CPE On-Demand

The following on-demand webinars are approved for NASBA QAS Self-Study Continuing Education credit.  They are accessible 24/7 and available to you for one year from the date of purchase.  Webinars are 110 minutes long and generally earn 2.0 CPE credits.

Title / Date Specialty Order
Filing Form 1040NR: Taxpayer Elections, Income and Deduction Computation, and Spouse/Dependent Treatment 01/22/2014 Individual Tax Foreign
Form 1041: Estate and Trust Tax Reporting 02/27/2014 Tax Trust & Estates
Form 1065 Reporting and Calculations for Partnership Terminations and Transfers of Interest 02/20/2014 Partnership Tax Forms
Passive Activity Loss Reporting: Strategies for Pass-Throughs and Impact of New NII Tax Regulations 05/20/2014 Partnership Tax Planning
Partnership Basis and Distributions: Navigating Sections 731-737, 751(b) and 755 09/09/2014 Partnership Tax Planning
3.8% Federal Net Investment Income Tax Challenges for Tax Professionals 09/18/2014 Individual Tax 1040
IRC Sect. 704(b): Partnership Allocations 10/08/2014 Partnership Tax Planning
IC-DISC: Compliance Challenges in the Federal Tax Break for Exporters 10/21/2014 Foreign Business Tax
Final IRS Sect. 67(e) Regs for Estate and Trust Taxpayers: Applying the Required 2% Deduction Floor 10/15/2014 Tax Trust & Estates
Form 8582: Passive Activity Reporting and Impact of 3.8% Medicare Tax 11/19/2014 Partnership Tax Forms
Basis Adjustments for Partnerships and LLCs: Compliance Challenges 12/17/2014 Partnership Tax Planning
Recourse and Non-Recourse Debt for Partnerships 12/03/2014 Partnership Tax Planning
Form 1120S Challenges for Tax Preparers 12/10/2014 S-Corporations
Partnership Tax Returns: High-Risk and Challenging Aspects 02/19/2015 Partnership Tax Planning
Pass-Through Entities and COD Income: Sheltering Solvent Entity Owners From Insolvent Entity Taxable COD Income 01/28/2015 Partnership Tax Forms
FATCA Final Regulations for Individual Taxpayers: Form 8938 Reporting on Foreign Financial Assets 02/24/2015 Individual Tax Foreign
Form 8903: Domestic Production Activities Deduction for Pass-Thrus and Other Business Entities 02/25/2015 Partnership Tax Forms
IRC 754: Partnership and Pass-Through Entity Basis Adjustments 03/03/2015 Partnership Tax Planning
Form 990 Challenges: Navigating 2014 Changes to the Non-Profit Information Return and Schedules 06/03/2015 Non-Profit/Exempt Organizations
Calculating Depreciation Recapture Under IRC 1245 and 1250: Minimizing Tax Through Transaction Planning 05/27/2015 Tax Corporate
Avoiding Tax Pitfalls in C-Corp to S-Corp Elections: Built-in-Gains, Earnings and Profits, Passive Income, and Other Issues 06/24/2015 Tax Corporate
Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Property: Tax and Reporting Challenges 07/21/2015 Individual Tax Foreign
Capital Account Challenges for Partnerships and LLCs: Tackling Calculations and Complex Operating Agreements 07/21/2015 Partnership Tax Forms
Mastering Multi-State Taxation of S Corporations: State Variances in Recognition of S Elections and QSSS 08/13/2015 S-Corporations
Form 5227 Reporting: Charitable Split-Interest Trusts, NIIT Calculations, and More 08/20/2015 Tax Trust & Estates
Section 1202 Qualified Small Business Stock: Maximizing Tax Advantages of Gain Exclusion and Deferral 08/27/2015 Individual Tax 1040
Mastering Yellow Book and Single Audit Workpaper Documentation: Preparing High-Quality GAGAS Working Papers 11/10/2015 Audit & Attestation
401k Annual Audits: Anticipating Serious and Costly Errors, Evaluating Alternative Solutions 12/01/2015 Employee Benefits
Form 8865: Reporting Foreign Partnership Income 12/01/2015 Partnership Tax Forms
