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Title Date Practice Area
USPTO Examiner Interview Strategies: Preparing for and Conducting Interviews to Advance Patent Prosecution 03/20/18 IP-Patent Law
Derivative Works and Copyright: Scope, Termination, Infringement, Considerations for Drafting Permissions 03/20/18 IP Law
Multiemployer Pension Plan Withdrawal: An In-Depth Examination 03/20/18 ERISA
Mental Illness & Intellectual Disabilities Under the ADA and FMLA: Avoiding and Defending Claims 03/20/18 Employment Law
UCC Security Interests in Proceeds of Collateral: Perfection, Priority and Impact of Debtor's Bankruptcy 03/20/18 Banking Loan Doc
Drafting Service Level Agreements: Best Practices for Corporate and Technology Counsel 03/20/18 Contracts Law
Drafting Premarital and Postmarital Agreements: Choice of Law and Forum Clauses, State Laws and Planning 03/21/18 Family Law
Healthcare Industry and Tax Reform 03/21/18 Health Law
Structuring Equity Compensation for Partnerships and LLCs; the New Tax Reform Law Considerations 03/22/18 ERISA
Equity Joint Ventures: Structuring Capital Contribution, Waterfall and Other Payment Provisions 03/22/18 Mergers & Acquisitions
New Section 199A: Deductions, Limitations, Complexities and Opportunities for Pass-Through Entities 03/22/18 Tax Law
Structuring Sprinkle Trusts to Minimize Income Tax Consequences to Trust and Beneficiaries 03/22/18 Estate Planning
Drone Use in the Energy Industry: Federal, State, and Local Regulation and Enforcement, Privacy Concerns, Liability 03/22/18 Energy Law
Structuring Term Loan B Transactions: Combining High Yield Financing With Conventional Bank Loans 03/27/18 Banking Loan Doc
Structuring Hospital Acquisitions of Physician Practices 03/27/18 Health Law
New DOL Disability Claims Regulations: Effects on Employee Benefits and Nonqualified Compensation Plans 03/27/18 ERISA
Environmental Obligations in Bankruptcy: Reconciling the Conflicting Goals of Bankruptcy and Environmental Laws 03/27/18 Environmental Law
Private Investment Funds and Tax Reform 03/28/18 Corporate Finance Law
Distribution Planning for IRA Beneficiary Trusts: Navigating RMD Rules to Maximize Stretch Treatment 03/28/18 Estate Planning
Workplace Religious Accommodations: EEOC Guidance and Court Developments 03/28/18 Employment Law
Audit Response Letters and Disclosures: In-House Counsel's Role in Balancing Auditor Demands and Company Privileges 03/28/18 Corporate Law
Patent Infringement: Structuring Opinions of Counsel 03/28/18 IP-Patent Law
2017 NAIC Insurance Data Security Model Law: New Reporting Rules Following a Cybersecurity Breach 03/29/18 Insurance Law
Mineral Rights in Real Estate Transactions: Title, Development and Financing Concerns 03/29/18 Real Property Law
Protecting Trademarks Abroad: Madrid Protocol vs. National Filing Directly in Foreign Jurisdiction 03/29/18 IP Law
Chapter 15 and Cross-Border Bankruptcies: Representing Foreign and U.S. Debtors and Creditors 03/29/18 Bankruptcy Law
IRC § 338(h)(10) Election Strategies for Tax Counsel: Opportunities and Risks Under Tax Reform 03/29/18 Tax Law
ERISA Compliance and Monitoring 401(k) Investments: Safe Harbor Rules and Appointing Advisers 04/03/18 ERISA
Tax Strategies for Real Estate LLC and LP Agreements: Capital Commitments, Tax Allocations and Distributions, and More 04/03/18 Real Property Law
Zombie Corporations and CERCLA Liability: Identifying, Reviving and Pursuing Zombie PRPs 04/03/18 Environmental Law
Extraterritorial Reach of Lanham Act and Protection of IP Rights: Pursuing Foreign Infringers 04/03/18 IP Law
Healthcare Insolvencies: Navigating the Intersection of Medicare, ERISA, HIPAA, AKS, Stark and the Bankruptcy Code 04/03/18 Health Law
Combating Plaintiffs' Reptilian Tactics in Commercial Vehicle, Premises Liability, Products Liability and Med Mal Cases 04/03/18 Personal Injury
Vendor Agreements and the New EU GDPR—Steps to Take Now 04/04/18 Contracts Law
Private Fund Securities Law Exemptions: Accredited Investors, Qualified Purchasers, Subscription Limits and More 04/04/18 Corporate Finance Law
