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Title / Date Practice Area Order
Creating and Maintaining Legally Compliant Job Descriptions: Avoiding Missteps Under the FLSA, ADA, FMLA and Other Laws 05/25/2017 Employment Law
Double Patenting: Defeating Double Patenting Rejections and Avoiding Terminal Disclaimers 05/25/2017 IP-Patent Law
Evolving PTAB Trial Practice: Navigating Complex Procedural Rules 05/25/2017 IP Law
Lease Enforcement and Remedies: Structuring Key Provisions for Eviction, Self-Help, Injunction, Action for Damages 05/25/2017 Real Property Law
M&A Post-Closing Purchase Price Adjustments: Planning and Drafting Strategies 05/25/2017 Mergers & Acquisitions
Overcoming Class Action ESI Challenges: Preserving and Reviewing ESI; Limiting Discovery, Arguing Proportionality 05/25/2017 Class Action
QDRO Drafting Boot Camp: Preparing QDROs for 401(k)s and Similar Defined Contribution Plans 05/25/2017 Family Law
Tax Challenges for Counsel to Nonprofit Joint Ventures and Alliances 05/25/2017 Tax Law
UCC Secured Transactions: Documenting and Perfecting Security Interests, Navigating Competing and Hidden Liens 05/25/2017 Banking Loan Doc
Alternative Investments in ERISA Retirement Plans: Mitigating Liability Risks for Hedge and Private Equity Funds and Pension Plan Fiduciaries 05/24/2017 ERISA
Deposing Truck Drivers and Trucking Company Representatives in Injury Cases 05/24/2017 Personal Injury
Insurance SIRs and Deductibles: Impact on Satisfaction of SIRs, Policy Limits, Duty to Defend and Additional Insureds 05/24/2017 Insurance Law
Medicaid Planning When a Spouse Enters a Nursing Home: Avoiding Costly Pitfalls to Preserve Spousal Income 05/24/2017 Elder Law
Structuring a Compensation Framework for Clinical Research 05/24/2017 Health Law
Fiduciary Duty Litigation in Business Disputes: Identifying Causes of Action, Key Defenses, Remedies and Proof 05/23/2017 Litigation
Stormwater Discharge Permits and Clean Water Act Compliance 05/23/2017 Environmental Law
Structuring Joint Trusts in Separate Property States to Avoid Income and Gift Tax Pitfalls 05/23/2017 Estate Planning
Healthcare Deals: Post-Signing and Post-Closing Issues 05/18/2017 Health Law
Navigating the Chinese Patent System: What U.S. Patent Counsel Need to Know 05/18/2017 IP-Patent Law
New DOJ Guidance for Corporate Compliance Programs: Questions Counsel Should Expect in a Government Investigation 05/18/2017 Corporate Law
Number of Occurrences in Insurance Liability Claims: Maximizing Coverage or Limiting Liability Exposure 05/18/2017 Insurance Law
Advanced Trust Drafting for Income Tax Minimization: Including Capital Gains in DNI, Push-Outs and More 05/17/2017 Estate Planning
D&O Indemnity Claims in Bankruptcy: Navigating Third-Party Suits and D&O Insurance Coverage 05/17/2017 Bankruptcy Law
FCPA Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality: Surviving DOJ and SEC Enforcement 05/17/2017 International Law
Protecting Personal Injury Settlement Proceeds and Public Benefits Using Advanced Special Needs Planning Techniques 05/17/2017 Personal Injury
U.S.-Canadian Tax and Estate Planning for Cross-Border Clients 05/16/2017 Estate Planning
FLSA Collective Action Conditional Certification and Decertification Strategies 05/11/2017 Employment Law
Healthcare Board of Directors: Meeting Governance and Compliance Challenges 05/11/2017 Health Law
Hotel Franchise Agreements and Comfort Letters: Legal Challenges for Real Estate Lenders 05/11/2017 Real Property Law
Protecting IP Rights in Joint Development Agreements and Strategic Alliances 05/11/2017 IP-Patent Law
Warehouse Lines of Credit: Drafting Financing Agreements, Custodial Agreements, Reps and Warranties 05/11/2017 Banking Loan Doc
Foreign Private Issuers: Qualifying for Valuable Exemptions from SEC Reporting Requirements 05/10/2017 Corporate Finance Law
Navigating the NEPA Review Process and Lessons Learned From Recent Litigation 05/10/2017 Environmental Law
Social Media Admissions in Personal Injury Cases: Mitigating Risk for Plaintiffs, Securing Admissions From Defendants 05/10/2017 Personal Injury
Municipal Regulation of Wireless Telecommunication Facilities in the Public Right of Way: Guidance for Counsel 05/09/2017 Municipal Law
Navigating Separability After Star Athletica: Applying the New Test 05/09/2017 IP Law
Structuring Physician Compensation Arrangements 05/09/2017 Health Law
Structuring QDOTs for Non-Citizen and Nonresident Spouses: Deferring Tax Through Qualified Domestic Trusts 05/09/2017 Estate Planning
Basel III Capital Retention Requirements: Impact on Loan Structures and Loan Documentation 05/04/2017 Banking Loan Doc
Managing Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Risks in M&A Deals: Pre-Planning, Due Diligence and Risk Allocation Strategies 05/04/2017 Mergers & Acquisitions
Overcoming 101 Rejections for Computer and Electronics Related Patents 05/04/2017 IP-Patent Law
Structuring Local Counsel Opinions in Real Estate Finance Transactions 05/04/2017 Real Property Law
Private Equity Real Estate Fund Formation: Capital Raising, Regulatory Issues and Negotiating Trends 05/03/2017 Corporate Finance Law
Structuring Physician-Pharmacy Ventures: Minimizing Regulatory Risks, Ensuring Reimbursement 05/03/2017 Health Law
Structuring Special Needs Trusts as IRA Beneficiaries: Avoiding Tax Traps in Funding SNTs With Retirement Accounts 05/03/2017 Estate Planning
Structuring Targeted Partnership Tax Allocations: Complying With IRC 704(b) 05/03/2017 Tax Law
Builders Risk and Liability Coverage: Navigating the Interplay for Construction Accidents and Casualties 05/02/2017 Construction Law
Insurance Subrogation, Indemnity and Hold Harmless Releases: Navigating the Complexities 05/02/2017 Insurance Law
Protecting Trade Secrets, Confidential Information and NDAs in China 05/02/2017 IP Law
Representing Startups: Choice of Entity, Protection of IP, Employment Agreements, Equity Compensation and More 05/02/2017 Corporate Law
Solar Securitization: Leveraging Alternative Financing Without Jeopardizing Existing Investor Tax Breaks 05/02/2017 Energy Law
Bundled Discounts and Antitrust Compliance Amid Inconsistent Court Treatment and Heightened DOJ Scrutiny 04/27/2017 Antitrust
Construction Lending: Key Issues for Negotiation and Documentation 04/27/2017 Real Property Law
Defending No-Injury Class Actions Post-Spokeo: Standing for Statutory Violations, State Court Litigation, and CAFA Removal 04/27/2017 Class Action
Navigating Section 112 Issues in IPR Proceedings: Using Section 112 as a Sword or a Shield 04/27/2017 IP-Patent Law
Perfecting Security Interests in Deposit Accounts, Securities Accounts and Other Investment Property 04/27/2017 Banking Loan Doc
Structuring Trust Powers of Appointment for Tax Minimization and Asset Protection 04/27/2017 Estate Planning
Summary Judgment Motions in Employment Discrimination Cases: Procedural and Substantive Strategies 04/27/2017 Employment Law
Transactional Risk Insurance in M&A: Reps and Warranties, Contingent Liability and More 04/27/2017 Mergers & Acquisitions
Income Tax Treaty Practice for Tax Counsel: Planning and Structuring Transactions to Maximize Treaty-Based Benefits 04/26/2017 Tax Law
Municipal Regulation of Group Homes and Sober Living Arrangements 04/26/2017 Municipal Law
Wrongful Death Claims and Survival Actions: Pursuing or Defending Claims 04/26/2017 Personal Injury
Admissibility of Evidence at Trial: Overcoming the Challenges of Authentication, Relevance, Foundation and Hearsay 04/25/2017 Litigation
Divorce: When a Spouse or Former Spouse Files Bankruptcy 04/25/2017 Family Law
E-Signatures and International E-Contracting: Navigating Issues of Enforceability, Authentication, and Admissibility 04/25/2017 International Law
Trust Indenture Act and Involuntary Restructurings: Impact of Marblegate and Caesars Bankruptcy Litigation 04/25/2017 Bankruptcy Law
Depositions of Insurance Claims Handlers or Representatives in Coverage and Bad Faith Litigation 04/20/2017 Insurance Law
Double Patenting: Defeating Double Patenting Rejections and Avoiding Terminal Disclaimers 04/20/2017 IP-Patent Law
Expert Depositions in Employment Litigation: Attacking an Opposing Expert's Qualifications, Opinions and Methodology 04/20/2017 Employment Law
Letters of Credit: Understanding the ISP98 Forms, UCC Article 5, UCP, Draw Procedures and More 04/20/2017 Banking Loan Doc
SaaS, PaaS and IaaS: Evaluating Cloud Service Agreement Models, Negotiating Key Terms, and Minimizing Contract Disputes 04/19/2017 Contracts Law
Tax and Estate Planning for Art Collectors 04/19/2017 Estate Planning
ERISA Benefit Plan Investment Management Agreements: Selecting 3(38) Investment Managers, Structuring the IMA 04/18/2017 ERISA
Structuring Special Needs Trusts for the Elderly and Disabled to Protect Public Benefits 04/18/2017 Elder Law
Trademark Infringement: Structuring Opinions of Counsel 04/18/2017 IP Law
Employment Retaliation Claims on the Rise: Avoiding and Defending EEOC Charges and Private Lawsuits 04/13/2017 Employment Law
Equitable Subordination and Recharacterization of Loans: Avoiding Pitfalls for Lenders, Creditors and PE Sponsors 04/13/2017 Bankruptcy Law
Insurance and Contractual Indemnification: Reconciling Competing Indemnity Obligations With Insurance Coverage 04/13/2017 Insurance Law
M&A Post-Closing Claims for Breaches of Reps and Warranties: Strategies for Pursuing or Defending Recovery 04/13/2017 Mergers & Acquisitions
Opinions of Counsel in Lending Transactions: Scope and Assumptions, Substantive Opinions, and Qualifications 04/13/2017 Banking Loan Doc
2016 ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey Standards: What Attorneys Need to Know 04/12/2017 Real Property Law
Drafting Best Efforts, Good Faith and Fair Dealing Clauses in Commercial Contracts 04/12/2017 Contracts Law
FCPA Year in Review and What to Watch for in 2017 04/12/2017 International Law
Managing the Transition to Value-Based Alternative Payment Models for Healthcare Providers and Payors 04/12/2017 Health Law
Navigating New York's New Cybersecurity Regulations and Federal Guidance for Banks and Other Financial Institutions 04/12/2017 Banking & Financial Services Law
Personal Injury Opening Statements and Closing Arguments: Preparing and Delivering, Handling Objections and Related Motions 04/12/2017 Personal Injury
TCPA Class Actions: Pursuing or Defending Claims Over Phone, Text and Fax Solicitations 04/12/2017 Class Action
FRCP 45 Third-Party Subpoenas: Using or Objecting to Subpoenas to Obtain Testimony and Evidence 04/11/2017 Litigation
Leveraging Latest CERCLA Decisions and Navigating New Complexities 04/11/2017 Environmental Law
Appellate Oral Argument: Creating the Presentation, Weighing the Precedential Impact, Preparing for Rebuttal 04/06/2017 Appellate Law
Discovery Strategies in Wage and Hour Class and Collective Actions Before and After Certification of Putative Class 04/06/2017 Employment Law
Divorce Cases: Uncovering Critical Information in Tax Returns and Financial Statements 04/06/2017 Family Law
Form 3520 Foreign Trust Reporting for Tax Counsel: Navigating Filing Requirements and Penalty Abatements for Delinquencies 04/06/2017 Tax Law
Lay Witness and Expert Witness Depositions in Personal Injury Cases: Advanced Deposition Techniques 04/06/2017 Personal Injury
Markush Claims in Patent Prosecution and Litigation: Leveraging Federal Court Guidance 04/06/2017 IP-Patent Law
Structuring Intercreditor Agreements in Split Collateral Lien Structures Between ABL and Term Lenders 04/06/2017 Banking Loan Doc
Agile Software Development Agreements: Navigating the Complex Contracting Issues 04/05/2017 Contracts Law
CMS 60-Day Rule: Reporting and Refunding Overpayments for Providers and Suppliers One Year Later 04/05/2017 Health Law
Mastering New IRC 457(f) Plan Guidance for ERISA Counsel: Structuring Deferred Comp Plans for Nonprofit Entities 04/05/2017 ERISA
Post-Mortem Trust Planning, Modifications and Allocations: Tax Elections Available to the Executor 04/05/2017 Estate Planning
Construction OCIP/CCIP Insurance Programs: Potential Coverage Gaps and Other Coverage Pitfalls 04/04/2017 Construction Law
Navigating Section 1983 Liability for Municipalities: Individual/Official Capacity, Qualified Immunity and Monell Claims 04/04/2017 Municipal Law
Post-sale Duties: How to Comply and How to Defend Product Liability Litigation after Recalls 04/04/2017 Product Liability
Protecting IP Rights in the Food and Beverage Industry 04/04/2017 IP Law
Renewable Energy Projects: Siting and Permitting Legal Challenges 04/04/2017 Energy Law
Audit Response Letters and Disclosures: In-House Counsel's Role in Balancing Auditor Demands and Company Privileges 03/30/2017 Corporate Law
Drafting Enforceable Limitation of Liability Clauses in Business Contracts 03/30/2017 Contracts Law
Latest PTAB Decisions: Leveraging Trends in Institution and Final Written Decisions, Understanding Federal Circuit Scrutiny To Date 03/30/2017 IP-Patent Law
Litigating Trade Secret Misappropriation Claims Post-DTSA: Pursuing Claims Against Former Employees or New Employers 03/30/2017 Employment Law
Restructuring Unitranche Loan Facilities: Navigating the Unique Aspects of Agreements Among Lenders 03/30/2017 Banking Loan Doc
Structuring Preferred Partnership Freezes in Estate Planning: Navigating IRC Chapter 14 Valuation Rules 03/30/2017 Estate Planning
Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act: CFPB Enforcement Activity, Condo Exemption, Litigation Updates 03/29/2017 Real Property Law
Investment Advisers Under Heightened Scrutiny: Lessons from Recent SEC Enforcement Actions 03/29/2017 Corporate Finance Law
Litigating Trucking Accident Injury Claims: Theories of Liability, Impact of CSA Recordkeeping and Other Unique Issues 03/29/2017 Personal Injury
Responding to CIDs and HIPAA Subpoenas in FCA Investigations 03/29/2017 Health Law
Using Inverted Leases to Finance Renewable Energy Projects 03/29/2017 Energy Law
CERCLA Bona Fide Prospective Purchaser Defense: Securing and Maintaining Liability Protection 03/28/2017 Environmental Law
Combating Plaintiff Reptilian Tactics in Complex and High-Stakes Litigation: Transforming Perception of the Company 03/28/2017 Litigation
Protecting Nontraditional Trademarks Under Trademark, Copyright and Design Patent Law 03/28/2017 IP Law
Structuring Real Estate Loans With Foreign Borrowers, Trusts and Tenants in Common 03/28/2017 Real Property Law
DOJ Guidance on Individual Accountability for Corporate Misconduct: Implications for Companies 03/23/2017 International Law
Design Patent Damages: Impact of Samsung v. Apple on Patent Prosecution, Litigation and Valuation 03/23/2017 IP-Patent Law
Employee Leave Under FMLA, ADA and Workers' Comp: Navigating Overlapping and Conflicting Leave Laws 03/23/2017 Employment Law
Policyholder's Duty to Cooperate: Advocating or Defending Against Loss of Coverage for Breach 03/23/2017 Insurance Law
Avoiding "Due on Transfer" Provisions in Land Trusts and Single-Member LLCs 03/22/2017 Estate Planning
Medical Necessity Documentation, Challenges and Defense 03/22/2017 Health Law
Negotiating and Navigating the Fraud Exception in Private Company Acquisitions 03/22/2017 Mergers & Acquisitions
Sales Transactions of Controlled Foreign Corporation Stock: Avoiding Tax Impact For Buyers and Sellers 03/22/2017 Tax Law
Structuring Complex Easement Agreements in Commercial Real Estate Deals 03/22/2017 Real Property Law
Environmental Obligations in Bankruptcy: Reconciling the Conflicting Goals of Bankruptcy and Environmental Laws 03/21/2017 Bankruptcy Law
