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Financing Distributed and Community Solar Projects: Deal Structures, Tax Credits, Key Issues for Developers and Investors

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Conducted on Wednesday, November 8, 2023

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This CLE webinar will provide renewable energy counsel and investors guidance on the legal framework and key considerations for Financing Distributed and Community Solar Projects. The panel will discuss recent federal and state initiatives and financing for advancing clean energy, key components of financing community clean energy, the process for project evaluation and selection, reporting and annual disclosures, beginning of construction rules, allocations, and best practices for energy counsel, investors, and developers.


Finding the right financial structure for community solar and distributed generation project development is complex. Viable alternatives for financing these projects are emerging and providing various financing options for project developers and sponsors.

A variety of funding sources exist for developers interested in securing financing for community clean energy projects. However, securing the necessary capital remains challenging.

New financing products and deal structures are emerging and existing products are evolving to meet the significant growth in clean energy development, putting even more pressure on the demand for capital. Counsel to sponsors, developers, and investors must understand the markets and tools available to leverage financing trends to their advantage.

Listen as our authoritative panel of energy attorneys examines financing community solar and distributed generation projects, reviews financial incentives that are available, discusses sources of capital and debt and equity structures, and offers best practices for counsel, investors, and developers.



  1. Financeability of community solar and distributed generation projects: critical issues
    1. Permitting and Site Control
    2. Environmental Risks
    3. Revenue
    4. Evaluating Counterparty Risk
  2. Financial incentives
    1. Federal Tax Credits
    2. State Programs
  3. Debt and equity structures
    1. Debt Options
    2. Tax equity vs. Transfers
  4. Key questions for financing community solar and distributed generation projects


The panel will review these and other relevant issues:

  • What are the critical issues in evaluating the financing options available for a community solar and distributed generation projects?
  • What are the key issues to address to help projects be financeable?
  • What financial incentives are available to investors?
  • What are the current prime sources of capital for project developers?
  • What are the recent federal and state level developments for advancing clean energy projects?


Crowley, Zach
Zach Crowley

Clean Energy Counsel

As an experienced clean energy attorney, Mr. Crowley understands that he has both an opportunity and the...  |  Read More

Stern, Karleen
Karleen Stern

Clean Energy Counsel

Ms. Stern's expertise includes sustainable energy development, joint venture partnerships, financing, construction...  |  Read More

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