Probate Strategies When Non-Resident/Non-Citizen Decedents Own U.S. Assets: Legal, Tax and Practical Issues 04/04/18 Estate Planning
Wage & Hour Collective and Class Actions: Asserting and Challenging Affirmative Defenses 04/04/18 Employment Law
Municipal Regulation of Wireless Telecommunication Facilities in the Public Right of Way: Guidance for Counsel 04/04/18 Municipal Law
Renewable Energy Projects: Structuring REC Purchase and Sale Agreement, Interconnection Agreement 04/05/18 Energy Law
Tax Reform for Pass-Through Entities: Impact of New Tax Law on Partnerships, LLCs and S-Corporations 04/05/18 Tax Law
Private Company Acquisition Agreements: Drafting Reps, Warranties, Covenants and Closing Conditions 04/05/18 Mergers & Acquisitions
Negotiating and Drafting Restaurant Leases 04/05/18 Real Property Law
Paragraph IV Litigation and IPRs 04/05/18 IP Law
Mastering IRC 457(f): Guidance for ERISA Counsel in Structuring Deferred Compensation Plans for Nonprofit Entities 04/10/18 ERISA
Renewable Energy M&A: Deal Structures, Key Issues, and Diligence Considerations When Buying and Selling Renewable Energy Projects 04/10/18 Energy Law
Conservation Easements: Structuring Effective Documents and Enforcing Terms and Conditions 04/10/18 Environmental Law
FCPA Compliance: Auditing and Monitoring Third Parties 04/10/18 International Law
Bitcoin Financing: UCC, Regulatory and Hedging Concerns 04/10/18 Banking Loan Doc
Boilerplate Clauses in Commercial Contracts: Avoiding Unintended Consequences, Implementing Practical Solutions 04/10/18 Contracts Law
"Me Too" Evidence in Employment Litigation: Pursuing Admission or Exclusion of Propensity Evidence 04/10/18 Employment Law
DIP Financing: Structuring Roll-Overs, Cross-Collateralization, Priming Liens, Junior DIP Financing and More 04/11/18 Bankruptcy Law
Corporate Data Governance and GDPR Compliance for U.S. Companies 04/11/18 Corporate Law
Deposing Nursing Home Staff and Corporate Representatives in Nursing Home Injury Cases 04/11/18 Medical Malpractice
Structuring Special Needs Trusts as IRA Beneficiaries: Avoiding Tax Traps in Funding SNTs With Retirement Accounts 04/11/18 Estate Planning
Dental Practice Transactions: Buying and Selling, Mergers and Affiliations 04/11/18 Health Law
Divorce Under Tax Reform: Eliminating Support Payment Tax Benefits and Other Changes 04/11/18 Family Law
Structuring Waterfall Provisions in LLC and Partnership Agreements 04/12/18 Tax Law
Changes to AIA Contract Documents: What Construction Lawyers Need to Know 04/12/18 Construction Law
IP Rights in the Fashion Industry: Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents to Protect Designs and Strengthen Brands 04/12/18 IP Law
Hotel Franchise Agreements and Comfort Letters: Legal Challenges for Real Estate Lenders 04/12/18 Real Property Law
Protecting Software as a Medical Device With Patents, Design Patents and Trade Secrets 04/12/18 IP-Patent Law
DOL and IRS Health and Welfare Plan Audits: Responding to Latest Examination Initiatives, Key Plan Provisions 04/17/18 ERISA
Artificial Intelligence in Litigation: Using Advancements in Technology to Gain a Competitive Advantage 04/17/18 Litigation
SaaS, PaaS and IaaS: Evaluating Cloud Service Agreement Models, Negotiating Key Terms, Minimizing Contract Disputes 04/17/18 Contracts Law
Latest CERCLA Decisions: Navigating Complexities of Arranger Liability, Divisibility, Settlement and More 04/17/18 Environmental Law
Medicare and Medicaid Liens in Personal Injury Cases 04/17/18 Personal Injury
Protecting Artificial Intelligence Under Copyright Law: Protectability, Authorship, Registration 04/17/18 IP Law
Litigation Finance: Structuring Third-Party Funding of High Cost Claims 04/17/18 Banking Loan Doc
Cryptocurrency: Evolving Regulatory Landscape, Recent SEC, CFTC, FinCEN, IRS Enforcement Actions 04/18/18 Corporate Finance Law
Estate Planning With S Corp Trusts After Tax Reform: QSSTs, ESBTs, and the 20% QBI Deduction 04/18/18 Estate Planning