Liability Claims Against Architects, Engineers and Construction Design Professionals 03/21/2017 Construction Law
Representations and Warranties Clauses in Commercial Contracts: Avoiding Drafting and Negotiation Pitfalls 03/21/2017 Contracts Law
Structuring Cash Balance Pension Plans: Maximizing Tax Benefits and Limiting Risks 03/21/2017 ERISA
Structuring Loan Participation Agreements, Conducting Lender Due Diligence 03/21/2017 Banking Loan Doc
USPTO Examiner Interview Strategies: Preparing for and Conducting Interviews to Advance Patent Prosecution 03/21/2017 IP-Patent Law
Advice of Counsel Defense in Patent Litigation: Protecting Attorney-Client Privilege 03/16/2017 IP-Patent Law
Antitrust Risks in E-Commerce Distribution: Avoiding RPM, MAP and Other Pitfalls in Online Sales and Pricing 03/16/2017 Antitrust
Ascertainability Requirement for Class Certification 03/16/2017 Class Action
Exit Strategies in LLC Agreements: Member Withdrawal, Resignation or Disassociation 03/16/2017 Corporate Law
New Special Purpose National Bank Charter for FinTech Companies: Evaluating the Benefits and Regulatory Pitfalls 03/16/2017 Banking & Financial Services Law
Medicaid Audit Overpayments: Challenging Statistical Sampling and Extrapolation 03/15/2017 Health Law
Convertible Debt and Priced Equity Rounds: Evaluating the Preferred Deal Structure for Early-Stage Financing 03/15/2017 Corporate Finance Law
Insured/Third-Party Settlements and Consent Judgments After Insurer Denies Coverage 03/15/2017 Insurance Law
Sweeping New Immigration Regulations for Highly Skilled Workers: Implications for Employers and Foreign Workers 03/15/2017 Employment Law
Advanced Deposition Techniques: Leveraging Exhaustion, Boxing-In, and Summarization Approaches With Adverse Witnesses 03/14/2017 Litigation
Clean Water Act Citizen Suits: Defense and Litigation Strategies 03/14/2017 Environmental Law
Divorce Cases Involving Social Security or Social Security Disability Income: Implications for Spousal and Child Support 03/14/2017 Family Law
Minimizing Lender Risks of Fraudulent Transfer in Bankruptcy and Under the Uniform Voidable Transactions Act 03/14/2017 Banking Loan Doc
Trademark Bullying: Cease and Desist and Litigation Tactics in the Battle for Brand Protection 03/14/2017 IP Law
Equity Interests as Collateral: Creating and Enforcing Security Interests in Stocks, Partnerships and LLCs 03/09/2017 Banking Loan Doc
How to Use Broadest Reasonable Interpretation to Your Advantage in Patent Prosecution 03/09/2017 IP-Patent Law
Key 2016 NLRB Rulings Impacting Non-Union and Union Employers: Avoiding Pitfalls in an Evolving Legal Environment 03/09/2017 Employment Law
Ethical Issues When an Attorney Leaves the Firm: Managing Client Communications and Files, Work Product, Conflicts of Interest 03/08/2017 Ethics Law
Local Regulation of Railroads: Guidance for Municipal Attorneys on Navigating the Complexities of Federal Preemption 03/08/2017 Municipal Law
Commission Pay for Employees: Structuring Agreements and Defending Claims Absent a Contract 03/07/2017 Employment Law
Daycare Injury Litigation 03/07/2017 Personal Injury
Prepackaged and Prenegotiated Chapter 11 Reorganizations: Debtor and Creditor Strategies 03/07/2017 Bankruptcy Law
Renewable Energy Projects: Structuring Operations & Maintenance Agreements 03/07/2017 Energy Law
The URS, UDRP, ACPA and Beyond: Domain Name Enforcement in the gTLD Era 03/07/2017 IP Law
Avoiding the Accidental Franchise When Structuring Licenses or Distribution Agreements 03/02/2017 Contracts Law
Defending Class Actions Using Absent Class Member Discovery 03/02/2017 Class Action
Insurance Bad Faith Pre-Trial Strategies: Demand Letters, Pleadings, Defenses, Damages, Bifurcation, and Experts 03/02/2017 Insurance Law
Responding to Patent Demand Letters: Leveraging State Laws on Bad Faith Assertion of Patents 03/02/2017 IP-Patent Law
Secured Lending: Negotiating and Interpreting Best Efforts, Ordinary Course of Business, and Anti-Assignment Provisions 03/02/2017 Banking Loan Doc
Tax Issues in Transferring LLC and Partnership Interests 03/02/2017 Tax Law
MAC Clauses and Indemnification Provisions in M&A Deals: Recent Trends in Negotiating and Drafting 03/01/2017 Mergers & Acquisitions
Property Management and Leasing Agreements: Key Provisions for Multi-Family, Office, Retail and Industrial Properties 03/01/2017 Real Property Law
Structuring Gainsharing Arrangements and Bundled Payments: Latest Developments 03/01/2017 Health Law
Summary Judgment Motions in Wage and Hour Class and Collective Actions: Pre- and Post-Certification Strategies 03/01/2017 Employment Law
Anticipating Post-Closing Environmental Issues in Real Estate Deals 02/28/2017 Environmental Law
Complying With Final Rule Revising the Common Rule for Clinical Trials and Human Research 02/28/2017 Health Law
Private Equity Compliance With ERISA: Navigating Manager Fiduciary Duties for Funds Holding ERISA Plan Assets 02/28/2017 Corporate Finance Law
Protecting Trademarks Abroad: Madrid Protocol vs. National Filing Directly in Foreign Jurisdiction 02/28/2017 IP Law
Social Media, Internet and Email Evidence at Trial: Admissibility of Electronic Evidence 02/28/2017 Litigation
Deposition Strategies in Divorce and Custody Cases: Taking and Defending Depositions of Parties, Lay Witnesses and Experts 02/23/2017 Family Law
Functional Claiming for Software Patents: Leveraging Recent Court Treatment 02/23/2017 IP-Patent Law
IRC 732(d) Partnership and LLC Basis Adjustments for Tax Counsel 02/23/2017 Tax Law
Occurrences in Construction Defects Claims: Triggering Coverage and Interpreting Exclusions Under CGL Policies 02/23/2017 Construction Law
UCC Article 9 Update on Searching and Filing: Lessons Learned Under Amended Rules, Best Practices for Secured Lenders 02/23/2017 Banking Loan Doc
EEOC Onsite Investigations: Employer Best Practices for Preparing for and Cooperating With Investigators 02/22/2017 Employment Law
FCPA Compliance in Latin America 2017: Implementing Compliance Programs and Mitigating Legal Risks 02/22/2017 International Law
Food Safety Regulation and Litigation: Minimizing the Risk of Product Liability Claims 02/22/2017 Product Liability
Interest Rate Hedges in Real Estate Finance: Placing Swaps, Caps, and Collars on Floating Rate Loans 02/22/2017 Real Property Law
Personal Injury Claims Against Municipalities: Defending Vehicular Liability and Premises Liability Claims 02/22/2017 Personal Injury
RLUIPA Land Use Claims: Latest Litigation Trends and Key Case Law Developments 02/22/2017 Municipal Law
Avoiding Corporate Successor Liability in Asset Purchases 02/21/2017 Mergers & Acquisitions
Construction Site Injury Litigation: Pursuing or Defending Claims Against Site Owners, Contractors and Other Third Parties 02/21/2017 Personal Injury
Pipeline Projects: Preparing for FERC Certification, Addressing Environmental Impacts 02/21/2017 Energy Law
Structuring Collaborative Agreements in Life Sciences 02/21/2017 IP Law
Deposing Named Plaintiffs in Employment Class and Collective Actions: Strategies for Plaintiff and Defense Counsel 02/16/2017 Employment Law
Lender Protections in Purchase Agreements: Negotiating Xerox Provisions 02/16/2017 Banking Loan Doc
Leveraging Daubert Motions in Class Certification: Using or Challenging Expert Testimony Amid Divergent Court Standards 02/16/2017 Class Action
Structuring Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate: Entity Selection and Transaction Structures 02/16/2017 Tax Law
Trade Secrets and Patents: A Comprehensive Approach to Protecting Intellectual Property 02/16/2017 IP-Patent Law
Bankruptcy 363 Sales and Successor Liability: Navigating Limitations on "Free and Clear" of Liens and Other Interests 02/15/2017 Bankruptcy Law
E-Signatures and Electronic Contracts: Complying With ESIGN and the UETA, Interplay With the UCC 02/15/2017 Contracts Law
Ensuring HIPAA Compliance When Transmitting PHI via Patient Portals, Email and Texting 02/15/2017 Health Law
Responding to EPA Information Request Letters: Mitigating Further Agency Scrutiny 02/15/2017 Environmental Law
Securities Law Challenges in Mergers and Acquisitions: Using Section 4(a)(2) Exemption for Transfer or Issuance of Securities 02/15/2017 Corporate Finance Law
Strategic Use of Joint Defense Agreements in Litigation: Avoiding Disqualification and Privilege Waivers 02/15/2017 Litigation
ADA Compliance for Real Estate Owners and Operators: Avoiding and Responding to Drive-By Claims and Enforcement Actions 02/14/2017 Real Property Law
D&O Indemnification, Fee Advancement and Insurance After Yates Memo on Individual Accountability for Corporate Misconduct 02/14/2017 Corporate Law
IRS Enforced Collection Actions: Challenges and Responses to Federal Tax Liens and Levies 02/14/2017 Tax Law
Revocable Grantor Trusts and IDGTs After the Death of the Trustor: Avoiding Gain Triggers, Navigating Basis Calculations 02/14/2017 Estate Planning
Structuring Equity Compensation for Partnerships and LLCs 02/14/2017 ERISA
Depositions in Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Litigation: 30(b)(6) and Fact Witnesses 02/09/2017 Insurance Law
Identifying and Managing Environmental Risks in Commercial Transactions 02/09/2017 Environmental Law
Renewable Energy Projects: Negotiating Power Purchase Agreements 02/09/2017 Energy Law
Negotiating Music Licensing and Structuring Deals: Digital Sampling, Royalty Rates, Music Copyright and More 02/08/2017 IP Law
Negotiating Reserve Provisions in Real Estate Loan Transactions 02/08/2017 Real Property Law
New IRS Partnership Audit Rules for Tax Counsel: Preparing for Massive Changes 02/08/2017 Tax Law
Resale Price Maintenance: Minimizing Antitrust Risks 02/08/2017 Antitrust
Complying With 2016 Stark Law Amendments and Possible Changes in the Horizon for 2017 02/07/2017 Health Law
Estate Basis Consistency Rules for Fiduciaries: Navigating Reporting Requirements and Distribution Strategies 02/07/2017 Estate Planning
Federal Appellate Petitions and Motions: Filing and Response Strategies 02/07/2017 Litigation
Integrating Information Security Protections In Supplier Agreements: Guidance for Business and Technology Counsel 02/07/2017 Contracts Law
Out-of-Network ERISA Claims after North Cypress Medical: Identifying Provisions Subject to Provider Challenge 02/07/2017 ERISA
Private Equity Carried Interest Clawbacks: Navigating Clawback Mechanisms, Fund Agreement Provisions, Tax Considerations 02/07/2017 Corporate Finance Law
UCC Articles 8 and 9 and the Hague Securities Convention: Investment Property Update 02/07/2017 Banking Loan Doc
CERCLA Actions and Statute of Limitations: Navigating the Circuit Split, Lessons From Recent Decisions 02/02/2017 Environmental Law
Data Privacy Class Actions: Navigating Latest Legal Theories, Leveraging Defense Strategies, Evaluating Insurance Coverage 02/02/2017 Class Action
IC-DISC 2.0: Moving Beyond the Basics to Pricing Commissions and Structuring Complex Corporate Entities 02/02/2017 Tax Law
Structuring LLC Operating Agreements: Crafting Fiduciary Duty, Indemnification and Exculpation Provisions 02/02/2017 Corporate Law
Commercial Lease Due Diligence in Real Estate Acquisitions: Key Issues and Best Practices 02/01/2017 Real Property Law
FCA Litigation: Leveraging Statistical Sampling and Extrapolation to Prove or Disprove Liability 02/01/2017 Health Law
Workers' Compensation Claims and the Medicare Secondary Payer Act 02/01/2017 Workers Compensation
Demonstrating Use in Commerce for Trademark Applications 01/31/2017 IP Law
Discovery Requests in Employment Litigation After Amended Rules 26(b) and 34(b): Propounding or Answering Requests 01/31/2017 Employment Law
Drafting Irrevocable Trusts to Preserve Medicaid and VA Benefits 01/31/2017 Elder Law
Lost Profits in Commercial Litigation: Proving and Defending Damages 01/31/2017 Litigation
Proving and Avoiding Inequitable Conduct in Patent Prosecution and Litigation 01/31/2017 IP-Patent Law
Redefining General Solicitation for Securities Offerings in the Internet and Social Media Age 01/31/2017 Corporate Finance Law
Leveraging Latest Patent Decisions, Navigating New Complexities, Cases to Watch in 2017 01/26/2017 IP-Patent Law
Navigating Thorny Employment Law Issues in the Construction Sector 01/26/2017 Employment Law
Using Partnership Flips to Finance Renewable Energy Projects: Evaluating Tax Risks, Navigating IRS Safe Harbors 01/26/2017 Energy Law
Anti-Corruption Compliance in China: Minimizing FCPA and Chinese Anti-Bribery Law Violations 01/25/2017 International Law
Bringing Avoidance Actions Against Foreign Transferees: Choice of Forum, Personal Jurisdiction, Discovery and More 01/25/2017 Bankruptcy Law
Complying With the New CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule for Medicare and Medicaid Providers and Suppliers 01/25/2017 Health Law
Boilerplate Clauses in Commercial Contracts: Avoiding Unintended Consequences and Implementing Practical Solutions 01/24/2017 Contracts Law
Dealing with PBGC Reportable Events: A Practical Guide for Employers and Their Advisors 01/24/2017 ERISA
Drafting IRA Beneficiary "See-Through" Trust Provisions 01/24/2017 Estate Planning
IRC 704(c) for Tax Counsel: Structuring Partnership Agreements for Contributions of Built-In Gain or Loss Property 01/24/2017 Tax Law
Municipal Regulation and Use of Drones: Navigating New FAA Rules and Federal Preemption 01/24/2017 Municipal Law
Structuring Revolving Lines of Credit for Multiple Property Portfolios 01/24/2017 Real Property Law
Employer Strategies for Responding to Employee Demand Letters: Legal, Strategic and Ethical Considerations 01/19/2017 Employment Law
Preparing for Pharma PGRs: Lessons for Patent Owners From PGR Denials 01/19/2017 IP-Patent Law
SBA Lending: Documenting, Closing and Servicing 7(a) and CDC/504 Loans 01/19/2017 Banking Loan Doc
Clinical Trials and Human Research: Complying With New Regulatory Obligations 01/18/2017 Health Law
Double Dipping and Business Valuation in Divorce: Navigating Equitable Distribution and Spousal Support 01/18/2017 Family Law
Demonstrative Evidence in Personal Injury Litigation: Leveraging Technology During Jury Presentation 01/17/2017 Personal Injury
Developing Trends in Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation Representations, Covenants and Indemnification Clauses in M&A 01/17/2017 ERISA
IP Rights in the Fashion Industry: Leveraging Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents to Protect Designs and Strengthen Brands 01/17/2017 IP Law
Trust Dispositions of IRAs and Qualified Plans: Structuring See-Through Trusts and Stretch Provisions 01/17/2017 Estate Planning
Asset-Based Lending: Navigating Borrowing Base, Article 9 Collateral Issues, and Key Loan Documentation Provisions 01/12/2017 Banking Loan Doc
M&A Disclosure Schedules: Seller and Buyer Perspectives on Making and Updating Disclosures in U.S. and Cross-Border Deals 01/12/2017 Mergers & Acquisitions
Navigating Administrative Law in Patent Appeals Involving Review Proceedings 01/12/2017 IP-Patent Law
Preparing Witnesses for Deposition: Overcoming Challenges With 30(b)(6) Representatives and Fact and Expert Witnesses 01/12/2017 Litigation
Real Estate Finance: Evaluating Property Insurance Under Current Lender Standards 01/11/2017 Real Property Law
Structuring Trademark Coexistence Agreements: Evaluating and Negotiating Agreements to Resolve Trademark Disputes 01/11/2017 IP Law
Attorney-Client Privilege for Financial Institutions in Internal Investigations, Audits and Bank Regulatory Exams 01/10/2017 Banking & Financial Services Law
Competitor Information Sharing in Joint Ventures and Mergers: Minimizing Antitrust Risks 01/10/2017 Antitrust
