practice: Navigating Complex Procedural Rules 05/25/17 IP Law
Overcoming Class Action ESI Challenges: Preserving and Reviewing ESI; Limiting Discovery, Arguing Proportionality 05/25/17 Class Action
QDRO Drafting Boot Camp: Preparing QDROs for 401(k)s and Similar Defined Contribution Plans 05/25/17 Family Law
Creating and Maintaining Legally Compliant Job Descriptions: Avoiding Missteps Under the FLSA, ADA, FMLA and Other Laws 05/25/17 Employment Law
Double Patenting: Defeating Double Patenting Rejections and Avoiding Terminal Disclaimers 05/25/17 IP-Patent Law
Lease Enforcement and Remedies: Structuring Key Provisions for Eviction, Self-Help, Injunction, Action for Damages 05/25/17 Real Property Law
Renewable Energy Project Financing: Legal Strategies for Structuring the Deal 05/30/17 Energy Law
Healthcare Supply Chain Compliance: Minimizing Regulatory and Contractual Liability Risk 05/31/17 Health Law
IRC 754 Elections for Tax Counsel: Mastering Structuring Considerations of Basis Adjustments 05/31/17 Tax Law
Motions in Limine in Personal Injury: Obtaining Early Rulings on the Exclusion or Admissibility of Certain Evidence 05/31/17 Personal Injury
Construction Subcontractor Default Insurance: Maximizing SDI Coverage and Streamlining the Claim Process 05/31/17 Construction Law
Effectively Managing Municipal Market Responsibilities in the Face of SEC Scrutiny and Enforcement 05/31/17 Municipal Law
Making Section 2(f) Claims: Demonstrating Acquired Distinctiveness 05/31/17 IP Law
Obviousness Standard: Leveraging Latest PTO and Court Guidance 06/01/17 IP-Patent Law
Mastering Fiduciary Accounting Income for Estate Planners and Administrators 06/01/17 Estate Planning
Fraudulent Transfer Claw-Back Litigation Post Tribune, Lyondell and SemGroup 06/01/17 Bankruptcy Law
Delaware Corporate Law: Analyzing Significant Cases, New Statutes and Impact on Corporate Practice 06/01/17 Corporate Law
Non-Cumulation and Prior Insurance Clauses: Allocating Liability Among Multiple Policies Triggered by Multi-Year Loss 06/01/17 Insurance Law
Real Estate Joint Ventures: Waterfall Structures, Developer Promote, IRR Lookback, Clawback and Catchup 06/01/17 Real Property Finance
Wage and Hour Compliance Challenges From the Increased Use of Technology in the Workplace 06/01/17 Employment Law
Allocating CERCLA Liability: Divisibility or Section 113 Equitable Contribution 06/06/17 Environmental Law
DOL Investigations of Employee Benefit Plans: Navigating Enforcement Actions, Audits and Settlements 06/06/17 ERISA
Trademark Litigation: Obtaining or Opposing Preliminary Injunctions and Temporary Restraining Orders 06/06/17 IP Law
Structuring Pledge Agreements for Equity Interests in Partnerships and LLCs to Maximize Protection for Lenders 06/06/17 Banking Loan Doc
Structuring Waterfall Provisions in LLC and Partnership Agreements 06/06/17 Tax Law
Letters of Intent in Business Transactions: Avoiding Legal Pitfalls When Documenting Preliminary Deal Terms 06/06/17 Contracts Law
Using Experts in Litigation: Discovery, Attorney-Client Privilege and Work Product Doctrine 06/06/17 Litigation
Equity Rollovers in M&A: Bridging the Finance and Valuation Gap 06/07/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
Ambulatory Surgery Center Acquisitions: Meeting Regulatory Requirements, Conducting Due Diligence, Minimizing Risks 06/07/17 Health Law
Social Media Admissions in Insurance Litigation: Investigative Strategies, Spoliation Warnings, Use of Subpoenas to Obtain Evidence 06/07/17 Insurance Law
Tax Planning Issues for U.S. Expatriation: Minimizing the IRC 877A Exit Tax 06/07/17 Tax Law
Hotel Management Agreements: Key Topics and New Frontiers 06/07/17 Real Property Law