Employee Leave Under FMLA, ADA and Workers' Comp: Navigating Overlapping and Conflicting Leave Laws 04/18/18 Employment Law
Emergence of Blockchain: New Applications, Issues and Best Practices for Corporate Counsel 04/18/18 Corporate Law
Machine Learning and AI in Healthcare: Legal Issues 04/18/18 Health Law
Medical Office Leases: Navigating Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute, Operational Restrictions and More 04/18/18 Real Property Law
Front-End Documents in M&A: Drafting Letters of Intent, Exclusivity and Confidentiality Agreements 04/19/18 Mergers & Acquisitions
Overcoming §101 Rejections for Computer and Electronics Related Patents 04/19/18 IP-Patent Law
Coverage and Bad Faith Litigation: Depositions of Insurance Claims Handlers or Representatives 04/19/18 Insurance Law
GDPR Compliance for Clinical Research Organizations, Academic Medical Centers, Life Sciences Companies 04/19/18 Health Law
Preparing Smart Contracts: Role of Counsel, Best Practices for Limiting Vulnerabilities 04/24/18 Contracts Law
Environmental Requirements for SBA Real Estate Loans: Planning and Strategy, Legal vs. Bank Requirements 04/24/18 Environmental Law
Attorney Conflicts of Interest: Identifying and Resolving Ethical Challenges 04/24/18 Ethics Law
Retirement Plan Governance for Multinational Companies: Best Practices for Plan Sponsors 04/24/18 ERISA
New CMS BPCI Advanced Bundled Payment Model: Risks, Regulatory Requirements, Implementation Challenges 04/24/18 Health Law
Structuring Special Needs Trusts for the Elderly and Disabled to Protect Public Benefits 04/24/18 Elder Law
Opinions of Counsel in Lending Transactions: Scope and Assumptions, Substantive Opinions, and Qualifications 04/24/18 Banking Loan Doc
New IRS Scrutiny on Cryptocurrency Reporting: Filing Requirements and Exchange Treatment 04/24/18 Tax Law
Structuring Private Equity Healthcare Management Service Organizations 04/24/18 Health Law
Structuring Real Estate Loan Covenants, Event of Default Provisions, and Representations and Warranties 04/24/18 Real Property Law
Mitigating Legal Risks of Artificial Intelligence: Best Practices for Counsel 04/25/18 Corporate Law
Cross-Border Estate Planning After Tax Reform: New Opportunities and Obligations 04/25/18 Estate Planning
Compliance With New EU GDPR: Steps Investment Funds, Banks, Advisers and Financial Intermediaries Should Take Now 04/25/18 Corporate Finance Law
Fintech M&A: Deal Structuring, Due Diligence, Compliance and Management Concerns 04/25/18 Banking & Financial Services Law
Perimeter and Outparcel Redevelopment in Retail Centers: Due Diligence and Documentation 04/26/18 Real Property Law
Hedge Funds and IRS Partnership Audit Rules 04/26/18 Tax Law
Patent Eligibility, Duty to Disclose and More: USPTO Manual of Patent Examining Procedure New Guidance 04/26/18 Patent-Prosecution
Produced Water Compliance in Oil and Gas: Regulatory and Permitting Challenges, Management, Beneficial Use 04/26/18 Energy Law
Fair Use and IP Infringement on Instagram, Facebook and Other Social Media 04/26/18 IP Law
Blockchain Applications in Insurance: Developing a Policyholder Plan for Smart Insurance Policies 04/26/18 Insurance Law
Patent Inventorship: Best Practices for Determination and Correction 05/01/18 IP-Patent Law
Payment Processing Agreements: Key Provisions for Retailers, Banks and Payment Processors 05/02/18 Corporate Law
Medicare and Medicaid Enrollment and Revalidation: Obtaining and Maintaining Enrollment and Billing Privileges 05/02/18 Health Law
Tax Reform and Insurance: Impact on Life and Property and Casualty Insurers 05/03/18 Insurance Law
Defending Wage and Hour Class Actions: Defeating Certification and Winning Decertification 05/23/18 Employment Law
Secondary Considerations at the PTAB: Combating Obviousness Challenges, Establishing Nexus 06/13/18 IP Law
Litigating Indemnification and Representations and Warranty Provisions in Commercial Litigation 12/31/18 Litigation

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