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Trucking Accident Cases and Insurance Coverage Complexities: Guidance for Personal Injury Counsel and Industry Professionals

Minimum Insurance Requirements, Applicable Coverages, Impact of Written Lease Agreements, and More

Recording of a 90-minute CLE video webinar with Q&A

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Conducted on Thursday, June 6, 2024

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This CLE webinar will examine the unique insurance coverage issues in trucking accident cases, including federally mandated minimum insurance requirements and endorsements for trucking companies, how to determine applicable insurance coverage, the impact of a truck driver's classification as an employee or an independent contractor on liability and coverage, and the impact of owner-operator written lease agreements on coverage.


When pursuing or defending trucking injury claims, personal injury counsel and industry professionals must become familiar with a number of unique insurance coverage issues. Federal regulations require motor carriers to purchase, at a minimum, a $750,000 insurance policy or surety bond. When trucks transport hazardous materials, the minimum insurance coverage requirement significantly increases. In addition, insurance policies must include the MCS-90 endorsement.

Counsel and claims professionals must understand the different types of coverage that may apply in each case, from trucking to cargo to CGL or a combination of coverages; the various parties to the insurance coverage, including the trucking company, owner-operator, lessors, lessees, and assignees; and how to evaluate the myriad documents that make up the complete policies.

In addition, counsel and claims professionals must be prepared for situations in which a truck driver's status as an independent contractor rather than an employee impacts insurance coverage, as well as the impact of written lease agreements between owner-operators and trucking companies on insurance coverage.

Listen as our authoritative panel provides their insights on unique insurance coverage issues in trucking accident cases and what personal injury counsel need to know to maximize insurance coverage for victims or to defend insurance coverage claims.



  1. Minimum coverage requirements for motor carriers
  2. The MCS-90 endorsement
  3. Evaluating coverages that may apply
  4. Special situations: impact on coverage
    1. Employee vs. independent contractor
    2. Lessor-lessee issues
  5. Trends in insurance coverage for trucking accident cases


The panel will review these and other key issues:

  • Minimum insurance requirements for motor carriers and the MCS-90 endorsement
  • Different types of policies that may provide coverage in trucking injury cases
  • Parties to the various insurance coverages
  • Situations in which coverage may be jeopardized


Anto, Christine
Christine Anto

Amundsen Davis

Ms. Anto practices in the firm’s insurance services and commercial transportation practice groups, concentrating...  |  Read More

Kestner, Peter
Peter J. Kestner

Penn Kestner & McEwen

Mr. Kestner has extensive experience with truck accident cases, both as a private attorney and representative for...  |  Read More

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