Strengthening Security in Company Mail Operations

Have You Let Your Defenses Down?

Recording of a 100-minute webinar with Q&A

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Conducted on Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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Just within the last few months, Manhattan businesses, the Kansas City IRS office and a Florida court each received letters or packages containing suspicious white powders. And, over the past two years, several financial services companies received bombs with threatening letters through the mail.

The 2001 anthrax mailings exposed a major security risk that corporate security had all but ignored to that moment. As recent incidents drive home, that vulnerability has not gone away - whether yours is a sophisticated company mail operation or a few people processing inbound mail.

With the coming holiday mail flood, you must sharpen your focus on mail-handling policies and procedures, access control, screening equipment and myriad other factors. If your attention to mailroom security faded since 2001, then insights and tactics from peers who are vigilant can help sharpen it.

Listen as our panel of veteran corporate security leaders and consultants gives valuable input that will help you assess where your company's own mail operation security may be lacking.



The panel will help you bolster your company's defenses in these and other key activities:

  • Toughening policies and procedures: Restrictions that help ensure malicious packages are isolated before they can reach a would-be victim.
  • Preparing key personnel: Training staff to spot suspicious packages or powders; naming a mail security coordinator and response team.
  • Setting up the mail area: Smart ideas about physical layout, separate processing areas, use of access control and video surveillance.


Tom Foos
Tom Foos
Armada USA

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Rick Barnes
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Security Director
Brookfield Financial Properties

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Robert Hahn
Robert Hahn
VP of Strategic Development
Pitney Bowes Inc.,

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