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Elder Care: Eligibility Requirements for Section 8 Housing Choice Program for Seniors and Disabled Clients

Navigating Calculation of Rent, Special Needs Trusts and Reasonable Accommodations

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Recent Elder Law Webinars

Elder Care Incapacity Planning: Advanced Directives and POLSTS, POAs, Controversial End-of-Life Healthcare Decisions

Conducted on September 20, 2017

Planning With ABLE Accounts and Special Needs Trusts: Selecting the Best Approach for Elderly and Disabled Clients

Protecting Public Benefits With ABLE Accounts and SNTs; Understanding Limitations and Tax Implications; Avoiding Pitfalls

Conducted on August 3, 2017

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Customer Reviews

I got a lot from the practical examples and advice on how to approach specific legal situations.

Zach Hesselbaum

Law ElderLaw

I liked that the speakers had great knowledge of the topic and presented it with ease without making it overly complicated or rushing through the material.

Laura S. Brooks

Law Office of Laura S. Brooks

The speakers prepared good outlines and followed them during their presentations.

John Wm Ringer

Ringer Law Office

The speaker's command of the subject matter and his ability to explain difficult concepts in a way that could be understood by everyone was great.

Craig Cockrell

Mitchell Williams Law Firm

The speakers had excellent slides which made their points clear. Also, they talked about their experiences with clients, not just the theory, but the actual practice.

Dianne Pallmerine

The computer and telephone sign-on was very easy, and the instructions were straightforward.

Bethany Haslam


The program had a lot to cover and the speakers did a superb job of moving through the difficult subject matter.

Charles E. Chapin

Boomer Law

The presenters were lucid, articulate, and informative. The seminar exceeded my expectations.

Irvin Slate

Slate Law Office

The program was very informative and the information was precise and straight forward.

Michael Bradford

Speidel Law Firm

I appreciated that the materials and presentations were well organized.

Lisa Cipriano

Eimer Stahl Klevorn & Solberg