Supply Chain Risk Assessment and Compliance: Mitigating Risk With Effective Due Diligence and Supplier Oversight 01/10/2017 Corporate Law
Bad Faith Claims When Verdicts Exceed Policy Limits: Navigating Nuances of the Insurer's Duty to Settle 01/05/2017 Insurance Law
Complying With CMS' Overhauled Long-Term Care Regulations 01/05/2017 Health Law
Financing Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure, Transportation, Energy and Redevelopment Projects 01/05/2017 Corporate Finance Law
Mitigating Vapor Intrusion Risks: Navigating Interplay Between Federal and State Mandates, Negotiating Real Estate Deals 01/05/2017 Environmental Law
Partnership Allocations of Rehabilitation, New Market and Other Tax Credits: Navigating Complex 704(b) Rules 01/05/2017 Tax Law
Securing Social Media Admissions in Employment Litigation: Investigative Strategies, Spoliation Warnings, Use of Subpoenas 01/05/2017 Employment Law
Fraudulent Conveyance Exposure for Intercorporate Guaranties, Integrated Transactions and Designated-Use Loans 01/04/2017 Bankruptcy Law
Leveraging Demand Letters to Obtain High Settlements in Auto Accident Cases 01/04/2017 Personal Injury
Modifying Irrevocable Trusts Using Nonjudicial Settlement Agreements 01/04/2017 Estate Planning
Parallel Patent Proceedings After Murata, Skyhawke and Shaw: Navigating Claim Construction, Estoppel, RPI, Stays and More 01/04/2017 IP-Patent Law
Special Purpose Entities in Real Estate Transactions: Structuring and Documentation 01/04/2017 Real Property Law
UCC Battle of the Forms: Confronting Conflicting Terms in Purchase Orders, Invoices and Related Documents 01/04/2017 Contracts Law
Clearing Title for Defects Due to Mortgage-Related Issues, Legal Description Errors, and Foreclosure 12/21/2016 Real Property Law
Hospital Employment of Physicians: Complying With Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute 12/21/2016 Health Law
Negotiating Service Level Agreement Key Terms: Scope of Work, Quality of Service, Customer and Vendor Responsibilities 12/21/2016 Contracts Law
Single Asset Real Estate Cramdown: Analyzing Impaired Accepting Class and Per-Plan vs. Per-Debtor Under Sec. 1129 12/21/2016 Bankruptcy Law
Demonstrating Patent Eligibility Post-Alice 12/20/2016 IP-Patent Law
Multiemployer Pension Plan Withdrawal: An In-Depth Examination 12/20/2016 ERISA
New ISO 37001 for Anti-Bribery Management: Leveraging Certification, Understanding Pros and Cons of the New Standard 12/20/2016 International Law
Nursing Home Injury Litigation: Evaluating Common Claims, Reviewing Medical Records, and Assessing Damages 12/20/2016 Medical Malpractice
Opposing Class Certification by Attacking Plaintiffs' Classwide Damages Methods 12/20/2016 Class Action
Structuring Contributions of Appreciated Property to Partnerships: Avoiding Tax Recognition on Built-in Gain Assets 12/20/2016 Tax Law
Addressing Medicare and Medicaid Liens in Personal Injury Cases 12/15/2016 Personal Injury
Construction Defect Bad Faith Insurance Claims: Navigating Duty to Defend and Indemnify Denial and Bad Faith Set-Ups 12/15/2016 Construction Law
Private Equity Waterfall and Carried Interest Provisions: Economic and Tax Implications for Investors and Sponsors 12/15/2016 Corporate Finance Law
Structuring Agreements Among Lenders in Unitranche Loan Facilities and Overcoming Bankruptcy-Related Risks 12/15/2016 Banking & Financial Services Law
Structuring CC&Rs and Easements for Mixed-Use Projects: Best Practices for Developers 12/15/2016 Real Property Law
Defending Against ERISA Wrongful Denial of Benefits Claims: Procedural and Substantive Strategies 12/14/2016 ERISA
Functionality in Trade Dress Prosecution and Litigation: Protecting the Look and Feel of Products and Packaging 12/14/2016 IP Law
New California Employment Laws: Preparing for 2017 Changes to Fair Pay Act, Leave and Wage Laws, Background Checks, and More 12/14/2016 Employment Law
Using Municipal Land Banks for Urban Renewal: Structuring and Financing Land Banks, Partnering With Land Trusts 12/14/2016 Municipal Law
Deposing Rule 30(b)(6) Corporate Witnesses 12/13/2016 Litigation
Navigating Performance Bonds, Subcontractor Default, and CGL Coverage for Defective Workmanship and Property Damage 12/13/2016 Real Property Law
Patent Infringement: Structuring Opinions of Counsel 12/13/2016 IP-Patent Law
Means-Plus-Function Patent Claims After Williamson: Navigating the New Standard 12/08/2016 IP-Patent Law
Negotiating Hotel Purchase and Sale Transactions: Key Legal Issues for Buyers and Sellers 12/08/2016 Real Property Law
Protecting Healthcare Providers' Rights to Benefits Under ERISA: Assignment of Benefits and Right to Sue 12/08/2016 Health Law
Strategic Contract Provisions to Minimize Future Litigation Costs and Liability Exposure 12/08/2016 Corporate Law
Independent Contractor Misclassification Litigation on the Rise: Strategies for Defending, Settling and Minimizing Claims 12/07/2016 Employment Law
Solar Energy Projects: Structuring EPC Agreements 12/07/2016 Energy Law
The "Fractions Rule" in Partnership Agreements: Drafting Section 514(c)(9)(E) Compliant Allocations 12/07/2016 Tax Law
Deposing Named Plaintiffs in Class Litigation: Uncovering and Leveraging Issues of Adequacy and Commonality 12/06/2016 Class Action
Designing Equity Compensation and Employment Agreements for Startup and Emerging Growth Companies 12/06/2016 ERISA
Finders and Unregistered Broker-Dealers: Understanding the Risks and Recent Developments 12/06/2016 Corporate Finance Law
Navigating Insurance Bad Faith Claims Involving Additional Insureds and Defense-Within-Limits Policies 12/06/2016 Insurance Law
Non-Recourse Carve Outs, Bad-Boy Guaranties, and Personal Liability: Latest Developments 12/01/2016 Real Property Law
Patent Design Arounds: Minimizing Risk of Infringement or Reducing Likelihood of Design Arounds 12/01/2016 IP-Patent Law
Drafting Legal Opinions for Article 9 Security Interests: Navigating the Complexities and Avoiding Liability 11/30/2016 Banking Loan Doc
Fair Market Value in Hospital and Physician Transactions: Complying With Anti-Kickback and Self-Referral Laws 11/30/2016 Health Law
Groundwater Contamination Litigation: Proving and Defending Against Liability 11/30/2016 Environmental Law
Structuring Rooftop Telecom and Cell Tower Leases: Key Provisions, Subordination and Other Legal Considerations 11/30/2016 Real Property Law
Insurance Coverage for Food Contamination and Recall Claims under CGL, Property and Contamination Policies 11/29/2016 Insurance Law
Protecting IP in the Restaurant Industry: Trademarks and Brands, Copyrights, Licensing, and Performance Rights 11/29/2016 IP Law
After-Final Practice: Navigating Expanding PTO Options to Compact Patent Prosecution 11/22/2016 IP-Patent Law
Appealing IRS Penalty Abatement Denials: Offshore Disclosure Penalties, OVDP Denials and Appeals 11/22/2016 Tax Law
Navigating Return to Work and Fitness for Duty Certification Challenges Under the FMLA and ADA 11/22/2016 Employment Law
Navigating Telemedicine Requirements for Licensing, Scope of Practice and Reimbursement 11/22/2016 Health Law
Preparing UDRP Complaints: Determining Registrant Rights, Providing Evidentiary Support of Bad Faith Registration and Use 11/22/2016 IP Law
Signs and Billboards: Crafting and Enforcing Local Regulations 11/22/2016 Municipal Law
Structuring Preferred Equity Investments in Real Estate Ventures: True Equity vs. "Debt-Like" Equity 11/22/2016 Real Property Law
IRA and Qualified Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designations: Techniques for Estate Planners to Avoid Costly Errors 11/21/2016 Estate Planning
Design Patent Claim Construction: Navigating Written Description, Ornamentality, Functionality and More 11/17/2016 IP-Patent Law
Drafting Shareholder Agreements for Private Equity M&A Deals 11/17/2016 Mergers & Acquisitions
Securities Class Actions Surging: Litigating Section 10-b, Section 11, Section 12 and M&A Claims 11/17/2016 Class Action
Structuring Inpat and Expat Pension, Health and Welfare Plans: Challenges for Multinational Employers 11/17/2016 ERISA
Crafting Divestiture Packages in M&A Transactions to Overcome Increased Antitrust Regulatory Scrutiny 11/16/2016 Antitrust
Insurance Recovery for Environmental Liability: Navigating Occurrences, Triggers, Exclusions and Covered Damages 11/16/2016 Environmental Law
Structuring Incremental Loan Facilities: Key Terms, Most Favored Nation Provisions and Incremental Equivalent Agreements 11/16/2016 Banking Loan Doc
Construction Financing: Utilizing Tax Credits, Tax Increment Financing, EB-5 Visa Program and Crowdfunding Websites 11/15/2016 Real Property Law
Drafting Standstills in Intercreditor Agreements: Junior Lienholder Standstill Periods and Secured Creditor Remedies 11/14/2016 Banking Loan Doc
Aggregated Statutory Damages in Class Litigation: Leveraging Rule 23 and Due Process Arguments to Defeat Certification 11/10/2016 Class Action
Anti-Kickback Statute and New Stark Law Compliance in Managed Care Contracts 11/10/2016 Health Law
Patent Prosecution and Defeating Abstractness: Minimizing the Risk of Sect. 101 Rejection 11/10/2016 IP-Patent Law
Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreements in Commercial Leasing and Real Estate Finance 11/10/2016 Real Property Law
Employee Handbooks Under Heightened Scrutiny: Guidance for Employment Counsel Structuring Handbook Provisions 11/09/2016 Employment Law
Manufacturing and Supply Agreements: Drafting/Negotiating High-Risk Provisions & Navigating "Battle of the Forms" Issues 11/09/2016 Contracts Law
Massive Estate Planning Changes for 2016 and Beyond: Meeting New IRS Basis Consistency Requirements, IRC 2704 Discounting Regulations 11/09/2016 Estate Planning
Navigating Trademark Oppositions and Cancellation Proceedings at the TTAB in Light of New Revised Rules of Practice 11/09/2016 IP Law
Solar Financing Tax Equity Structures: Sale-Leasebacks, Inverted Leases and Partnership Flips 11/09/2016 Energy Law
Discovery of Insurance Reserves, Reinsurance, and "Other Claims" Files in Coverage and Bad Faith Litigation 11/08/2016 Insurance Law
Mexico's New Anti-Corruption Laws and Implementing Regulations: Private Entities and Individuals in the Crosshairs 11/08/2016 International Law
Structuring Equity Compensation and Nonqualified Deferred Compensation: Achieving Tax and Legal Objectives 11/08/2016 ERISA
Taking 30(b)(6) Corporate Representative Depositions in Personal Injury Cases 11/08/2016 Personal Injury
Tortious Interference with Contracts, Business Relations and Economic Advantage: Proving and Defending Claims 11/08/2016 Litigation
Drafting Transportation Contracts: Negotiating Key Terms in Shipper, Carrier and Broker Agreements 11/03/2016 Contracts Law
Divorce Property Division and Trust Assets: Strategies for Attacking or Defending Trusts 11/02/2016 Family Law
Estate Planning for Multinational Families: Navigating Interests in Foreign Business, Real Estate and Financial Accounts 11/02/2016 Estate Planning
Drug Substance Patents: Leveraging New FDA Guidance, Protecting Composition of Matter Patents, Drafting Solid Form Claims 11/01/2016 IP-Patent Law
Secondary Loan Markets Post-Madden: Overcoming Restrictions in Future Loan Transactions and Secondary Market Sales 11/01/2016 Banking & Financial Services Law
Structuring M&A and Private Equity Sales Involving ESOPs: Alternative Strategy in a Down Market 11/01/2016 Mergers & Acquisitions
In-House Counsel Communications with Employees During Litigation Process: Protecting Attorney-Client Privilege and Work Product 10/27/2016 Corporate Law
Markman Hearing Strategies, Claim Construction in a Post-AIA PTAB Environment and the Impact of Recent SCOTUS Decisions 10/27/2016 IP-Patent Law
Overtime Pay Claims for After-Hours Use of Electronic Devices: Navigating Latest DOL and Case Law Developments 10/27/2016 Employment Law
Pursuing or Defending Against M&A Post-Closing Indemnification Claims: Guidance for Deal Counsel 10/27/2016 Mergers & Acquisitions
Structuring Financial Covenants, EBITDA, and Events of Default to Maximize Borrower Protection and Lender Remedies 10/27/2016 Banking Loan Doc
Hedge Funds and New IRS Partnership Audit Regulations 10/26/2016 Tax Law
IP Protection for Mobile Apps: Navigating Name Selection, Trademark Clearance, Registration, Licensing and Infringement 10/26/2016 IP Law
Leveraging Colossus and Other Insurance Adjustment Software to Maximize Auto Accident Claim Settlement Offers 10/26/2016 Personal Injury
Renewable Energy Projects: Maximizing Investment and Production Tax Credits 10/26/2016 Energy Law
Swap Documentation in Real Estate Loan Transactions: Coordinating ISDA Master Agreement and Loan Agreement Terms 10/26/2016 Real Property Law
Analyzing D&O and E&O Coverage for Data Breach and Privacy Litigation and Regulatory Investigations 10/25/2016 Insurance Law
Medicare Provider Agreement Assignment Following Change of Ownership: Evaluating Automatic Assignment vs. Rejection 10/25/2016 Health Law
Offshore Asset Protection Trusts: Structuring Foreign Trusts as Part of an Integrated Estate Plan 10/25/2016 Estate Planning
Preparing Employers for 2016 ACA Information Reporting: Lessons From 2015 Compliance Missteps 10/25/2016 ERISA
"Waters of the U.S.": Navigating the EPA Rule, Status of Challenges to the Rule, and Potential Effects of the Rule, Including on Pending Transactions 10/20/2016 Environmental Law
Best Efforts and Commercially Reasonable Efforts in M&A Agreements: Drafting and Interpretation Challenges 10/20/2016 Mergers & Acquisitions
Healthcare Insolvencies: Navigating the Intersection of Medicare, ERISA, HIPAA, AKS, Stark and the Bankruptcy Code 10/20/2016 Health Law
Sports-Related Concussion Lawsuits: Litigating in the Tidal Wave of Individual and Class Claims 10/20/2016 Class Action
Commercial Lease Negotiations: Property and Liability Insurance, Proof of Coverage, AI and Loss Payee Issues 10/19/2016 Real Property Law
Drafting Indemnification and Hold Harmless Provisions in Commercial Contracts 10/19/2016 Contracts Law
Design Patents and IPR: Challenging and Defending Validity at the PTAB 10/18/2016 IP-Patent Law
Fraudulent Transfers and the Subsequent Transferee Defense Under the Bankruptcy Code and UFTA / UVTA 10/18/2016 Bankruptcy Law
Funding Trusts: Ensuring Optimal Asset Transfers, Changing Ownership, Monitoring Asset Performance 10/18/2016 Estate Planning
Health and Welfare Plan Administrative Services Agreements: Negotiating, Drafting and Monitoring Agreements 10/18/2016 ERISA
Joint-Employer Status Under the NLRA after Browning-Ferris and Miller & Anderson 10/18/2016 Employment Law
Drafting Severance and Confidentiality Agreements Amid Continued SEC, EEOC and NLRB Scrutiny 10/13/2016 Employment Law
Insurance Policy Rescission: Navigating the Differing Legal Standards Underlying a Misrepresentation Claim or Defense 10/13/2016 Insurance Law
Leveraging USPTO Examiner Count System: Efficiently Prosecuting Patents, Lowering Prosecution Costs 10/13/2016 IP-Patent Law
Renewable Energy Projects: Structuring REC Purchase and Sale Agreement, Interconnection Agreement 10/13/2016 Energy Law
Strategies for In-House Counsel to Reduce Litigation Costs: Insourcing, Bill Review, Managing Outside Counsel and More 10/13/2016 Corporate Law
Structuring Private Equity Co-Investments and Club Deals: Risks and Opportunities for Sponsors and Investors 10/13/2016 Corporate Finance Law
Title Insurance Coverage: What Real Estate Counsel Must Know 10/13/2016 Real Property Law
Trademark Licensing: Avoiding the Accidental Franchise in Structuring Licenses 10/13/2016 IP Law
UCC Security Interests in Proceeds of Collateral: Navigating Perfection, Priority and Impact of Debtor's Bankruptcy 10/13/2016 Banking Loan Doc
