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Workplace Bullying: Beyond Harassment and Discrimination, Prevention, Defense of Claims

Recording of a 90-minute CLE webinar with Q&A

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Conducted on Wednesday, July 24, 2019

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This CLE course will guide employment law practitioners on the complex legal issues arising out of workplace bullying. There will be two focal points: (1) identifying/preventing these issues before they rise to the level of litigation and (2) analyzing causes of action in bullying litigation and case outcomes.


Bullying in the workplace is a common and harmful phenomenon. One source reports that nearly 20% of employees experience bullying, 61% are aware of bullying behavior, and 61% of those engaged in bullying behavior are in supervisory positions. Courts are crafting remedies for these actions, and there is an active push for legislation addressing the issue.

Counsel can play an active role in minimizing bullying in the workplace by designing programs to prevent, identify and end bullying behaviors in the workplace. These programs will not only impact corporate exposure, but they should make for a better and more stable workplace--65% of bullying targets change jobs.

Courtroom efforts to combat bullying are growing. Some courts use the vehicle of intentional infliction of emotional distress, while others have proceeded on public policy grounds. Recent opinions dealing with expert testimony and psychological examinations are creating a procedural context for these claims.

Listen as our panel explores the manifestations of bullying through various workplace behaviors, including insults, exclusion and other inappropriate pressures. The panel will put these behaviors into the legal context and explain policy and litigation.



  1. Bullying behavior
    1. Identification
    2. Prevelance
  2. Employer policy
    1. Prevention
    2. Addressing bullying
  3. Law
    1. Claims
      1. Intentional infliction of emotional distress
      2. Other common law claims
    2. Legistlative efforts
    3. Procedural issues


The panel will review these and other important matters:

  • Recognizing inappropriate workplace behavior
  • Crafting of policies and action plans designed to mimize bullying
  • Exploring substantive and procedural litigation trends


English, Holly
Holly English

Partner & Chief Diversity Officer
Nukk-Freeman & Cerra

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Gramigna, Elizabeth
Elizabeth W. Gramigna

Tribu Partners

Ms. Gramigna is an attorney and founder of Tribu Partners LLC, a law firm dedicated to workplace investigations. She...  |  Read More

Muller, Deb
Deb Muller

Chief Executive Officer
HR Acuity

Ms. Muller is the CEO of HR Acuity, the purpose-built technology solution that companies trust to help them protect...  |  Read More

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