Litigating Dog Bite Claims: Pursuing or Defending Personal Injury Cases Against Dog Owners and Custodians 06/08/17 Personal Injury
FMLA Intermittent Leave: Preventing Abuse While Mitigating Interference or Retaliation Claims 06/08/17 Employment Law
Fair Use and IP Infringement on Instagram, Pinterest and Other Social Media 06/08/17 IP Law
Piercing the Corporate Veil: Minimizing Alter Ego Liability for Subsidiaries, Affiliates and Related Entities 06/08/17 Corporate Law
Drafting Client Engagement Agreements: Legal Ethics Considerations for Counsel 06/08/17 Ethics Law
Biotech Patents and Section 101 Rejections: Meeting Patent Eligibility Requirements 06/08/17 IP-Patent Law
Drafting Clickwrap and Browsewrap Agreements: Avoiding Enforceability Pitfalls 06/13/17 Contracts Law
Bank Examination Privilege in Litigation: Understanding the Nuances, Best Practices for Asserting the Privilege 06/13/17 Banking & Financial Services Law
Preserving Civil Issues for Federal Court Appeals: Avoiding Waiver, Making Motions and Objections, Presenting Issues on Appeal 06/13/17 Appellate Law
Cloud Computing in Healthcare: Navigating HIPAA and State Law Challenges, Privacy and Security Risks 06/14/17 Health Law
Insurer's Duty to Defend: Pre-Tender Costs, Target Tender Issues, Non-Covered Claims and Parties, Uninsured Periods 06/14/17 Insurance Law
Local Government Response to Public Record Requests: Ensuring Compliance With FOIA and State Public Record Laws 06/14/17 Municipal Law
Structuring Redemptions of Partnership and LLC Interests: Navigating Issues Unique to Liquidating Distributions 06/14/17 Tax Law
Statistical Evidence in Wage and Hour Class Actions: Implications of Tyson Foods for Certification and Trial 06/14/17 Employment Law
Deposing Nursing Home Staff and Corporate Representatives in Nursing Home Injury Cases 06/14/17 Medical Malpractice
High-Volatility Commercial Real Estate Loans: Guidance for Developers and Lenders on HVCRE Rules and Loan Covenants 06/14/17 Real Property Law
Structuring Private Equity Funds for Investment in Renewable Energy Projects: A New Financing Option 06/14/17 Corporate Finance Law
Drones and Personal Injury Liability: Navigating the Evolving Regulatory Landscape and Emerging Theories of Liability 06/14/17 Personal Injury
Supply Chain Finance: Structuring and Documenting Approved Payables Financing Transactions 06/15/17 Banking Loan Doc
ITC as a PTAB Antidote : Navigating Competing Administrative Trial Strategies & Pitfalls 06/15/17 IP-Patent Law
Retail Bankruptcies: Key Issues for Debtors, Landlords and Vendors 06/15/17 Bankruptcy Law
Protecting IP Rights in the Sports and Entertainment Industries 06/20/17 IP Law
FCPA Compliance: Third-Party Diligence Post-Unaoil 06/20/17 International Law
Insurance-Related Class Actions: Strategies for Class Certification, Dispositive Motions and More 06/20/17 Insurance Law
Drafting Standard Forms for the Purchase of Goods From Suppliers: RFQs, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Long-Term Agreements 06/20/17 Contracts Law
ERISA Fiduciaries, Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Risks: HIPAA, HITECH, and ERISA Preemption of State Data Breach Laws 06/20/17 ERISA
FRCP 803 Hearsay Evidence: Leveraging the Rules and Exceptions to Admit Evidence or Make Sustainable Objections 06/20/17 Litigation
Antitrust Compliance and Clinical Integration: Assessing Anti-Competitiveness of Collaborations, Minimizing Risk of Agency Challenges 06/20/17 Health Law
Private Equity: Executing a Successful Leveraged Dividend Recapitalization 06/20/17 Corporate Finance Law
FBAR and U.S. Tax Reporting and Compliance Requirements for Foreign Assets 06/20/17 Tax Law
Insurance Coverage for Environmental and Toxic Tort Claims: Determining Coverage for Cleanup and Third-Party Liability 06/20/17 Environmental Law
