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Handling Insurance Renewals: Avoiding Traps in Policy Wording, Reducing Exclusions & Notice of Circumstances

Recording of a 90-minute CLE webinar with Q&A

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Conducted on Wednesday, September 23, 2020

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This CLE course will discuss how corporate policyholders should approach their insurance renewal in the new normal of COVID-19 and how to utilize notice of circumstances to their advantage. The insurance renewal process has been impacted dramatically by COVID-19, and the 2020-2021 renewal cycle will be like no other in history. The program will also identify various policy provisions that should be examined to achieve the most favorable terms of coverage.


All companies know the importance of having a good insurance broker to manage the process of renewing their corporate insurance. But many overlook the importance of having an experienced policyholder-side attorney to work in conjunction with the broker to identify potential traps in the policy wording, and to make recommendations to ensure the broadest possible coverage.

The COVID-19 crisis caused immediate, massive business income losses and will inevitably lead to all types of litigation for many years to come. Given these high stakes, insurers are approaching renewals with higher prices and new exclusions, so policyholders must take extra steps to protect their interests.

Policyholder counsel will need to understand the new exclusions and be able to suggest strategies that policyholders can employ to maximize their coverage. The most crucial is the submission of a notice of circumstances under the existing coverage before the window in which to do so is closed. The panel will discuss the pros and cons of whether to submit a notice of circumstances and how to make such notice as effective as possible.

Listen as this experienced panel, which includes a broker and a coverage lawyer, shares their perspectives on the challenging issues facing corporate policyholders heading into renewal. Insurance coverage litigation frequently boils down to a relatively small number of key provisions; this webinar will identify those provisions and recommend how to improve them from the perspective of the policyholder.



  1. How COVID-19 has impacted insurance
  2. What exclusions can be expected and how to deal with them
  3. How a notice of circumstances can maximize coverage
    1. What is a notice of circumstances?
    2. Pros and cons of submitting one
    3. Traps to avoid
    4. How to make a notice of circumstances most effective
  4. Identifying the most favorable policy wording for critical terms


The panel will identify and discuss these and other key issues:

  • What roles should the broker and coverage lawyer play and how they can work together?
  • How to identify and work around the most dangerous policy wording traps
  • Strategies for purchasing an insurance program that will provide the best possible protection in a difficult environment
  • Why the notice of circumstances is such a valuable feature in light of the changing landscape


Foster, David
David Foster

Three Arbor Insurance


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Milone, Richard
Richard Milone

Milone Law Firm

Mr. Milone has represented policyholders in trials, appeals, arbitrations, and negotiations involving a wide array of...  |  Read More

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