Ethics for Tax Return Preparers: Meeting Standards for Conduct Under Circular 230, the NATP and the AICPA 12/16/2015 Other CPE
UDFI for Exempt Organizations: Reporting Unrelated Debt-Financed Income on Form 990-T 02/03/2016 Non-Profit/Exempt Organizations
Pass-Through Liabilities and Federal Tax Treatment: Resolving Complex Issues With Liability Characterization 12/22/2015 Partnership Tax Planning
Navigating Foreign Activities Reporting Requirements for Exempt Organizations: Form 990 Sch. F, and Other Returns 01/06/2016 Non-Profit/Exempt Organizations
Advanced Multistate Taxation of Partnerships and Individual Partners 01/27/2016 Partnership Tax Forms
Foreign Earned Income: Form 2555 Exclusion Reporting and Other Tax Issues for Expat Workers 02/23/2016 Individual Tax 1040
Major Program Determination in Uniform Guidance Audits Under the New Standard: Mastering the Four-Step Risk Model 03/02/2016 Non-Profit/Exempt Organizations
Forms W-8BEN and W-9 Compliance in Foreign and U.S. Business Transactions 05/12/2016 Foreign Business Tax
Mastering Tax Complexities in the Sale of Partnership and LLC Interests 06/23/2016 Partnership Tax Planning
Section 704, Targeted Allocations and the Distribution Waterfall: Overcoming Challenges Absent IRS Guidance 06/16/2016 Partnership Tax Planning
Calculating Fiduciary Accounting Income for Trusts: Interpreting Operating Documents, Applying UPIA and State Law 06/21/2016 Tax Trust & Estates
Mastering Form 3520: Reporting Foreign Trust Activities on U.S. Income Tax Returns 07/14/2016 Individual Tax 1040
Reporting GRATS, GRUTS, ILITS and IDGTs on Form 709: GST Exemption Allocation Calculations and Strategies 07/13/2016 Tax Trust & Estates
New Section 385 Regulations for S Corps: Protecting S Elections and Avoiding Debt Reclassification 08/03/2016 S-Corporations
IRC Section 734 Adjustments: Applying the 754 Election to Distributions of Partnership Property 08/11/2016 Partnership Tax Planning
Form 1116 Foreign Tax Credits for Individuals: Mastering Calculations, Using Carryovers and Maximizing Benefits 08/17/2016 Individual Tax Foreign
Form 5227 Reporting: Mastering Compliance With Charitable Split-Interest Trusts, NIIT Calculations, and More 08/18/2016 Tax Trust & Estates
Material Participation Rules for Trusts: Leveraging the Aragona Trust Holding to Minimize NIIT Impact 09/27/2016 Tax Trust & Estates
Reporting UBTI and UBIT in Partnerships and S Corporations: Mastering K-1 Disclosures for Exempt Org Partners 09/29/2016 Partnership Tax Forms
Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Property: Tax Planning and Reporting Challenges 11/01/2016 Individual Tax Foreign
Opting Out of PFIC Tax-and-Interest Treatment: Making QEF Elections on Form 8621 Part II 10/20/2016 Individual Tax Foreign
Distributable Net Income: Mastering Difficult DNI Calculations for Estates and Complex Trusts 12/08/2016 Tax Trust & Estates
IC-DISC Strategies: Mastering the Complex Operational Challenges 11/10/2016 Foreign Business Tax
Implementing New FASB Not-For-Profit Financial Statement Reporting Standards of ASU 2016-14 11/16/2016 Non-Profit/Exempt Organizations
US Partnerships With Foreign Partners: Navigating Withholding, Informational Reporting and Payment Requirements 11/16/2016 Partnership Tax Forms
US-Canadian Dual Taxation Pitfalls: Reporting Issues and Planning Opportunities for US Taxpayers 11/30/2016 Individual Tax Foreign
Claiming the Section 41 R&D Credit After the PATH Act: Leveraging Small Business Provisions 12/01/2016 Tax Corporate
Partnership Debt Allocations and New IRS Regulations: Prepare Now for Sweeping Changes to Minimize Tax Consequences 12/15/2016 Partnership Tax Planning