Agreements to Arbitrate Disputes on an Individual Basis: Lessons for Class Action and Contracts Counsel 10/11/2016 Class Action
ERISA Church Plan Exemption Under Attack: Implications for Church-Affiliated Employers Administering Pension Plans 10/11/2016 ERISA
Navigating the New Section 2704 Discount Valuation and Transfer Regulations: What Estate Planners Must Do Now 10/11/2016 Estate Planning
Securing Social Media Admissions: Investigative Strategies, Spoliation Warnings, Use of Subpoenas to Obtain Evidence 10/11/2016 Litigation
Endangered Species Act Compliance in Project Development and Land Use 10/06/2016 Environmental Law
Overcoming §103 Rejections of Software and Electronics Related Patents: Leveraging Recent Decisions and USPTO Guidance 10/06/2016 IP-Patent Law
Structuring REIT Credit Facilities: Loan Terms, Financial Covenants, Commitment Letters, MAC Provisions and More 10/06/2016 Real Property Law
Structuring Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacements Collaborator Agreements 10/05/2016 Health Law
Uber, Airbnb and Municipalities: Maximizing New Tax and Licensing Revenue Opportunities 10/05/2016 Municipal Law
Additional Insured Coverage: Navigating Scope, AI Rights, Insurer Duties, AI Status vs. Contractual Indemnification 10/04/2016 Insurance Law
Avoiding "Crummey Power" Mistakes in Drafting Trust Documents 10/04/2016 Estate Planning
Employee Performance Rating Systems: Avoiding and Defending Against Discrimination Claims, WARN Act Violations 10/04/2016 Employment Law
IP Agreements: Structuring Indemnification and Limitation of Liability Provisions to Allocate Infringement Risk 10/04/2016 IP Law
Section 363 Sales in Oil & Gas Bankruptcies: Purchasing Oil & Gas Assets 10/04/2016 Energy Law
Combating Class Settlement Objectors: Overview of Proposed Rule Amendments, Key Preventive Measures and Tactics 09/29/2016 Class Action
M&A Engagement Letters: Strategies for Buyers, Sellers, Investment Banks and Their Counsel 09/29/2016 Mergers & Acquisitions
Navigating Jurisdictional Determinations Under the Clean Water Act: Impact of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers v. Hawkes 09/29/2016 Environmental Law
Patent Inventorship: Best Practices for Determination and Correction 09/29/2016 IP-Patent Law
Swap Collateral Documentation and the New Final Margin Regulations for Uncleared Swaps 09/29/2016 Banking Loan Doc
Employment Litigation and Claim Settlements: Tax Withholding and Reporting Implications for Employers 09/28/2016 Employment Law
New Medicare Merit-Based Incentive Payment System: Navigating Changes Under MACRA 09/28/2016 Health Law
Structuring Section 708 Partnership Mergers Absent IRS Guidance: Avoiding Termination in Collapsing Transactions 09/28/2016 Tax Law
Drafting Corporate Sponsorship Agreements for Major Events, Marketing and Promotional Activities 09/27/2016 Contracts Law
Drafting Trademark Settlement Agreements to Resolve IP Disputes 09/27/2016 IP Law
Expert Witness Depositions: Preparing to Attack the Opponent's Expert 09/27/2016 Litigation
Insurance Litigation Under Reservation of Rights: Reimbursement of Defense Costs and Control of Defense 09/27/2016 Insurance Law
Debt Restructuring and Indenture Amendments: Curing Ambiguities, Navigating Competing Intercreditor Agreements 09/22/2016 Bankruptcy Law
Equity Joint Ventures: Structuring Capital Contribution, Waterfall and Other Payment Provisions 09/22/2016 Mergers & Acquisitions
Navigating Intra-Class Conflicts: Basis for Certification of Sub-Classes or Denial of Class Certification Entirely? 09/22/2016 Class Action
Conservation Easement Amendments: Navigating Amendment Mechanisms, Overcoming Challenges and the Lack of an Amendment Provision 09/21/2016 Environmental Law
Negotiating Software Licenses and Technology Agreements With the Federal Government: Use Rights and IP Protection 09/21/2016 Contracts Law
Performance Bonds and CGL Insurance in Construction Projects: Navigating Interplay Between Insurance and Surety 09/21/2016 Construction Law
Proving Damages for Breach of Covenants Not to Compete or Solicit, Confidentiality and Fiduciary Duty 09/21/2016 Employment Law
Urgent Care Centers: Key Legal and Business Considerations 09/21/2016 Health Law
Defending Patents in IPR Proceedings: Best Practices to Mitigate Risks of Claim Cancellation 09/20/2016 IP-Patent Law
Fraud in Trademark Applications and Registrations: Proving or Defeating Allegations 09/20/2016 IP Law
Leveraging New Market Tax Credits to Finance Community Development: Latest Regs, Guidance and Legal Developments 09/20/2016 Real Property Law
Leveraging Rule 68 Offers of Judgment in Settlement Negotiations: Inducing Favorable Settlements, Avoiding Potential Pitfalls 09/20/2016 Litigation
Structuring Split-Dollar Life Insurance Arrangements After Morrissette: Leveraging the Economic Benefit Rule 09/20/2016 Estate Planning
E-Signatures and Electronic Loan Documentation: Complying with ESIGN/UETA, Interplay With the UCC 09/15/2016 Banking Loan Doc
M&A Post-Closing Disputes: Minimizing and Resolving Disputes Over Working Capital Adjustments and Earnouts 09/15/2016 Mergers & Acquisitions
OIG and CMS Voluntary Self Disclosures: Weighing the Risks and Rewards of Self Reporting 09/15/2016 Health Law
On Sale and Public Use Bars to Patentability: Leveraging Recent Developments 09/15/2016 IP-Patent Law
Attorney-Client Privilege at Risk in Investigations and Audits 09/14/2016 Corporate Law
Defending Rule 30(b)(6) Corporate Depositions: Responding to Deposition Notices, Selecting and Preparing Witnesses 09/13/2016 Litigation
IP Due Diligence in M&A: Investigating Transferability of IP Assets, Blocking Rights, Liens and Other Encumbrances 09/13/2016 IP Law
Private Fund Securities Law Exemptions: Navigating Accredited Investors, Qualified Purchasers and Qualified Clients 09/13/2016 Corporate Finance Law
Tax-Related Tips for Real Estate LLC and LLP Agreements: Capital Commitments, Tax Allocations and Distributions and More 09/13/2016 Real Property Law
Advanced Health Practitioners: Structuring Employment Agreements for Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and More 09/08/2016 Health Law
Allocating Risk in Real Estate Leases: Contractual Indemnities, Additional Insured Endorsements and Waivers of Subrogation 09/08/2016 Real Property Law
Environmental Indemnity in Real Estate Transactions: Allocating Risks of Potential Cleanup Costs 09/08/2016 Environmental Law
Settling Wage/Hour Claims: Weighing Settlement Options, Negotiating Damages, and Ensuring Court Approval 09/08/2016 Employment Law
DIP Financing: Structuring Roll-Overs, Cross-Collateralization, Priming Liens, Junior DIP Financing and More 09/07/2016 Bankruptcy Law
Electronic Spying and Tracking Spouses in Divorce Cases: What's Legal in the Digital World? 09/07/2016 Family Law
Mastering the Art of Writing Persuasive Appellate Briefs: Practical Tips from Past Appellate Law Clerks 09/07/2016 Litigation
Navigating the IRS Penalty Abatement Procedures for Foreign Information Reporting Noncompliance 09/07/2016 Tax Law
New 409A Guidance On Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans: Compliance Strategies for Employee Benefits Counsel 09/07/2016 ERISA
Resolving ERISA Liens and Reimbursement Claims in Personal Injury Cases 09/07/2016 Personal Injury
Products Liability Litigation: Addressing Other Similar Incidents and Lack of Prior Accidents Evidence 09/06/2016 Product Liability
Structuring GRATs: Maximizing Estate Freeze Benefits, Avoiding Costly Errors With Specific Trust Drafting Tools 09/06/2016 Estate Planning
Asset-Based Lending and Structured Finance: Isolation of Assets, Bankruptcy-Remote Structures, Waterfall Technology 09/01/2016 Banking Loan Doc
Drafting and Prosecuting Patent Applications to Withstand PTAB Scrutiny 09/01/2016 IP-Patent Law
Negotiating Contractual Indemnity in M&A Deals: Transactional and Litigation Considerations 08/31/2016 Mergers & Acquisitions
Oil and Gas E&P Bankruptcies: Tackling the Unique Complexities of E&P Restructuring 08/31/2016 Bankruptcy Law
Partnership Exchanges: Structuring "Drop and Swap" and "Mixing Bowl" Transactions 08/31/2016 Tax Law
Structuring Private Equity Healthcare Management Service Organizations 08/31/2016 Health Law
Discovery in Bad Faith Insurance Litigation: Key to Successfully Proving or Defending Claims 08/30/2016 Insurance Law
Mixed-Use Development: Structuring Air Rights Condominiums and Other Common Interest Community Regimes 08/30/2016 Real Property Law
Financing Multi-Family Housing: Structuring the Low Income House Tax Credit and Tax-Exempt Bonds 08/25/2016 Real Property Law
Renewable Energy Projects in Mexico, Brazil and Chile 08/25/2016 Energy Law
Rule 23(c)(4) Issue Certification: Reconciling the Conflict With Rule 23(b)(3)'s Predominance Requirement 08/25/2016 Class Action
Structuring Patent Indemnification Provisions 08/25/2016 IP-Patent Law
Structuring Reverse and Forward Triangular Mergers: Anti-Assignment Triggers, Tax Implications, Employment Considerations 08/25/2016 Mergers & Acquisitions
Estate Planning for Income Tax Reduction: Strategies for Maximizing New Basis 08/24/2016 Estate Planning
FCPA Due Diligence in M&A Amid Increased Enforcement 08/24/2016 International Law
Rule 506(b) Securities Offerings: Leveraging 506(b) Placements, Comparison to Rule 506(c) Offerings 08/24/2016 Corporate Finance Law
Construction Defect Indemnity Obligations Under CGL Policies: Identifying Covered vs. Non-Covered Damages 08/23/2016 Construction Law
Leveraging Design Patents to Protect Graphical User Interfaces 08/23/2016 IP-Patent Law
Leveraging Receivership as a Bankruptcy Alternative: Financial Restructuring, Disposition of Assets and More 08/23/2016 Bankruptcy Law
New DOL Fiduciary Rule: Impact on Retirement Plan Sponsors, Plan Advisers and Service Providers 08/23/2016 ERISA
Wearable Technology: Protecting IP Rights and Minimizing Infringement Risks 08/23/2016 IP Law
Auto Injury Claim Recovery: Maximizing Pain and Suffering, Loss of Future Earning Capacity Damages 08/18/2016 Personal Injury
Distressed Loan Workouts: How Equity Cure Rights Work, Negotiating Loan Restructuring and Forbearance Agreements 08/18/2016 Banking Loan Doc
Privacy Class Actions Post-Spokeo: Leveraging Injury-In-Fact Requirements 08/18/2016 Class Action
Responding to Trademark Office Actions: Assessing Response Alternatives and Persuading the Examiner 08/18/2016 IP Law
Retail and Shopping Center Acquisitions: Negotiating the Purchase and Sales Agreement, Conducting Legal Due Diligence 08/18/2016 Real Property Law
Structuring Clinically Integrated Networks 3.0: Legal Considerations for Healthcare Providers in Today's Changing Payment Environment 08/18/2016 Health Law
Navigating Patent Eligibility: Leveraging New USPTO Guidance and the Enfish and TLI Communications Decisions 08/17/2016 IP-Patent Law
Tax Counsel's Guide to Partnership Disguised Sales Rules: Structuring Transactions to Avoid Taxable Events 08/17/2016 Tax Law
Wage and Hour Insurance Coverage: Mitigating Risk With EPL, D&O, and Emerging Specialty Wage and Hour Insurance Policies 08/17/2016 Employment Law
Demystifying the "Bad Faith Set-Up" in Insurance Litigation 08/16/2016 Insurance Law
Drafting IT Master Services Agreements: Guidance for Purchaser and Vendor Counsel 08/16/2016 Contracts Law
BDITs: Structuring Beneficiary Defective Inheritor's Trusts to Minimize Tax and Retain Control Over Assets 08/11/2016 Estate Planning
Solar Financing Tax Equity Structures: Sale-Leasebacks, Inverted Leases and Partnership Flips 08/11/2016 Environmental Law
Structuring Indemnification Provisions in Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions 08/11/2016 Health Law
Navigating DMCA: Limitation of Liability, Notice, Takedown Procedures and Safe Harbors 08/10/2016 IP Law
Private Equity Fund Restructuring: Negotiating Terms, Avoiding Conflicts of Interest and Avoiding Regulatory Scrutiny 08/10/2016 Corporate Finance Law
ERISA Breach of Fiduciary Duty Class Actions: Avoiding and Defending Claims Against Companies and Fiduciaries 08/09/2016 ERISA
Enforceable Nondisclosure Agreements: Protecting Trade Secrets and Other Confidential Business Information 08/09/2016 Contracts Law
Excess Insurer's Duty to Defend and Indemnify: Exhaustion, Claims Not Covered by Primary, Defense Cost Reimbursement 08/09/2016 Insurance Law
UCC3 Financing Amendment and Termination Statements: Avoiding Loss of Lien Perfection or Priority 08/09/2016 Banking Loan Doc
Allocating Operating Expenses in Commercial Real Estate Leases: Negotiating Strategies for Landlords and Tenants 08/04/2016 Real Property Law
Challenging Patents in IPR: Strategies for Filing Petitions 08/04/2016 IP-Patent Law
Planning With ABLE Accounts and Special Needs Trusts: Selecting the Best Approach for Elderly and Disabled Clients 08/04/2016 Elder Law
Structuring Forbearance Agreements and Strengthening Lender Collateral Position 08/04/2016 Bankruptcy Law
Combating Plaintiff Tactics Commonly Called Reptilian 08/03/2016 Personal Injury
Medicaid Managed Care Final Rule: Calculating Medical Loss Ratio, Complying With Network Adequacy Standards and More 08/03/2016 Health Law
Navigating the Newly-Overhauled Toxic Substances Control Act 08/03/2016 Environmental Law
Representing Men in Divorce, Paternity and Custody Cases 08/03/2016 Family Law
Syndicated Credit Facility Restructuring and Workouts: Lender Strategy, Decision-Making and the Role of the Agent 08/02/2016 Banking Loan Doc
Article III Standing and Class Certification After Spokeo: Implications and Strategies for Plaintiff and Defense Counsel 07/28/2016 Class Action
Negotiating Collaborative Healthcare Research Agreements 07/28/2016 Health Law
Deposition Strategies in Employment Litigation: Taking and Defending Depositions of Plaintiffs and Fact Witnesses 07/27/2016 Employment Law
Evaluating Key Intercreditor Arrangements: First Lien/Second Lien, Split Collateral, Senior/Mezzanine, Unitranche 07/27/2016 Banking Loan Doc
Leveraging Development Agreements Between Municipalities and Private Parties 07/27/2016 Municipal Law
Transition Services Agreements for Spin-Offs: Structuring Key Provisions and Mitigating Risk 07/27/2016 Mergers & Acquisitions
Estate Planning for Creators of Intellectual Property 07/26/2016 Estate Planning
Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery and Sec. 111 Reporting: The Duties and Responsibilities of Insurers, Primary Payers and Defense Counsel 07/26/2016 Insurance Law
Pharma and Chemical Patent Applications: Meeting Written Description Requirement 07/26/2016 IP-Patent Law
Structuring Employee Severance Arrangements: Revisiting Code Section 409A and its Impact on Deferred Compensation 07/26/2016 ERISA
The Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016: Leveraging the New Federal Framework to Protect IP 07/26/2016 IP Law
The Panama Papers: Guidance for Tax Counsel to Mitigate Client Tax Penalties and Criminal Prosecution 07/26/2016 Tax Law
Universal Health Services v. Escobar: Avoiding Implied Certification Liability Under FCA 07/25/2016 Health Law
Creatively Completing The Capital Stack: Real Estate GP Private Equity Funds 07/21/2016 Real Property Law
Equity Financing: Using Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds and Other Investment Vehicles as Collateral 07/21/2016 Banking Loan Doc
Structuring Freedom-to-Operate Opinions: Reducing Risk of Patent Infringement 07/21/2016 IP-Patent Law
Financial Projection Disclosure Requirements in M&A Deals: Preparing, Using and Disclosing Projections 07/20/2016 Mergers & Acquisitions