Reps and Warranties Insurance in M&A: Critical Tool to Mitigate Risk and Close Deals 06/21/17 Mergers & Acquisitions
Daubert/Frye Motions in Product Liability Litigation: Bringing or Defending Challenges to Expert Witness Evidence 06/21/17 Product Liability
Reciprocal Easement Agreements: Structuring and Amending REAs for Retail and Mixed-Use Project Development 06/21/17 Real Property Law
Telehealth Credentialing and Privileging: Minimizing Liability, Protecting Patient Privacy, Ensuring Quality Care 06/21/17 Health Law
Regulating Employee Political Speech and Activity: Ensuring Compliance With Federal Laws and State Statutes 06/21/17 Employment Law
Jury Selection in Personal Injury Litigation: Connecting With Today's Jury Pool 06/21/17 Personal Injury
Summary Judgment in Class Action Litigation: Plaintiff and Defense Strategies for Filing Motions 06/22/17 Class Action
Foreign Trade Antitrust Improvements Act: When Do U.S. Antitrust Laws Apply to Foreign Conduct? 06/22/17 Antitrust
Conflicts in Patent Prosecution: Avoiding the Ethical Pitfalls 06/22/17 IP-Patent Law
Corporate Board Meeting Minutes, Agendas and Other Written Records: Governance Best Practices 06/22/17 Corporate Law
Structuring Commercial Loan Term Sheets, Proposals and Commitment Letters: Key Terms for Lenders and Borrowers 06/27/17 Banking Loan Doc
Pursuing and Defending Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims Against Trustees of Closely Held Business Assets 06/27/17 Estate Planning
Trademark Application Pre-Filing Strategies: Overcoming the Obstacles 06/27/17 IP Law
Asset Sale vs. Stock Sale: Tax Considerations, Advanced Drafting and Structuring Techniques for Tax Counsel 06/27/17 Tax Law
Ethics Challenges for ERISA Counsel: Representing Multiple Clients and Fiduciary Exception to Attorney-Client Privilege 06/27/17 ERISA
Cash Management Structures, Waterfall Provisions and Reserves in Commercial Real Estate Finance Transactions 06/27/17 Real Property Law
RCRA Liability for Property Owners, Operators and Managers: Enforcement Trends and Regulatory Developments 06/27/17 Environmental Law
Third-Party Legal Opinions in Business Transactions 06/27/17 Corporate Law
Age Discrimination Claims on the Rise: Avoiding and Defending EEOC Charges and Private Lawsuits 06/28/17 Employment Law
Survivor Benefit Plans and Military Divorce: Defending Against or Claiming Former-Spouse SBP Coverage 06/28/17 Family Law
Forced Pooling in Oil and Gas: Navigating State Laws, Addressing Conflicting Rights of Landowners, and Use in Negotiations 06/28/17 Energy Law
Medical Office Leases: Navigating Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute, Operational Restrictions and More 06/28/17 Real Property Law
Distracted Driving Accident Claims Involving Smart Phones: Pursuing or Defending Litigation 06/28/17 Personal Injury
Medicaid Planning: Pros and Cons of Gifting the House 06/29/17 Elder Law
Section 102 and Prior Art: Navigating the Expanded Scope of Prior Art and AIA Exceptions 06/29/17 IP-Patent Law
Drafting Technology Services Statements of Work: Structuring Terms, Minimizing Disputes, Streamlining Negotiations 06/29/17 Contracts Law
Structuring Private Placement Memorandum for the Private Offering and Sale of Securities 06/29/17 Corporate Finance Law
Food and Beverage Class Actions: Litigating False Advertising, Labeling, Slack-Fill Packaging or Food Safety Claims 07/13/17 Class Action
Drafting Telecom Services Agreements: Structuring Key Provisions, Anticipating Legal Pitfalls, Mitigating Risks 07/18/17 Contracts Law
Midstream Executory Contracts in Bankruptcy After Sabine 08/08/17 Energy Law

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