Form 8621 PFIC Reporting: Navigating the Highly Complex IRS Passive Foreign Investment Company Rules 01/05/2017 Individual Tax Foreign
Mastering Form 5472: New Filing Requirements for Foreign Individuals, LLCs, and Companies 05/24/2017 Individual Tax Foreign
Mastering Partnership Minimum Gain Chargeback Provisions for the Tax Professional 07/06/2017 Partnership Tax Forms
U.S.-U.K. Dual Taxation Pitfalls: Reporting Issues and Planning Opportunities for U.S. Taxpayers 06/13/2017 Individual Tax 1040
IRC Section 734 Adjustments: Applying the 754 Election to Distributions of Partnership Property 08/10/2017 Partnership Tax Planning
IRC Section 754: Partnership and Pass-Through Entity Basis Adjustments 08/22/2017 Partnership Tax Planning
Correcting Foreign Information Reporting Noncompliance: Voluntary Disclosure Programs 08/15/2017 Individual Tax Foreign
Multistate Tax Treatment of Multi-Tier Partnerships: Navigating State Rules For Nonresident Tiered Pass-Through Entities 08/31/2017 Partnership Tax Forms
Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Property: Tax Planning and Reporting 11/14/2017 Individual Tax Foreign
Maintaining Partner Capital Account Balances: Preparing Workpapers, Documenting Allocations and Corrections 10/31/2017 Partnership Tax Planning
Distributable Net Income: Mastering Difficult DNI Calculations for Estates and Complex Trusts 12/05/2017 Tax Trust & Estates
Partnership Debt Allocations and New IRS Regulations: Minimizing Tax Consequences 12/07/2017 Partnership Tax Planning
LLC and Partnership Purchases: Entity Interests vs. Asset Sales 11/28/2017 Partnership Tax Planning
Form 8938 Reporting for Taxpayers With Foreign Assets: Integrating FATCA and Latest Enhancements 12/20/2017 Individual Tax Foreign
Form 8621 PFIC Reporting: Navigating the Complex IRS Passive Foreign Investment Company Rules 01/18/2018 Individual Tax Foreign
Mastering Reporting of Publicly Traded Partnership and MLP K-1s on Partners' Returns 01/23/2018 Individual Tax 1040
Broker-Dealer Audits: Overcoming Costly Deficiencies in PCAOB Examinations and Avoiding Sanctions 01/25/2018 Audit & Attestation
FBAR 2018 Update: Mastering FinCen Form 114, Deadlines, Extension, Penalty Resolution and Waiver Provisions 02/01/2018 Individual Tax Foreign
Allocating Capital Gains to Distributable Net Income in Estates and Trusts: Achieving Optimal Tax Treatment 02/13/2018 Tax Trust & Estates
UK-Based Retirement Accounts for U.S. Taxpayers: Mastering Reporting, Maximizing Planning Opportunities 02/06/2018 Individual Tax 1040
Composite Returns and Nonresident Withholding for Pass-Through Entities: Navigating the Multistate Complexities 05/01/2018 Partnership Tax Forms
Nonprofits and Exempt Organizations After Tax Reform: Preparing for Massive Changes 02/15/2018 Non-Profit/Exempt Organizations
Tax Reform and U.S. Foreign Reporting for Individuals: New Cross-Border Repatriation and Inclusion Provisions 02/15/2018 Individual Tax Foreign
State and Local Tax Implications of Tax Reform 05/02/2018 State Income Tax
Correcting Capital Account Mistakes and Errors on Partnership Returns 05/16/2018 Partnership Tax Forms
Deemed Repatriation of Deferred Foreign Earnings: Calculating Accumulated E&P and Transition Tax 04/26/2018 Individual Tax Foreign
Form 1041 Trust Income Tax Reporting After Tax Reform: FAI and DNI Calculation Impact of New Law Provisions 04/25/2018 Tax Trust & Estates
Taxation of Foreign Source Income Under New Tax Law 05/10/2018 Foreign Business Tax
New IRC Section 67(g) and Form 1041 Trust Deduction Rules Post-Tax Reform 05/22/2018 Tax Trust & Estates

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