Renewable Energy and Corporate PPAs: Overcoming Regulatory, Financing, Intercreditor, Tax Challenges 07/20/2016 Environmental Law
Structuring Healthcare Co-Location Arrangements: Complying With Legal and Regulatory Requirements 07/20/2016 Health Law
Insurance Bad Faith Trial Strategies: Case Evaluation, Jury Themes and Bifurcation 07/19/2016 Insurance Law
Medicaid Crisis Planning: Leveraging DRA Promissory Notes, Medicaid Compliant Annuities, Community Spouse Resource Allowance 07/19/2016 Elder Law
Structuring Defined Value Clauses in Trust Transfers: Formula Allocations and Price Adjustment Clauses 07/19/2016 Estate Planning
Willful Patent Infringement and Enhanced Damages After Halo 07/19/2016 IP-Patent Law
Anti-Kickback Statute Compliance in Healthcare Transactions 07/14/2016 Health Law
FCPA Compliance Audits: Lessons From Recent Investigations 07/14/2016 International Law
UCC Issues in Mezzanine and Mortgage Loans: Using LLC Equity Interests and Deposit Accounts as Collateral 07/14/2016 Real Property Law
Design Patents and the Hague Agreement Option: Evaluating the Benefits and Risks of Filing an IDA 07/14/2016 IP-Patent Law
Defending Against Citizen Suits Under Environmental Laws 07/13/2016 Environmental Law
UCC Security Interests in Payment Intangibles: Intercompany Loans, Debt Obligations and "Promissory Notes" 07/13/2016 Banking Loan Doc
Lender Risks of False Claims Act Liability After Sup. Court's Escobar Ruling Upholding Implied Certification Doctrine 07/12/2016 Banking & Financial Services Law
Leveraging Daubert/Frye Standards In Insurance Litigation for Expert Testimony in State and Federal Court 07/12/2016 Insurance Law
Modifying Irrevocable Trusts: Changing the Unchangeable? 07/12/2016 Estate Planning
Rendering Structured Finance Opinions of Counsel: Substantive Consolidation, Authority to File Bankruptcy and More 07/12/2016 Corporate Finance Law
Auto Industry Class Actions: Pursuing, Defending or Settling Consumer Fraud and Warranty Breach Claims 07/07/2016 Class Action
Cuozzo v. Lee: Implications for Post-Grant Review Following New Supreme Court Ruling 07/07/2016 IP-Patent Law
Leveraging Technology in the Courtroom: Planning and Creating Winning Digital Trial Presentations 07/07/2016 Litigation
Sourcing Transactions: Structuring Key Terms and Obligations 07/07/2016 Contracts Law
Structuring Financeable Ground Leases and Leasehold Mortgages 07/07/2016 Real Property Law
Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents Involving Motor Vehicles: Navigating Unique Legal Challenges 07/06/2016 Personal Injury
Structuring U.S. Trusts Classified as Foreign Trusts for Income Tax Purposes 07/06/2016 Tax Law
Construction Payment and Performance Bond Bad Faith Litigation: Bringing or Defending Claims Amid Differing State Standards 06/30/2016 Construction Law
Negotiating IP Rights in Industry Sponsored Research Agreements 06/30/2016 IP-Patent Law
Dermatology Practice Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures and Affiliations 06/29/2016 Health Law
The Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016: Implications for Employment Counsel 06/29/2016 Employment Law
Financing Ground-Up Hotel and Hospitality Development Deals: Legal and Financial Issues 06/28/2016 Real Property Law
Joint Bidding Arrangements With Competitors: Evaluating and Minimizing Antitrust Risks 06/28/2016 Antitrust
Springing the Delaware Tax Trap: Drafting Limited Powers of Appointment to Increase Asset Income Tax Basis 06/28/2016 Estate Planning
Trade Dress Rights Enforcement: Prosecuting Infringement Claims 06/28/2016 IP Law
Structuring Acquisitions of Family-Owned Businesses: Valuation, Due Diligence, Deal Structure, Operational Transition and More 06/23/2016 Mergers & Acquisitions
Transatlantic Intercreditor Agreements: Comparing, Contrasting and Reconciling U.S. and European Approaches 06/23/2016 Banking Loan Doc
Reg D Rule 506 Private Offerings: Verifying Accredited Investors and Identifying "Bad Actors" 06/22/2016 Corporate Finance Law
Structuring Solar PV Agreements: Negotiating Real Estate Entitlements and Offtake Agreements 06/22/2016 Energy Law
IRC 831(b) Micro-Captives After the PATH Act: Meeting New Diversification Requirements and Avoiding IRS Scrutiny 06/21/2016 Tax Law
Negotiating and Drafting Pharmacy Benefit Manager Contracts for Self-Funded Plans 06/21/2016 ERISA
Real Estate Transactions With REITs: Selling, Leasing or Lending Deals With REITs 06/16/2016 Real Property Law
Telehealth: Integration into New Payment and Care Delivery Models; Regulatory Flexibilities and Opportunities 06/16/2016 Health Law
Calculating Imputed Income in Divorce Proceedings 06/15/2016 Family Law
NEPA and the Impact of the FAST Act: Navigating the New Permitting and Review Process 06/15/2016 Environmental Law
The In Pari Delicto Defense to Bankruptcy and Other Claims Against Directors, Officers and Third Parties 06/15/2016 Bankruptcy Law
Traumatic Brain Injury Claims: Navigating Litigation Complexities 06/15/2016 Personal Injury
Attorney-Client Privilege in Insurance Disputes: Preserving Confidentiality and Meeting Legal Ethics Standards 06/14/2016 Insurance Law
Disclaimer Trusts in the Post-ATRA Age: Drafting Disclaimers, Clayton QTIPs and OBITs to Overcome Portability Limitations 06/14/2016 Estate Planning
Native Advertising: Ensuring Compliance When Developing and Distributing Original, Editorial and User-Generated Content 06/14/2016 IP Law
Private Equity Waterfall and Carried Interest Provisions: Economic and Tax Implications for Investors and Sponsors 06/14/2016 Corp Finance Private Equity
DOJ's New FCPA Guidance: Meeting the Requirements, Leveraging Self-Reporting, Navigating its Interplay with the Yates Memo 06/09/2016 International Law
Healthcare Fraud: Identifying and Assessing Fraud Risks, Implications of Current Enforcement, Ensuring Compliance 06/09/2016 Health Law
Overcoming §103 Rejections for Biotech and Chemical Patents: Leveraging Recent Decisions and USPTO Guidance 06/09/2016 IP-Patent Law
Delaware LLC Agreements: Planning and Drafting Approaches 06/08/2016 Corporate Law
Negotiating and Drafting Third-Party Logistics Provider Agreements 06/08/2016 Contracts Law
Structuring Landlord Lien Waivers and Collateral Access Agreements: Navigating Competing Interests of Tenant's Lender and Landlord 06/08/2016 Real Property Law
Insurance Estoppel and Waiver Amid Conflicting Case Law: Safeguarding Coverage, Navigating Insurer and Insured's Duties 06/07/2016 Insurance Law
Leveraging Metadata as Evidence and Avoiding Inadvertent ESI Disclosure in Litigation 06/07/2016 Litigation
Navigating New Section 385 Regulations on Related-Party Debt: Sweeping Changes on the Horizon 06/07/2016 Tax Law
Consumer Finance Class Actions: Pursuing or Defending FDCPA, FCRA and TCPA Claims 06/02/2016 Class Action
Cross-Collateral/Cross-Default Real Estate Loans: Structuring and Documenting Transactions 06/02/2016 Real Property Law
Distribution and Sales Agent Contracts: Drafting Provisions on Exclusivity, Territory, Sales Support, Trade Secrets and More 06/02/2016 Contracts-Supply/Dist
Structuring 340B Contract Pharmacy Arrangements: Meeting Legal and Regulatory Requirements 06/02/2016 Health Law
Director Duties in M&A Transactions: Navigating Evolving Standards of Review Under Delaware Law 06/01/2016 M&A Front End Contracts
New DOL Guidance on Joint Employment: Navigating Heightened Scrutiny and Minimizing FLSA Liability 06/01/2016 Employment Wage & Hour
Structuring Concurrent Regulation S and Regulation D Securities Offerings: Navigating the Process, Closing the Deal 06/01/2016 Corporate Finance Law
Additional Insured Coverage in Construction Contracts and Interplay With Contractual Indemnification 05/31/2016 Construction Risk Mitigation
IRC 754 Elections for Tax Counsel: Mastering Structuring Considerations of Basis Adjustments 05/31/2016 Tax Law
Structuring IP Provisions in Asset Purchase Agreements 05/31/2016 IP Law
Challenging Pending Patent Applications: When, Where and What Type 05/26/2016 IP-Patent Law
Insurance Coverage for Data Breaches and Privacy Violations: Are Your Corporate Clients Adequately Protected? 05/26/2016 Insurance Coverage
Professional Services Agreements: A Physician-Hospital Integration Model 05/25/2016 Health Business
Project Contract Variations: Mitigating Risks of Cost Overruns, Scope Creep and Breaches in Delivery Obligations 05/25/2016 Contracts Law
Deposing Truck Drivers and Trucking Company Representatives in Injury Cases 05/24/2016 Personal Injury-Substantive
Early Case Assessments in Employment Disputes: Minimizing Risks, Controlling Costs and Efficiently Resolving Claims 05/24/2016 Employment Lit-Procedural
Insured's Right to Independent Counsel: Conflicts of Interest, Multiple Insureds, Multiple Claims and More 05/24/2016 Insurance Litigation
Drafting Motor Carrier Agreements: Anticipating and Addressing Cargo Claims, Carrier Indemnity Obligations and More 05/19/2016 Contracts-Supply/Dist
Ophthalmology Malpractice Suits: Pursuing or Defending Claims 05/19/2016 Medical Malpractice
Statistics in Class Certification and at Trial: Leveraging and Attacking Statistical Evidence in Class Actions 05/19/2016 Class Action-Pre-Certification
Structuring Programmatic Real Estate Joint Ventures: Structures, Deal Sharing and Exclusivity, Pooling Variations 05/19/2016 RP Finance-Lending
Conservation Easements: Structuring Effective Documents and Enforcing Terms and Conditions 05/18/2016 Environmental-Transactional
Drafting Agreements for TeleHealth And Mobile Health Platforms, Healthcare Organizations and Physician Groups EndUsers 05/18/2016 Health Business
Trade Dress and Design Patent: Leveraging Recent Court Decisions to Maximize Protection 05/18/2016 Trademark Law
Discounted Pricing Clauses: Drafting Enforceable and Compliant Provisions After Collins 05/17/2016 Antitrust Vertical
IC-DISC Tax Law Challenges: Structuring and Planning Techniques to Maximize Federal Tax Savings 05/17/2016 Tax Law-Foreign
OCR Launches Phase 2 HIPAA Audits for Covered Entities and Business Associates: Are You Ready? 05/17/2016 Health Compliance
Cellphone Tower Regulation: Maximizing Revenue While Protecting Local Interests 05/12/2016 Municipal Regulation
Private Equity Transactions in Healthcare: Navigating Stark, AKS, and Other Regulatory and Compliance Challenges 05/12/2016 Health Business
Drafting Software Agreement Warranty, Limitation of Liability and Indemnification Provisions 05/11/2016 Contracts-Technology
Insurance Broker Liability to Policyholders for Denied Claims: Latest Case Law Developments 05/11/2016 Insurance Coverage
Structuring Real Estate Loan Covenants, Events of Default Provisions, and Representations and Warranties 05/11/2016 RP Finance-Lending
Trademark Infringement Remedies: Overcoming the Challenges of Inconsistent Court Treatment to Protect IP Rights 05/11/2016 IP Trademarks Litigation
Drafting Position Statements to Mitigate EEOC Full-Scale Investigations and Lawsuits 05/10/2016 Employment Compliance-Discrimination/Retaliation
Export Controls and Cloud Computing: Complying with ITAR, EAR and Sanctions Laws 05/10/2016 International Trade/Export
Oil & Gas Contracts: Structuring Indemnification and Additional Insured Provisions 05/10/2016 Energy Oil & Gas
Trust Decanting: Flexibility and Danger 05/10/2016 Estate Planning-Tax
Negotiating Clinical Trial Agreements: Balancing the Interests of Sponsors and Healthcare Providers 05/05/2016 Health Business
Parallel State and Federal Court Class Actions: Navigating Procedural and Substantive Challenges 05/05/2016 Class Action-Trial Strategies
POPRs and the New PTAB Final Rules: Maximizing the Impact of POPRs in IPR Petitions 05/04/2016 Patent-Prosecution
Structuring MOUs, LOIs, Term Sheets and Other Nonbinding Legal Documents 05/04/2016 Contracts-Supply/Dist
Construction Design and Defect Litigation: Using Daubert/Frye to Challenge Admissibility of Expert Witness Testimony 05/03/2016 Construction Litigation
Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Condos and Planned Communities 05/03/2016 RP Transactions-Project-Development
Law Firm Data Breaches and Legal Malpractice Risks 05/03/2016 Professional Liability
Recovery of Make-Whole Premiums in Bankruptcy After Momentive Performance and Energy Future Holdings 05/03/2016 Bankruptcy Lender Issues
Structuring Installment Sales to Intentionally Defective Trusts: Using Private Annuities and Promissory Notes 05/03/2016 Estate Planning
Antitrust Challenges to Most Favored Nation and Competitor Parity Clauses in the U.S. and Europe 04/28/2016 Antitrust Vertical
Structuring Physician Timeshare Arrangements: Leveraging the New Stark Exception, Navigating the Limitations 04/28/2016 Health Business
Structuring 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges for Real Property 04/27/2016 RP Finance-Tax
Trademark Nominative Fair Use: Guidance for IP Counsel 04/27/2016 IP Trademarks Litigation
Construction Defect Claims: Occurrences, Coverage Triggers and Exclusions Under CGL Policies 04/26/2016 Construction Risk Mitigation
Drafting and Enforcing Termination Clauses in Commercial Contracts 04/26/2016 Contracts-Gen/Comm
Emerging Global Markets and Risk-Based Due Diligence 04/26/2016 International Trade/Export
Litigation Holds in Employment Lawsuits: Creating an Early and Effective Plan for Collecting and Preserving ESI 04/26/2016 Employment Lit-Procedural
Pre-Immigration Tax and U.S. Investment Planning for High Net Worth Individuals 04/26/2016 Tax Law-Foreign
Designing and Implementing Competition Law Policy and Training 04/21/2016 General Counsel
Navigating the New EU Unitary Patent System and Unified Patent Court 04/21/2016 Patent-Prosecution
Qui Tam Actions: Guidance for Counsel for Managing Whistleblower Suits 04/21/2016 Class Action
Trademark Infringement: Demonstrating Irreparable Harm to Obtain an Injunction 04/21/2016 Trademark Law
Defending Wage and Hour Class Actions: Defeating Certification and Winning Decertification 04/20/2016 Employment Wage & Hour Litigation
Structuring Commercial Agreements for New Product and Service Deployment: Customer Collaboration Agreements and Pilot Programs 04/20/2016 Contracts-Technology
Asserting Attorney-Client Privilege When Affiliated Entities' Interests Diverge 04/19/2016 Corporate Law
CGL Contractual Liability Coverage: Navigating the Scope of the Liability Exclusion and its Exceptions 04/19/2016 Insurance Coverage
Strategic Use of Amicus Briefs in Appellate Advocacy 04/19/2016 Appellate Law
Building a Winning Evidentiary Record at the PTAB (and Surviving Appeal) 04/14/2016 IP Patent Litigation
Negotiating Long-Term Requirements Contracts with Suppliers 04/13/2016 Contracts-Supply/Dist
Tax Strategies for Limited Partner Investors in Private Investment Funds 04/13/2016 Tax Law-Investment-Vehicles
Auditing Hospital-Physician Arrangements Under the New 2016 Stark Rules: Mitigating Provider Liability 04/12/2016 Health Compliance
Doing Business in Cuba: Navigating the Evolving Sanctions Landscape, Leveraging New Opportunities 04/12/2016 International Trade/Export
Insurance Declaratory Judgment Actions and the Federal Abstention Doctrine: Strategies and Limitations 04/12/2016 Insurance Litigation
Corporate Governance of Subsidiaries: Emerging Risks and Best Practices 04/07/2016 General Counsel
Crowdfunding Real Estate: Reg A+ Offerings and Intrastate Exemptions 04/07/2016 Real Property Finance
Valuation of Acquisition Targets: Guidance for M&A Counsel 04/07/2016 M&A Front End Contracts
Whether and How to Appeal a PTO Final Refusal: TTAB and Beyond 04/07/2016 IP Trademarks-Prosecution
