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Time Management Skills for New Attorneys: Prioritizing Matters, Utilizing Technology, Setting Realistic Timelines

Recording of a 60-minute CLE video webinar

Conducted on Thursday, June 27, 2024

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This CLE webinar will guide new lawyers through the challenges associated with time management and offer practical guidance on effectively and efficiently balancing a heavy workload. The panel will discuss how to use technology to stay organized while maintaining a busy schedule and how to create time to focus on matters that need attention while dealing with interruptions.


One of the biggest challenges facing new lawyers is time management, especially when almost every assignment appears critical, and clients and partners need your attention right now. And while saying "no" may be an option down the road, most new lawyers hesitate to decline work when trying to establish themselves in a new firm or company.

New lawyers must learn how to prioritize matters and tasks to work as effectively and efficiently as possible while setting realistic timeline expectations on work product deliverables for others. They must also understand how to manage technology to serve as an asset rather than a distraction, and when to ask for help or to delegate before their workloads become unmanageable.

Listen as our expert panel discusses the importance of time management and offers practical guidance on developing organizational skills that will help new lawyers successfully handle their demanding workloads.



  1. Introduction: the importance of time management
    1. Ethical rules and considerations
    2. Habit formation – creating good habits early on
      1. Pairing and other tips
  2. Getting organized
    1. Using technology
    2. Prioritizing tasks and matters
  3. Daily time management
    1. Managing your email inbox and other communication
      1. Folders, keep as new, flags, cc myself
    2. Maintaining your calendar
    3. Handling interruptions and avoiding distractions
    4. Setting realistic timelines for work product deliverables
    5. Delegating tasks and/or asking for assistance
    6. Capturing your time
  4. Time Management in the Hybrid Work Environment
    1. Importance of good communication
  5. Time Management Beyond the Firm: Managing your Family and Me Time to Prevent Burnout
    1. Managing inbox and communications while away. Answering in the morning and evening? Completely shut off?
    2. Communicating to others about your time off and making provisions for while you are away
  6. Practitioner takeaways


The panel will review these and other important issues:

  • How can technology assist with time management? How can it act as a distraction?
  • What should new lawyers consider when prioritizing tasks?
  • How can realistically setting others' expectations on work product timelines assist with time management?
  • When should new lawyers delegate tasks and/or ask for help?
  • What are best practices for capturing time when being pulled in many different directions?


Gill, Nicole
Nicole Marie Gill

Chair and Managing Member, CODISCOVR
Cozen O'Connor

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Schlossberg, Sarah
Sarah D. Schlossberg

Of Counsel
Cozen O'Connor

Ms. Schlossberg’s practice is focused on a wide variety of complex commercial litigation matters, including...  |  Read More

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