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BARBRI Practice-Ready &
Professional Skills Courses

Powered by Strafford

BARBRI Practice-Ready & Professional Skills Courses, powered by Strafford, offer essential access to practical insights and expert perspectives presented in a clear, digestible format, empowering new attorneys to successfully navigate the complexities of the legal landscape. With these continuing legal education (CLE) courses, attorneys acquire the foundational understanding and expertise needed to excel in the legal field, take on new challenges, or explore different areas of practice with assurance.

Practice-Ready Preparation

Topics by practice area for critical and foundational understanding

Professional skills training covering topics like communication, time management, interpersonal skills, branding, social media etc.

Highly focused (60-minute), content-rich video courses

Sessions led by industry experts in the legal field

Convenient access to on-demand courses, 24/7

High-quality, essential learning to fill the knowledge gap

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Course Title Date/Time Practice Area
Insurance Defense: Introduction to Tripartite Relationship On-demand Insurance
Introduction to Legal Ethics and Social Media On-demand Professional Skills
Estate Administration and Probate 101 On-demand Estate Planning
Introduction to Employment Agreements On-demand Employment
Patent Law Basics: Statutory Requirements, Rights Conveyed On-demand Patent Law
Commercial Loan Agreements 101 On-demand Lending & Finance
Law Firm 101: How to Keep and Excel at the Job You Worked so Hard to Get On-demand Professional Skills
Informal Written Communication Skills for New Attorneys On-demand Professional Skills
Introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions On-demand M&A
Introduction to Commercial Contracts On-demand Contracts Law
Commercial Lease Basics: Key Terms and Drafting Considerations On-demand Real Property Law
Understanding Securities On-demand Professional Skills
Corporate Finance Basics On-demand Professional Skills
Understanding Financial Statements On-demand Professional Skills
Introduction to Financial Analysis On-demand Professional Skills
Valuation Techniques On-demand Professional Skills
Issues in Financial Reporting On-demand Professional Skills

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The PowerPoint presentation made things easy to understand.

Ian Weinberger

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