Advising Family Office Clients/Recurring Legal and Business Issues: Investment Adviser Act and Broker-Dealer Compliance, Employment, Executive Compensation and Tax and ERISA Issues 04/06/2016 Corporate Finance Law
Jury Selection in Employment Litigation: Preparing for Voir Dire, Identifying Bias, Leveraging Strikes 04/06/2016 Employment Lit-Procedural
Negotiating Settlements and Penalties Stemming From Environmental Audits 04/06/2016 Environmental Law
Class Action Notice Requirements: Leveraging Traditional and Emerging Media to Reach Class Members 04/05/2016 Class Action-Settlements
Cyber Threats to Banks and Financial Institutions: Regulatory Requirements and Bank Examinations 04/05/2016 Banking Lit-Regulatory
Retiree Health Benefits Claims After M&G Polymers USA v. Tackett 04/05/2016 ERISA Litigation
Conducting and Analyzing Patent Searches 03/31/2016 Patent-Prosecution
Dental Practice Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures and Affiliations 03/31/2016 Health Business
Doing Business in Iran Amid Evolving Sanctions: Leveraging New Opportunities While Ensuring Compliance 03/30/2016 International Trade/Export
Drafting Enforceable Noncompete Covenants in Franchise Agreements 03/30/2016 Contracts-Supply/Dist
IRC Section 355 Corporate Spin-Off Transactions: Optimizing Tax Treatment in Divestitures 03/30/2016 Tax Law-Corporate
Offers of Judgment in Employment Litigation After Campbell-Ewald Co. v. Gomez 03/30/2016 Employment Lit-Procedural
Alternative Private Equity Funds: Pledge Funds, Managed Accounts, Deal-by-Deal Co-Investments and Other Hybrids 03/29/2016 Corp Finance Private Equity
Defeating Class Claims by Attacking the Pleadings and Leveraging Other Early Dispositive Motions 03/29/2016 Class Action-Pre-Certification
Structuring Hospital Acquisitions of Physician Practices 03/29/2016 Health Business
Trademark Confusion: Proving or Defending Against Infringement 03/29/2016 IP Trademarks-Enforcement
Data Breaches in Healthcare: Responding to Skyrocketing Cyber Attacks 03/24/2016 Health Compliance
Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships for Project Development: Deal Structures and Documentation 03/24/2016 RP Transactions-Project-Development
Medicare in Personal Injury Claim Settlements: Complying With Reporting Requirements and Satisfying Liens 03/24/2016 Personal Injury-Medicare
Structuring Patent Licensing Agreements: Avoiding Litigation, Allocating Risk and Maximizing Patent Value 03/24/2016 Patent-Transactions/Licensing
Structuring Management Carve-Out Plans for Privately Held Corporations: Mechanics, Tax Obstacles and Optimization 03/23/2016 ERISA Executive Comp
Protecting Privilege in Post-Accident Investigations 03/22/2016 Litigation-Discovery
Structuring Special Purpose Entities: Separateness, Bankruptcy Remoteness, and True Sales 03/22/2016 Bankruptcy Finance
Hybrid FLSA Collective Actions and State Wage and Hour Class Actions 03/17/2016 Employment Wage & Hour Litigation
REITs: Developments in REIT Conversions, FIRPTA and Other Changes in the Tax Extenders Bill 03/17/2016 RP Finance-Tax
Estate Planning Involving Resident and Non-Resident Aliens 03/16/2016 Estate Planning
Insurance Litigation: Getting Social Media, Internet and Other Electronic Evidence Authenticated and Admitted at Trial 03/15/2016 Insurance Litigation
Structuring Trademark Clearance Opinions 03/15/2016 IP Trademarks-Prosecution
When Does A Class Action Claim Become Moot? Considerations and Strategies for Counsel After Campbell-Ewald Co. v. Gomez 03/15/2016 Class Action-Pre-Certification
Asset Spend-Down for Medicaid Qualification 03/10/2016 Elder Law
Data Transfers between U.S. and EU After New General Data Protection Regulation and Under the New EU-U.S. Privacy Shield 03/10/2016 International Trade/Export
Retail Clinics in Healthcare: Overcoming Complex Legal Challenges 03/10/2016 Health Business
Using Delaware Statutory Trusts in Real Estate Investments: Opportunities and Legal Risks 03/10/2016 RP Finance-Tax
Navigating Employment Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions: Planning for Integration and Mitigating Risk 03/09/2016 Employment Law
New IRS Partnership Audit Rules for Tax Counsel: Preparing for Massive Changes Ahead 03/09/2016 Tax Law Partnership
Structuring Equity Compensation for Partnerships and LLCs 03/09/2016 ERISA Executive Comp
UCC Secured Transactions: Documenting and Perfecting Security Interests, Navigating Competing and Hidden Liens 03/09/2016 Banking Loan Doc-UCC
Drafting Private Company Target Merger Agreements: Risk Allocation, Reps and Warranties, and Maximizing Indemnification Recourse 03/03/2016 M&A Front End Contracts
Impact of Recent Regulatory Changes on Medical Staff Bylaws: Proposed Amendments and Best Practices 03/03/2016 Health Compliance
Leveraging HUD Financing and Historic Tax Credits for Multifamily Housing: Pairing Forms of Financing 03/03/2016 RP Finance-Lending
Patents and Export Control Compliance: Managing Risk and Avoiding Unintentional Violations 03/03/2016 IP-Patent Law
Reg A+ Securities Offerings and FAST Act: Navigating New Rules and Leveraging Capital Raising Opportunities 03/02/2016 Securities
Bankruptcy 546(e) Safe Harbor Exemptions for Swaps, Securitized Loan Payments, LBO Shareholder Payments and More 03/01/2016 Bankruptcy Finance
Class Action Claims Against Retailers: Deceptive Pricing, False Advertising, Privacy and Gift Card Compliance 03/01/2016 Class Action-Subtantive-Products
Construction Pollution Insurance Coverage 03/01/2016 Construction Risk Mitigation
Protecting IP Rights in Europe: Deciphering and Maximizing Key Benefits of the European Trademark Reforms 03/01/2016 IP Trademarks-International
Cross-Collateral/Cross-Default Loans: Structuring and Documenting Transactions 02/25/2016 Banking Loan Doc-Mezzanine/Second Lien
Negotiating Technology Transfer Agreements 02/25/2016 Patent-Transactions/Licensing
Representations and Warranties Insurance in Complex Real Estate Transactions: Emerging Tool to Mitigate Risk and Close Deals 02/25/2016 RP Transactions-Sales
Structuring Indemnification Provisions in Business Associate Agreements 02/25/2016 Health Business
Enterprise Risk Management: Identifying and Mitigating Insurable Risks, Evaluating Likelihood of Business Insurance Claims 02/24/2016 General Counsel
Fixed-Price Cleanups: How To Enter Them In The Post-Cost Cap Insurance Era Using Captives and Other Cost Cap Alternatives 02/24/2016 Environmental Law
High-Balance IRAs: Estate and Income Tax Planning Strategies 02/24/2016 Estate Planning-Tax
Defending TCPA Litigation Following the FCC's 2015 Omnibus Order 02/23/2016 Litigation-Substantive
Medicaid Appeals and Fair Hearings: Strategies for Elder Law Counsel 02/23/2016 Elder Law
Structuring Equity Joint Ventures for Hotel Acquisitions and Development 02/18/2016 RP Finance-Tax
TeleMental Health Services: Overcoming Legal Hurdles 02/18/2016 Health Business
Drafting Commercial Goods Warehousing Agreements on Behalf of Warehousers or Customers 02/17/2016 Contracts-Supply/Dist
Investment Adviser Compliance and Reporting: Latest Developments and OCIE Exam Hot Buttons 02/17/2016 Corporate Finance Law
Pre-Employment Background Screening: Complying With Ban the Box Laws, Fair Credit Reporting Act and More 02/17/2016 Employment Compliance-Discrimination/Retaliation
Section 112(a) Enablement and Written Description: Leveraging CCPA and Early Federal Circuit Decisions 02/17/2016 Patent-Prosecution
Attacking Class Experts' Methodology, Conclusions and Reports to Obtain or Defeat Certification 02/16/2016 Class Action-Pre-Certification
Insurance Policy Interpretation: Navigating Plain Meaning, Ambiguity, Special Rules Applicable to Exclusions, Extrinsic Evidence and Burden of Proof 02/16/2016 Insurance Coverage
Siting and Permitting Energy Projects: Managing the Risks 02/16/2016 Energy Law
M&A 2016 Delaware Update: Standard for Deal Review, D&O Fiduciary Duties, Private Company Mergers, Appraisal Rights 02/11/2016 Mergers & Acquisitions
FCPA Compliance in Hiring Practices in Foreign Markets 02/10/2016 International FCPA
Strategically Limiting Discovery in Class Litigation: Tactics for Defense Counsel 02/10/2016 Class Action-Trial Strategies
Government Investigations of Corporate Misconduct: Privilege, Self-Reporting, Yates Memo and Other Key Issues 02/09/2016 General Counsel
Proprietary Funds in 401(k) and Retirement Plans: A View From the Trenches 02/09/2016 ERISA Retirement Plans
Rule 702 and Daubert Standards for Expert Witness Testimony: Bringing and Defending Daubert Challenges 02/09/2016 Litigation-Trial Techniques
Drafting Stock Purchase Agreements: Price, Reps, Warranties, Indemnification, Taxes, Securities Laws and More 02/04/2016 M&A Front End Contracts
Implied Certification Liability Under the FCA: Guidance for Healthcare Counsel to Navigate the Circuit Split 02/04/2016 Health Compliance
Navigating Lender Liability for Environmental Cleanup and Remediation Costs 02/04/2016 RP Finance-Lending
Foreign Financial Institution Reporting: Are You Ready for the 2016 FATCA Deadlines? 02/03/2016 Tax Law-Foreign
Insurance Bad Faith Claims: Expanding Scope of Insurers Liability From Policyholder and Insurer Perspectives 02/02/2016 Insurance-Bad Faith
3D Printing: Evaluating Product Safety and Liability Risks, Avoiding and Defending Claims 01/28/2016 Product Liability
Co-Management Arrangements in Healthcare: Latest Developments 01/28/2016 Health Business
Managing Environmental Risks in Mergers, Acquisitions, Spin-Offs and Reorganizations 01/28/2016 Environmental-Transactional
Non-Recourse Carve Outs, Bad Boy Guaranties, and Personal Liability: Latest Developments 01/28/2016 RP Finance-Lending
ERISA Plan Investment Committee Governance: Avoiding Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims 01/27/2016 ERISA Employee Benefits
Employer Successor Liability in Asset Sales: Exclusion Provisions Are No Shield 01/27/2016 Employment Law
Estate Planning and Carried Interest: Estate Tax Reduction Strategies for Private Equity and Hedge Fund Founders 01/27/2016 Estate Planning-Tax
Lien Stripping in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Cases: Lessons for Secured Creditors 01/27/2016 Bankruptcy Lender Issues
NPE Patent Litigation: Latest Developments 01/27/2016 IP Patent Litigation
Insurer's Duty to Defend Additional Insureds: Navigating Differing Court Standards to Determine When Duty is Triggered 01/26/2016 Insurance Coverage
Negotiating Restaurant Leases: Combining Practicality with Legality 01/21/2016 RP Transactions-Leasing
FCRA Class Actions in Employment on the Rise: Avoiding and Defending Claims 01/20/2016 Employment Litigation
Personal Injury Settlement and Release Agreements: Confidentiality, Tax Liability, Indemnity and Other Complex Issues 01/20/2016 Personal Injury-Trial Strategies
Property Damage Claims Coverage in Construction Cases: Covered or Excluded Under a CGL Policy? 01/20/2016 Construction Risk Mitigation
Consumer Class Action Settlements: Evaluating, Negotiating and Structuring Settlements Pre- and Post-Certification 01/19/2016 Class Action-Settlements
Drafting Remedies Clauses in Commercial Contracts: Consequential Damage Waivers, Liquidated Damages, Attorneys' Fees 01/19/2016 Contracts-Gen/Comm
Environmental Hazard Compliance in Sale of Goods: California's Prop 65 and Safer Consumer Products Act 01/19/2016 Environmental Law
In-House Counsel Depositions: Navigating Complex Legal and Ethical Issues 01/14/2016 General Counsel
401(k) Plan Nondiscrimination Testing: Guidance for Employee Benefits Counsel 01/13/2016 ERISA Retirement Plans
Performance and Termination Decisions Under the FMLA and ADA 01/13/2016 Employment Compliance-Discrimination/Retaliation
FCPA in India 2016: Compliance Strategies for India's Unique Cultural and Governmental Intricacies 01/12/2016 International FCPA
Leveraging Discovery Special Masters in Complex Business Cases: A Case Study 01/12/2016 Litigation-Discovery
Minimizing Bank Officer and Director Liability in an Era of Heightened Regulatory Scrutiny 01/12/2016 Banking Litigation
Medicare Provider Enrollment: Strategies for Denials, Revocations and Appeals 01/07/2016 Health Compliance
Evolving FLSA, ACA, DOL and NLRB Requirements: Unraveling the Overlapping Regulatory Regimes 01/06/2016 Employment Wage & Hour
Negotiating and Litigating Rooftop Leases: Deal Structures, Key Provisions, Subordination and Other Financing Considerations 01/06/2016 RP Transactions-Leasing
Preparing for and Navigating PTAB Appeals Before the Federal Circuit 01/06/2016 IP Patent Litigation
CERCLA and Tenants as Bona Fide Prospective Purchasers: Obtaining and Maintaining BFPP Status 01/05/2016 Environmental CERCLA
Defining or Challenging Class Membership: Evaluating Ascertainability, Overbreadth and Failsafe Class Issues 01/05/2016 Class Action-Pre-Certification
Uniform Voidable Transactions Act: One Year After the UFTA Amendments 01/05/2016 Bankruptcy Asset Recovery
Employees' New Tactic to Challenge Arbitration Agreements: A Trip to the NLRB 12/22/2015 Employment Litigation
Attorney-Client Privilege in M&A Deals: Lessons From Recent Cases for Preserving and Controlling the Privilege 12/21/2015 Mergers & Acquisitions
Perfecting Security Interests in Intellectual Property: Article 9, Federal IP Statutes and Foreign Laws 12/21/2015 IP Law
Structuring Business Associate Agreements for Covered Entities and Business Associates 12/21/2015 Health Business
Acquisition Financing: Evaluating Layers of Capital, Negotiating Loan Terms, Navigating Regulatory Developments 12/17/2015 Banking Loan Doc-Terms & Trends
Key Commercial Lease Provisions and SNDAs That Concern Lenders in Mortgage and Leasehold Financing 12/17/2015 RP Finance-Lending
Section 102 and Prior Art: Navigating the Expanded Scope of Prior Art and AIA Exceptions 12/17/2015 Patent-Prosecution
Social Security Claiming Strategies for Estate Planners: Updated for the 2015 Bipartisan Budget Bill 12/17/2015 Estate Planning
EEOC Charge Conciliation: Navigating On-Site Investigations, EEOC Conferences, Settlement Negotiations 12/16/2015 Employment Compliance-Discrimination/Retaliation
Pleading Insurer Bad Faith Claims: Surviving or Filing a Motion to Dismiss 12/16/2015 Insurance-Bad Faith
Structuring Environmental Risk Transfers: Key Considerations 12/16/2015 Environmental-Transactional
Structuring Solar Leases: Negotiating Liability, Obligation, Expiration and Other Key Provisions 12/16/2015 Energy Renewable-Contracts-Compliance
Drafting Asset Purchase Agreements: Reps, Warranties, Covenants, Conditions, Indemnity and Other Key Provisions 12/15/2015 M&A Front End Contracts
FAR Subcontractor Flowdown Terms: Contract Negotiation Strategies for Primes and Subs 12/15/2015 Contracts - Government
Leveraging USPTO Technology Evolution Pilot Program 12/15/2015 Trademark Law
Tax Issues in Transferring LLC and Partnership Interests 12/15/2015 Tax Law Partnership
UCC Article 9 Blanket Asset Lien Exclusions and Purchase Money Security Interests 12/15/2015 Banking Loan Doc-UCC
3.8% Net Investment Income Tax for Real Estate Investors and Partnership Members: Maximizing Planning Opportunities 12/10/2015 RP Finance-Tax
Attorney-Client Privilege in Broker-Policyholder Communications: Maintaining or Attacking Confidentiality 12/10/2015 Insurance Litigation
Board of Directors Audit Committees Under Heightened Regulatory Scrutiny: Meeting Expanded Demands 12/10/2015 Corporate Governance
Drafting Affiliate Marketing Agreements: Ensuring Compliance With Advertising, IP and Internet Marketing Laws 12/10/2015 Contracts Law
Structuring Gainsharing Arrangements and Bundled Payments: Latest Developments 12/10/2015 Health Business
