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Streamlined Sales Tax: Simplifying Multistate Sales Tax Registration, Calculation, and Remittance through SST

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Conducted on Thursday, April 21, 2022

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This course will discuss the benefits of utilizing a Streamlined Sales Tax Certified Service Provider (CSP) in achieving and maintaining sales tax compliance in the 24 member states. Our panel of sales tax experts will explain the ins and outs of the program, which companies are eligible, which benefit the most, and the responsibilities and obligations undertaken by your CSP.


Wayfair only heightened the need for cooperation, uniformity, and simplification in sales tax compliance. Post Wayfair, all states created rules obligating remote sellers to collect and remit tax, and while the rules differ a little from state to state, most cast a wide net. This new reality means that many companies have a vastly expanded sales tax compliance obligation and insufficient internal resources to get the job done timely and accurately.

Streamlined sales tax (SST) had been preparing for this moment for the last 20 years. Within the 24 SST member states, there is a centralized sales tax registration system, uniform definitions, requirements, and disclosed practices, and a uniform simplified electronic tax return. SST has also certified a handful of tax technology providers who stand ready to provide automated determination, filing and remittance. For qualifying taxpayers using CSP’s the cost and administrative burden of compliance can be significantly reduced

While the membership in SST has remained at 24 for quite some time, several other states are considering similar models. Today a CSP program also exists in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and programs are either being considered in states such as Illinois, Connecticut, Missouri, and New Mexico.

Listen as our panel of sales tax veterans explain the ins and outs of SST and provide insight as to whether the program might provide the right path to compliance for your organization.



  1. What is SST
  2. Who are the 24 SST Member States
  3. What is a Certified Service Provider
  4. Who qualifies to utilize a Certified Service Provider
  5. The benefits of utilizing a Certified Service Provider?
  6. What other States are Implementing CSP Programs
  7. Other factors to consider.


The panel will review these and other critical issues:

  • What is the SST and how does it work?
  • Utilizing a CSP for sales tax compliance
  • Similar models in states not participating in SST
  • Qualifications to participate in the SST


Maniace, Charles
Charles Maniace

Vice President - Regulatory Analysis & Design
Sovos Compliance

Mr. Maniace leads a team of attorneys and tax professionals responsible for identifying and addressing all the tax and...  |  Read More

Sumnall, Shara
Shara Sumnall

Manager, Sales Tax
Squire & Company

Ms. Sumnall works with a growing team of Sales Tax Account managers in their registration, filing and support...  |  Read More

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