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Changing State Residency for Tax Purposes: Severing Ties, Establishing Domicile, Part-Year...
August 10, 2021 CPE Live Webinar

This webinar will focus on issues to consider when taxpayers relocate or consider relocating to other states. Purchasing a house in a state is not sufficient to create residency. Avoiding dual residency may be more critical than establishing residency in the new state. Listen as our experts explain... Read More

New IRS Office of Promoter Investigations: Avoiding and Preparing for Examinations
Conservation Easements, Micro-Captive Insurance, and Other Abusive Schemes
August 26, 2021 CPE, EA Live Webinar

This webinar will discuss the IRS' newly created Office of Promoter Investigation established to combat abusive tax avoidance transactions. Our panel of tax litigators will prepare tax professionals and taxpayers for these audits and offer steps that taxpayers can take to mitigate chances of selecti... Read More

Clergy Taxation: Housing Allowances, W-2 Reporting, Retirement, Gifts, and Social Security
June 7, 2021 CPE, EA Download

This webinar will explain the unique aspects of tax return preparation and planning for members of the clergy. Our panel will cover the treatment of earnings by ministerial employees, including employment by a congregation, retirement income, social security, gifts, and housing allowances. Read More

Tax Treatment of Airplane Purchases: Maximizing Deductions for Business Aircraft Expenditu...
June 3, 2021 CPE, EA CPE On-Demand, Download

This webinar will address tax considerations for aircraft purchase and use. Purchasing an airplane has provided substantial tax savings in the past. While tax reform reduced or eliminated some deductions, others have increased significantly, leaving tax professionals and owners with much to consider... Read More

High-Income Non-Filers: Handling IRS Examinations, Voluntary Disclosure Program, Criminal...
June 2, 2021 CPE, EA Download

This webinar will discuss the IRS' recent campaign to bring high-income non-filers into compliance. Our panel of income tax experts will cover bringing these taxpayers into compliance, minimizing penalties and consequences of noncompliance, and handling the complexities of these IRS examinations. Read More

Form 8275 Disclosure Statements and Form 8886 Reportable Transactions: Divulging Transacti...
May 27, 2021 CPE, EA Download

This webinar will explain when tax practitioners must or should file disclosure statements with a tax return. Our filing experts will provide examples of reportable transactions requiring disclosure and tax positions warranting disclosure statements for positions taken that could be considered contr... Read More

Tolling Tax Statutes of Limitations: Collections, Refund Claims, IRS Audits, and the Right...
January 28, 2021 CPE, EA Download

This webinar will explain the critical tax statutes of limitations relative to filing income tax returns, filing refund claims, and IRS debt collections. There are many times practitioners welcome the tolling of a statute. Our experts will explain what does and does not extend these statutes and bas... Read More