Avoiding Costly Missteps in Internal Workplace Investigations: Guidance for Employers From Recent Court Decisions 12/09/2015 Employment HR
Negotiating Representations, Warranties and Indemnification Clauses in Technology Agreements 12/09/2015 Contracts-Technology
Professional Liability Claims Against Accountants: Assessing and Defending Claims 12/09/2015 Professional Liability
ERISA Retirement Plan Successor Liability: Due Diligence Strategies for Stock Sales, Mergers and Other Asset Sales 12/08/2015 ERISA Retirement Plans
Navigating Functionality in Design Patent Prosecution and Litigation 12/08/2015 Patent-Prosecution
Legal Ethics in the Era of Law Firm Mergers and Vereins: Navigating Fee-Splitting, Referral, Conflicts and Other Ethical Issues 12/03/2015 Ethics Law
Selecting Trustees and Structuring Trustee Powers: Guidance for Estate Planners on Tax and Non-Tax Consequences 12/03/2015 Estate Planning Trusts & Estates
Defending Class Actions Using Absent Class Member Discovery 12/02/2015 Class Action-Trial Strategies
Structuring Independent Contractor Agreements to Avoid Costly Misclassification Liability 12/02/2015 Employment Agreements
Embedded Appellate Counsel at the Trial Level: Demonstrating Your Value to Trial and In-House Counsel 12/01/2015 Appellate Law
Enforceability of Intercreditor Agreements in Bankruptcy: Maximizing Recovery for First and Second Lienholders 12/01/2015 Corporate Finance Law
Leveraging Substantive Consolidation, Piercing the Veil, and Alter Ego in Bankruptcy Proceedings 12/01/2015 Bankruptcy Asset Recovery
M&A Letters of Intent: Buyer and Seller Strategies for Drafting and Negotiating Preliminary Deal Terms 12/01/2015 M&A Front End Contracts
Financing In-Transit Inventory: Perfecting Security Interests and Resolving Priority Disputes 11/24/2015 Banking Loan Doc-UCC
Minimizing Wage and Hour Risks With an Evolving On Demand Workforce 11/24/2015 Employment Wage & Hour Litigation
Navigating the Complexities of CMBS Loan Assumptions, Prepayments and Defeasance 11/24/2015 RP Finance-Lending
Early Termination of Charitable Remainder Trusts: Tax Consequences and Planning Opportunities 11/23/2015 Tax Law-Trusts & Estates
Employee-Created Intellectual Property: Securing Ownership Rights 11/23/2015 IP Law
DOL Audits of Employer Health Plans: Preparing for Increased ACA and Mental Health Parity Act Audits 11/19/2015 ERISA Health
False Advertising Consumer Class Actions: Navigating Complex Issues of Standing, Damages, CAFA Removal and More 11/19/2015 Class Action-Subtantive-Products
ADA Accommodation Litigation: Employee Requests for Telecommuting, Reassignment, Predictable Shifts and More 11/18/2015 Employment Lit-Discrimination/Retaliation
Builders Risk Coverage: Navigating Hard and Soft Costs, Delay in Opening Expenses and Construction Delay Measurement 11/18/2015 Construction Risk Mitigation
UCC Foreclosures: Overcoming Obstacles to the Sale and Evaluating Receivership, ABC and Bankruptcy Alternatives 11/18/2015 Bankruptcy Lender Issues
Impeachment of Witnesses in Civil Litigation: Strategies for Discrediting Adverse Witnesses 11/17/2015 Litigation-Trial Techniques
Injunctive Relief in Environmental Litigation: Leveraging Recent Court Treatment and Navigating Evidentiary Issues 11/17/2015 Environmental Litigation
Leveraging Experts for USPTO Prosecution and PTAB 11/12/2015 Patent-Prosecution
Negotiating Earnouts in M&A Transactions: Effective Approaches to Bridging the Valuation Gap 11/12/2015 M&A Front End Contracts
3D Printing: Implications for Patents, Trademarks, Trade Secrets and Copyrights 11/11/2015 IP Law
Military Divorce: Identifying, Obtaining and Introducing Military Financial and Other Documents as Evidence 11/11/2015 Family Law
Motions in Limine in Employment Litigation: Navigating Key Evidentiary Issues in Discrimination and Wage/Hour Claims 11/11/2015 Employment Lit-Procedural
Termination of Oil & Gas Leases for Lack of Production: Evaluating Habendum Clauses and Protecting Lease Interests 11/11/2015 Energy Oil & Gas
Drafting Shareholder Agreements for Closely Held Businesses 11/10/2015 Corp Law Business Entities
Using Class Action Trial Plans and Other Pretrial Filings to Influence Certification 11/10/2015 Class Action-Trial Strategies
HIPAA and TCPA Intersection: Navigating Healthcare Call Exemption, Landline/Cell Phone Distinction, Scope of Consent 11/05/2015 Health Compliance
Mitigating Punitive Damages in Employment Retaliation and Discrimination Cases: Leveraging Recent Court Decisions 11/05/2015 Employment Lit-Discrimination/Retaliation
Objective Evidence in IPRs: Demonstrating Sufficient Nexus 11/05/2015 Patent-Lit-Post-Grant
Private Company Acquisition Agreements: Drafting Reps, Warranties, Covenants and Closing Conditions 11/05/2015 M&A Front End Contracts
Negotiating Private Equity Fund Terms: Structuring Agreement Provisions for Sponsors and Investors 11/04/2015 Corp Finance Private Equity
Structuring Data Center Leases and Service Level Agreements: Navigating Unique Legal and Practical Challenges 11/04/2015 Contracts-Technology
Structuring Joint Defense Agreements in Environmental Litigation 11/04/2015 Environmental Litigation
Construction Defect Insurance Claims: Policyholder and Insurer Perspectives 11/03/2015 Construction Risk Mitigation
Enforcing Judgments: Strategies for Locating and Recovering Corporate Assets 11/03/2015 Litigation-Damages
Drafting Transportation Contracts: Negotiating Key Terms in Shipper, Carrier and Broker Agreements 10/29/2015 Contracts-Supply/Dist
Insurance Due Diligence in M&A Deals: Evaluating Coverage and Gaps, Mitigating Risks and Potential Liabilities 10/29/2015 M&A Structuring Deals
Provisional Patent Applications: Preserving IP Rights 10/29/2015 Patent-Prosecution
Attorney-Client Privilege in Bad Faith Litigation: Pushing the Limits 10/28/2015 Insurance-Bad Faith
Defending California Wage and Hour Litigation Amid New Legislation and Court Decisions 10/28/2015 Employment Wage & Hour Litigation
Drafting Income-Only Trusts for Medicaid Eligibility and Tax Planning 10/28/2015 Elder Law
Fiduciary Duties in LLCs and LPs: Considerations for Modifying or Waiving Duties of Alternative Entity Managers 10/28/2015 Corp Law Business Entities
Mezzanine Loan Foreclosures: Effectuating a UCC Foreclosure Sale and Navigating Bankruptcy Pitfalls 10/28/2015 Banking Loan Doc-Mezzanine/Second Lien
Corporate Board Composition and Evaluation Under Heightened Investor Scrutiny: Legal Considerations 10/27/2015 General Counsel
ERISA Service Provider Agreements for Retirement Plans: Negotiating, Drafting and Monitoring Agreements 10/27/2015 ERISA Retirement Plans
Mixed-Use Construction Loan Finance: Senior Lender Due Diligence, Multiple Lender Challenges 10/22/2015 RP Finance-Lending
Ponzi Scheme Clawback Litigation in Bankruptcy: Bringing or Defending Claims 10/22/2015 Bankruptcy Asset Recovery
EEOC's Aggressive Systemic Discrimination Initiative: Employer Strategies 10/21/2015 Employment Compliance-Discrimination/Retaliation
Estate Planning With Disregarded Entities: Single-Member LLCs and Qualified Subchapter S Corp Subsidiaries 10/21/2015 Estate Planning
New DoD Rule on Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing Requirements: Implications for Contractors and Subcontractors 10/20/2015 Contracts - Government
New IRS Partnership Transfer Rules for Contributions of Appreciated Property to Partnerships With Foreign Partners 10/20/2015 Tax Law Partnership
Estate Planning With Grantor Trusts: Leveraging GRATs and IDGTs to Minimize Taxes, Preserve and Transfer Assets 10/15/2015 Estate Planning Trusts & Estates
Going-Private Transactions: Deal Structure Considerations, SEC Disclosure Obligations, Fiduciary Duties and More 10/15/2015 M&A Structuring Deals
Structuring Public-Private Partnership Agreements: Leveraging the New EJCDC Standard P3 Contract Form 10/15/2015 RP Transactions-Project-Development
Restrictive Covenants in Employment: Crafting Enforceable Noncompete and Non-Solicitation Agreements 10/14/2015 Employment Compliance-Competition/Trade Secrets
340B Drug Pricing Program Omnibus Guidance: Preparing for HHS' Long-Awaited Guidance 10/13/2015 Health Compliance
Back to Business in Iran After the Nuclear Deal: Maximizing Opportunity and Minimizing Liability Risks 10/13/2015 International Trade/Export
Executive Employment Agreements and Change in Control Arrangements 10/13/2015 ERISA Executive Comp
Piercing the LLC Veil: Avoiding Member Liability for Business Debts 10/13/2015 Corp Law Business Entities
Tax Challenges With Private Equity Management Fee Waivers Given Newly Heightened IRS Scrutiny 10/13/2015 Tax Law-Investment-Vehicles
Hedge Fund IPR Challenges to Pharma Patents: Latest Developments and Strategies to Strengthen Patents 10/12/2015 Patent-Lit-Post-Grant
Buyer Protection Provisions in M&A Agreements: AR Repurchase Obligation, Inventory Audit, Insurance and More 10/08/2015 M&A Front End Contracts
Concierge Medicine: Complying With Medicare Regulations, State Laws and Anti-Kickback/Anti-Referral Laws 10/08/2015 Health Business
Creditors' Committees: Navigating Disclosures, Fiduciary Duties, Attorney-Client Privilege, and Fees and Expenses 10/08/2015 Bankruptcy Reorganization
Leveraging Experts in Environmental Litigation 10/08/2015 Environmental Litigation
Proactive Patent Procurement and Prosecution Strategies: Minimizing the Threat of Post-Grant Challenges 10/08/2015 Patent-Prosecution
Pursuing Insurance Bad Faith Claims Over Personal Injury Claim Delays, Denials and Low Ball Offers 10/08/2015 Personal Injury-Substantive
Structuring Opinions of Counsel in Real Estate Finance Transactions 10/08/2015 RP Finance-Lending
"No Injury" and "Overbroad" Consumer Class Actions: Strategies to Pursue or Defend Class Certification 10/07/2015 Class Action-Pre-Certification
Ethical Risks of Attorney Social Media Activity: Navigating the Dangers of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs 10/07/2015 Ethics Law
ACA Compliance for Employers: Preparing for New 2016 Information Reporting Requirements 10/06/2015 Employment Law
Structuring Real Estate JVs: Capital Contributions, Distributions, Allocations, Taxes, Governance, Exit Strategies 10/01/2015 RP Finance-Tax
USPTO Rule Changes for PTAB Trial Proceedings 10/01/2015 Patent-Lit-Post-Grant
2015 Amendments to Delaware's General Corporation Law, LLC Act and DRUPA 09/30/2015 Corporate Governance
Drafting Nondisclosure Agreements for Information Technology Transactions 09/30/2015 Contracts-Technology
Estate Planning With Marital Trusts Post-ATRA: Optimizing Basis Step-Up and Leveraging AB and QTIP Trusts 09/30/2015 Estate Planning Trusts & Estates
Minimizing Risks When Importing Goods Subject to Antidumping and Countervailing Duties 09/29/2015 International Trade/Export
Drafting Tax Distribution Provisions in Partnership Agreements: Protecting Against Tax on "Phantom" Income 09/24/2015 Tax Law Partnership
Environmental Covenants in Real Estate Transactions: Minimizing Exposure Risk to Contamination 09/24/2015 Environmental-Transactional
Leveraging Colossus in Auto Accident Claim Recovery: Guidance for Counsel 09/24/2015 Personal Injury-Substantive
Patent Term Adjustments and Extensions: Leveraging Recent Decisions and USPTO Rule Changes 09/24/2015 Patent-Lit-Post-Grant
Real Estate Mezzanine and A/B Loans: Structuring and Enforcing Intercreditor and B Note Agreements 09/24/2015 RP Finance-Lending
TCPA Compliance for Mobile Communications Marketing: Avoiding Penalties and Lawsuits 09/24/2015 General Counsel
Trade Secrets and Cybersecurity: Protecting Intellectual Property, Mitigating Loss and Navigating Legal Responses 09/24/2015 IP Law
Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Due Diligence in M&A Deals 09/22/2015 M&A Front End Contracts
Equipment Financing Risks in Bankruptcy: Implications of Lease vs. Secured Transaction 09/22/2015 Bankruptcy Lender Issues
FATCA, Foreign Trusts and Estate Planning: Navigating Complex Reporting and Withholding Requirements 09/22/2015 Estate Planning-Tax
Leveraging Expert Testimony: Navigating Daubert Standards, Strategies for Direct and Cross Examination of Experts 09/22/2015 Litigation-Trial Techniques
Ascertainability Requirement in Class Litigation: Lessons From Byrd v. Aarons and Carrera v. Bayer Corp. 09/17/2015 Class Action-Pre-Certification
Structuring IRA Trusts in Estate Planning: Strategies for Minimizing Taxes and Preserving Assets 09/17/2015 Estate Planning Trusts & Estates
Employer Immigration Compliance in an Era of Heightened Enforcement and Increased Criminal Investigations 09/16/2015 Employment HR
Mitigating Bankruptcy Risks in Oil & Gas Transactions: Fraudulent Transfers and Preferences 09/16/2015 Energy Oil & Gas
Structuring International Contracts: Choice of Law, Jurisdiction and Language, Arbitration Clauses, and Terms of Art 09/16/2015 International Law
Environmental Insurance Coverage for NRD, CERCLA, RCRA, OPA and Other Claims 09/10/2015 Environmental Law
Healthcare REITs: Navigating Regulatory Challenges and Minimizing Liability Risk 09/10/2015 Health Business
Patent Infringement: Structuring Opinions of Counsel 09/10/2015 Patent-Prosecution
Preserving Evidence in Trucking Injury Cases: Motor Carrier Certificates, Engine Control Module Data and More 09/10/2015 Personal Injury-Substantive
Structuring Special Purpose Entities in Real Estate Finance Transactions: Latest Developments 09/10/2015 RP Finance-Lending
Unraveling Bank Regulatory Developments Affecting Lending: Leveraged Lending Guidance, Basel III Capital and Liquidity Coverage Ratio Rule and More 09/10/2015 Banking Loan Doc-Terms & Trends
Bankruptcy Section 1111(b)(2) Elections, Plan Feasibility, and Cramdown Interest Rate Complexities 09/09/2015 Bankruptcy Reorganization
Construction Defect Claims: Impact of Horizontal vs. Vertical Exhaustion Rules on Multiple Layers of Coverage 09/09/2015 Construction Risk Mitigation
Insurer's Bad Faith Liability in the Absence of Coverage: First-Party and Third-Party Claims 09/09/2015 Insurance-Bad Faith
Negotiating Covenants and Closing Conditions in M&A Transactions: Practical Tactics and Techniques 09/09/2015 M&A Front End Contracts
Obtaining Fair Use Clearance for Copyrights 09/09/2015 Copyright Law
TCPA Class Actions: Pursuing or Defending Claims Following the FCC's New Robocalls Order 09/09/2015 Class Action-Subtantive-Privacy
Drafting Tax-Effective Succession Plans for Closely-Held Businesses: Navigating Competing Concerns 09/08/2015 Tax Law
Negotiating Software as a Service Contracts 09/08/2015 Contracts-Technology
Corporate Governance in M&A Deals: Protecting Shareholder Interests, Avoiding Litigation and Investigations 09/03/2015 Mergers & Acquisitions
Rule 144A and Regulation S Securities Offerings: Navigating the Process and Closing the Deal 09/03/2015 Securities
Structuring Physician Group Practices: Key Legal Considerations 09/03/2015 Health Business
Insurer's Breach of Duty to Defend: Navigating Divergent Court Rules on the Subsequent Right to Contest Coverage 09/02/2015 Insurance Coverage
Statistics in Employment Class Actions: Leveraging and Attacking Statistical Evidence at Certification and Trial 09/02/2015 Employment Wage & Hour Litigation
Structuring Agent and Co-Lender Agreements in Multi-Lender Deals: Balancing Differing Rights and Obligations 09/02/2015 Banking Loan Doc-Syndicated Loans
Estate Planning With Section 1031 Exchanges: Structuring Like-Kind Exchanges of Investment Property 09/01/2015 Estate Planning-Tax
IP Agreements: Structuring Indemnification and Limitation of Liability Provisions to Allocate Infringement Risk 09/01/2015 IP Law
