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Reporting Partnership K-1s on Form 1040: Tax Basis Capital, Built-In Gains, and Step-Ups
February 4, 2021 CPE, EA Live Webinar

This webinar will review the recent changes made to Schedule K-1 (Form 1065) and guide practitioners in reporting the individual line items on individual income tax returns. Read More

Strategic Planning for Schedule C: PPP Forgiveness, QBI Deduction, SE Health Insurance, Re...
March 4, 2021 CPE, EA Live Webinar

This webinar will explore the tax issues of self-employed taxpayers. Our panel of small business experts will explain topics relative to self-employed taxpayers, including qualifying for PPP loan forgiveness, deducting office in the home, maximizing retirement plan contributions, and deducting self-... Read More

Avoiding Hobby Loss Classification: Meeting the Nine Factor Test, the 183(d) Safe Harbor,...
January 21, 2021 CPE, EA Download

This webinar will discuss positioning businesses to satisfy the nine-factor criteria under Reg Sec 1.183-2(b) to avoid classification as a hobby. Our panel will discuss how the courts have historically interpreted and weighed these factors so tax professionals can identify potential hobby loss expos... Read More

New Proposed Regs for Small Business Accounting Methods: Gross Receipts Test, Inventory, L...
December 8, 2020 CPE, EA Download

This webinar will cover the proposed regulations issued in July 2020, addressing the simplified tax accounting rules for taxpayers having gross revenues under $26 million (indexed annually for inflation). The panel will discuss adopting the simplified methods related to the use of the cash method, t... Read More