Defeating Liability Waivers in Personal Injury Cases: Substantive and Procedural Strategies 08/27/2015 Personal Injury
Negotiating Business Agreements via Email, Text and Other Electronic Communications 08/27/2015 Contracts-Gen/Comm
Tax Implications of Choice of Entity for Startups: An Advanced Examination for Tax Counsel 08/27/2015 Tax Law
Buying and Selling Long-Term Care Facilities: Overcoming Complex Regulatory and Business Challenges 08/26/2015 Health Business
Construction Contracts: Best Practices for Payment, Changes and Damages Provisions 08/26/2015 Construction Contracts
Drafting Convertible Preferred Stock Provisions, Equity Warrants and Options, Restricted Stock and Restricted Stock Unit Grants 08/26/2015 Securities
Lending to Series of LLCs: Navigating UCC and Bankruptcy Code Risks and Providing Closing Opinions 08/26/2015 Banking Loan Doc-UCC
Litigating Employment Retaliation Claims: Strategies for Defending EEOC Charges and Retaliation Lawsuits 08/26/2015 Employment Lit-Discrimination/Retaliation
Defeating Rule 23(b)(3)'s Predominance Requirement Using Defenses and Counterclaims 08/25/2015 Class Action-Pre-Certification
RCRA Litigation Strategies: Defeating Claims of Substantial Endangerment 08/25/2015 Environmental Litigation
Induced Infringement in Patent Litigation: Implications of Commil USA v. Cisco Sys. Inc. 08/20/2015 IP Patent Litigation
Drafting Workplace Social Media Policies: Protecting Company Interests, Avoiding NLRB Enforcement Action 08/19/2015 Employment Compliance-Privacy
E-Discovery in Products Liability Litigation: Preparing for New FRCP Amendments on Proportionality and ESI 08/19/2015 Product Liability
HIPAA Audits: Preparing for Phase 2 Audits for Covered Entities and Business Associates 08/19/2015 Health Compliance
Navigating D&O Fiduciary Duties in the Zone of Insolvency 08/19/2015 Bankruptcy Reorganization
Estate and Trust Fiduciary Litigation: Minimizing and Defending Breach of Duty Claims 08/18/2015 Estate Planning Trusts & Estates
Business Development Companies: Forming, Financing and Investing in Alternative Capital Vehicles 08/13/2015 Corporate Finance Law
Former Employees and Executives as Non-Party Witnesses in Employment Litigation 08/13/2015 Employment Litigation
Premises Liability Claims: Plaintiff and Defense Strategies in Slip and Fall, Inadequate Security Cases 08/13/2015 Personal Injury-Substantive
Telemedicine Privacy and Security: Safeguarding Protected Health Information and Minimizing Risks of Disclosure 08/13/2015 Health Compliance
Construing Insurance Policy Language: Doctrine of Reasonable Expectations, Illusory Coverage and More 08/12/2015 Insurance Coverage
Divorce and Medicaid Planning Strategies 08/12/2015 Family Law
Commercial Loan Guaranties: Drafting and Enforcing Corporate and Personal Guaranties and Non-Recourse Carve-Outs 08/11/2015 Banking Loan Doc-Terms & Trends
Insurance-Related Class Actions: Pursuing or Defending Actions Over Insurance Products or Claims Handling 08/11/2015 Class Action-Subtantive-Products
NING and DING Trusts in Estate Planning: Designing ING Trusts to Avoid State Income Tax and Protect Assets 08/11/2015 Estate Planning Trusts & Estates
Rendering Third-Party Legal Opinions on LLC Status, Power, Action, Enforceability and Membership Interests 08/11/2015 Corp Law Business Entities
Representing Bankruptcy Post-Confirmation Liquidation and Litigation Trusts 08/11/2015 Bankruptcy Law
340B Compliance: Overcoming Challenges With Diversion, Duplicate Discounts, and Orphan Drug Restrictions 08/06/2015 Health Compliance
401(k) Fee Litigation After Tibble v. Edison Int'l: Navigating the Continuing Duty to Monitor Plan Investments 08/06/2015 ERISA Retirement Plans
Maximizing Patent Prosecution Opportunities in Europe: Tactics for Counsel When Drafting U.S.-Origin Applications 08/06/2015 Patent-Prosecution
Medicaid Estate Recovery Planning Techniques: Mitigating States' Practices to Enforce Recovery Rights 08/06/2015 Elder Law
Real Estate Joint Ventures: Waterfall Structures, Developer Promote, IRR Lookback, Clawback and Catchup 08/06/2015 RP Finance-Tax
Acquisition Financing Trends for Private Equity Sponsors and Strategic Buyers: Commitment Letters, Documentation and More 08/05/2015 M&A Finance
FLSA Administrative and Executive Exemptions: Avoiding, Auditing and Correcting Misclassifications 08/05/2015 Employment Wage & Hour
Using Expert Witnesses in Bad Faith and Coverage Litigation 08/05/2015 Insurance-Bad Faith
Wrap Insurance for Construction Projects 08/05/2015 Construction Risk Mitigation
Developing and Protecting Trade Dress: Leveraging Trademark Law to Protect the Look and Feel of Product Design 08/04/2015 Trademark Law
Litigating Closely Held Business Disputes: Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Breach of Contract and Shareholder Oppression 08/04/2015 Litigation-Substantive
Negotiating Technology Multi-Sourcing Arrangements: Strategies for Customer and Vendor Counsel 08/04/2015 Contracts-Technology
Advanced Issues for Patent Claim Construction: Leveraging Recent Court Guidance 07/30/2015 Patent-Prosecution
Pharmaceutical Waste Management: Compliance for Hospitals, Pharmacies, and Other Healthcare Facilities 07/30/2015 Health Compliance
Unitranches Structures and Enforceability of AALs Including Insights from RadioShack Bankruptcy Court 07/30/2015 Banking Loan Doc-Terms & Trends
Allocating Defense Costs Among Multiple Insurers and Between Covered and Uncovered Claims 07/29/2015 Insurance Coverage
Bankruptcy Credit Bidding Post Fisker: Strategies for Protecting a Credit Bid or Making For Cause Challenges 07/29/2015 Bankruptcy Lender Issues
Leveraging Prior Unemployment, Workers' Comp and EEOC Administrative Determinations in Employment Litigation 07/29/2015 Employment Litigation
Private Equity M&A Key Deal Terms: Reverse Break Fees, Seller Remedies, Post-Closing Indemnity 07/29/2015 M&A Front End Contracts
Contract Assignment in M&A Transactions: Guidance for Deal Counsel 07/23/2015 M&A Structuring Deals
Section 103 and Non-Obviousness Post-AIA 07/23/2015 Patent-Prosecution
Bad Faith Insurance Litigation: Scope of Extra-Contractual Damages 07/22/2015 Insurance-Bad Faith
E-Discovery in Employment Litigation: Preparing for New FRCP Amendments on Proportionality and ESI 07/22/2015 Employment Lit-Procedural
Estate Planning Strategies for Minimizing the Net Investment Income Tax on Trusts and Estates 07/22/2015 Estate Planning-Tax
Modernizing Medicaid Managed Care: Navigating CMS' Long-Awaited and Overhauled Proposed Regulations 07/21/2015 Health Compliance
Protecting Business Assets From Creditors in Litigation: Strategic Choice of Entities, Avoiding Fraudulent Transfers 07/21/2015 Litigation
Rights of Publicity and Brand Promotion via Social Media: Navigating the Complexities 07/21/2015 Entertainment/Sports/Media
Valuation Challenges in Physician Compensation Arrangements: Meeting Compliance and Regulatory Requirements 07/16/2015 Health Business
Accommodating Pregnant Workers After Young v. UPS: Navigating New Obligations Absent Clear Court Guidance 07/15/2015 Employment Compliance-Discrimination/Retaliation
Leveraging Secured Lender Bankruptcy Cramdown Rules and Setting Interest Rates: Debtor and Lender Strategies 07/15/2015 Bankruptcy Reorganization
Defeating or Limiting Class Actions With Early Dispositive Motions 07/14/2015 Class Action-Pre-Certification
Bankruptcy Authority Post Stern, Bellingham and Wellness: Navigating the Uncertainties in Claims Litigation 07/09/2015 Bankruptcy Litigation
Leveraging Post-Grant Patent Proceedings Before the PTAB 07/09/2015 Patent-Lit-Post-Grant
Non-Compete Agreements in Business Sale Transactions: Buyer and Seller Considerations 07/09/2015 M&A Structuring Deals
ERISA Pension Plan Overpayments: Navigating Conflicting Fiduciary Obligations and IRS Guidance 07/08/2015 ERISA Retirement Plans
Key CFIUS Developments: Lessons from Recent CFIUS Report and Cleared Transactions 07/08/2015 International Law
Wage & Hour Collective and Class Actions: Asserting and Challenging Affirmative Defenses 07/08/2015 Employment Wage & Hour Litigation
Environmental Audits: Navigating E-Disclosure, Privilege, Voluntary Disclosure and Other Issues 07/07/2015 Environmental Law
Small Business Trusts: Drafting Tax-Advantaged QSSTs and ESBTs, Reconciling Trust and S-Corp Documents 07/07/2015 Tax Law Partnership
Structuring Covenants in Leveraged Loans and High Yield Bonds for Borrowers and Lenders 07/07/2015 Banking Loan Doc-Terms & Trends
Real Estate Private Placement Offerings Under New Regulation A+ and Regulation D, Rule 506 07/01/2015 Real Property Finance
Probate Strategies When Non-Resident/Non-Citizen Decedents Own U.S. Assets: Legal, Tax and Practical Issues 06/30/2015 Estate Planning Wills & Probate
Accident Reconstruction in Truck Collision Investigations and Trial 06/25/2015 Personal Injury
Allocating Risk in Real Estate Leases: Contractual Indemnities, Additional Insured Endorsements and Waivers of Subrogation 06/25/2015 RP Transactions-Leasing
Structuring Healthcare Co-Location Arrangements: Complying With Legal and Regulatory Requirements 06/25/2015 Health Business
ESI in Insurance Litigation: Preparing for FRCP Amendments on Proportionality and ESI Management 06/24/2015 Insurance Litigation
Fair Credit Reporting Act: Litigation, Regulatory and Enforcement Developments in the Financial Services Industry and Beyond 06/23/2015 Banking Lit-Consumer Finance
Intra-Family Transactions in Estate Planning: Structuring Loans and Self-Cancelling Installment Notes 06/23/2015 Estate Planning-Tax
Mitigating D&O Liability Exposure for Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Breaches 06/23/2015 General Counsel
Patent Infringement Letters: Considerations and Best Practices for Senders and Recipients 06/18/2015 IP-Patent Law
Construction Insurance Claims: Consent Judgments and Coblentz Settlement Agreements 06/17/2015 Construction Risk Mitigation
Lender Recovery in Bankruptcy: Pre-Petition Default Interest, Pre-Payment Penalties, Late Fees, OID, Attorney Fees 06/17/2015 Bankruptcy Lender Issues
NLRB's New "Quickie" Election Rules: Preparing for Rapid Response to "Ambush" Elections Under Complex Rules 06/17/2015 Employment Labor/Unions
Physician Peer Review: Ensuring Immunity, Confidentiality and Compliance 06/17/2015 Health Compliance
Estate Planning With Education Trusts and 529 Plans 06/16/2015 Estate Planning Trusts & Estates
Navigating the Clean Water Act Permit Shield Absent Clear Court Guidance 06/16/2015 Environmental Law
Exempt or Non-Exempt? Overcoming Latest Employee Misclassification Challenges 06/10/2015 Employment Wage & Hour
Real Estate Purchase and Sales: Letters of Intent, Due Diligence, P&S Agreements 06/10/2015 RP Transactions-Sales
Deposing Named Plaintiffs in Class Litigation: Uncovering and Leveraging Issues of Adequacy and Commonality 06/09/2015 Class Action-Pre-Certification
Navigating OFAC Ukraine-Related Sanctions: Meeting the Latest U.S. and EU Sanctions Requirements 06/09/2015 International Trade/Export
Trust Protectors in Estate Planning: Benefits and Legal Risks 06/09/2015 Estate Planning Trusts & Estates
Conducting Sell-Side Due Diligence in M&A: Maximizing Deal Value and Minimizing Closing Delays 06/04/2015 M&A Structuring Deals
Intercreditor Agreements in Mezzanine and Second-Lien Loans: Structuring and Enforcing Key Provisions 06/04/2015 Banking Loan Doc-Mezzanine/Second Lien
Leveraging Affordable Housing HUD Financing: RAD and Other Mixed-Finance Development Programs 06/04/2015 Real Property Finance
Liability Insurance for ERISA Plan Sponsors: Maximizing Coverage Under Employee Benefits and Fiduciary Liability Policies 06/04/2015 ERISA
Navigating Section 112(a) Enablement and Written Description 06/04/2015 Patent-Prosecution
Bring Your Own Device in the Workplace: Minimizing Legal Risks of BYOD Programs 06/03/2015 Employment HR
Terminating the Duty to Defend: Evaluating When the Insurer Can Extinguish the Duty 06/03/2015 Insurance Coverage
Natural Resource Damages Assessment: Strategies for Valuing and Contesting NRD Injury and Damages 06/02/2015 Environmental CERCLA
Negotiating Enforceable Liquidated Damages Clauses in Business Contracts 06/02/2015 Contracts-Gen/Comm
Streamlined Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program: Avoiding Aggressive Enforcement Regime and Significant Penalties 06/02/2015 Tax Law-Foreign
Commercial Real Estate Portfolio and CMBS Loan Workouts: Forbearance, Foreclosure and Bankruptcy 05/28/2015 RP Finance-Restructuring
Defending Rule 30(b)(6) Corporate Depositions in Employment Litigation 05/27/2015 Employment Lit-Procedural
Open Source: Copyrightability, Fair Use and Due Diligence 05/27/2015 Copyright Law
Pension De-Risking for Employee Benefit Sponsors: Avoiding Litigation and Enforcement Action 05/27/2015 ERISA Retirement Plans
Estate Planning and the Fiduciary Exception to Attorney-Client Privilege 05/26/2015 Estate Planning Trusts & Estates
Leveraging Big Data in Healthcare: Navigating HIPAA, Antitrust, Stark and AKS Compliance and Security Issues 05/21/2015 Health Business
Patent Infringement: Proving Royalty Damages Amid Increased Court Scrutiny 05/21/2015 IP Patent Litigation
FCPA Compliance in the Middle East: Strategies Given the Region's Unique Cultural and Governmental Intricacies 05/20/2015 International FCPA
Heightened EEOC Scrutiny of Employee Wellness Programs: Navigating Conflicts Between ACA Incentives and EEOC Enforcement 05/20/2015 Employment Compliance-Discrimination/Retaliation
Bank Brokered Deposits: New FDIC Guidance on Identifying, Accepting and Reporting Deposits 05/19/2015 Banking Regulatory
Environmental Due Diligence for Real Estate Buyers, Sellers and Lenders 05/19/2015 Environmental-Transactional
Estate Planning for Second Marriages and Blended Families 05/19/2015 Estate Planning
Structuring 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges After IRS Victory in North Central Leasing 05/19/2015 Tax Law-Real Property
Foreign Investments in U.S. REITs: Tax Challenges for Investors and Funds Seeking Foreign Capital 05/14/2015 RP Finance-Tax
Non-Compete Agreement Litigation Strategies 05/13/2015 Employment Litigation
Divorce and the Impact of Business Valuations on Support and Equitable Distribution 05/12/2015 Family Law
Issue Preclusion in Trademark Litigation: Implications of B&B Hardware 05/12/2015 IP Trademarks Litigation
Stockholder Demands for Books and Records Inspections Under Delaware Law: Lessons From Recent Cases 05/12/2015 Corporate Governance
Daubert Motions in Construction Litigation: Raising and Defending Challenges 05/05/2015 Construction Litigation
Negotiating Clinical Trial Agreements: Balancing the Interests of Sponsors and Healthcare Providers 05/05/2015 Health Business
Antitrust Compliance in Healthcare Consolidations: Addressing Tension Between Antitrust and ACA Requirements 04/30/2015 Health Business
Structuring Real Estate Development Agreements With Municipalities 04/30/2015 RP Transactions-Project-Development
Structuring and Negotiating Compensation Packages 04/30/2015 Employment Agreements
Commercial Lending and Equity Deal Terms for Middle Markets: Borrower and Lender Perspectives 04/28/2015 Banking Loan Doc-Terms & Trends
Estate Planning and Rules for Minimum Distributions From Retirement Plans and IRAs 04/28/2015 Estate Planning-Tax
Data Breaches in ERISA Benefit Plans: Prevention and Response 04/23/2015 ERISA
Medicare Value-Based Payment and Quality Reporting for Physician Services: Navigating Recent Changes 04/23/2015 Health Compliance
Real Estate JVs: Structuring Capital Call Provisions and Contribution Default Remedies 04/23/2015 RP Finance-Lending