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Litigating Force Majeure, Impossibility and Other Contractual Performance Issues: Lessons...
May 27, 2021 CLE Live Webinar

This CLE webinar will explore resolving disputes over and litigating the force majeure clause and related doctrines of impracticability and impossibility when performance is delayed or becomes too difficult or is not possible. The program will review the case law developments and how litigants have... Read More

Tortious Interference With Contracts, Business Relations, and Economic Advantage: Proving...
Navigating the Complexities of Claims Alleging Intentional and Improper Business Disruptio...
October 27, 2020 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will examine proving and defending tortious interference with contract, tortious interference with business relations, and tortious interference with economic advantage. These claims arise when a person intentionally disrupts a formal agreement between two parties or when a third pa... Read More

Litigating ADA Title III Claims: Website/Mobile Apps, COVID-19, Physical Accessibility, La...
October 13, 2020 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will provide an overview of ADA Title III requirements and then focus on some of the hottest areas of litigation right now against online and brick and mortar businesses, including lawsuits about websites/mobile apps, physical facilities, COVID-19 policies, and landlord tenant issue... Read More

Admitting Hearsay and Applying FRE 801(d)(2): Expanding the Scope of Party Admissions to O...
June 9, 2020 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will discuss the trend in some jurisdictions to admit statements of outside counsel as admissions against their clients under Federal Rule of Evidence 801(d)(2). Read More

Leveraging the Voluntary Payment Doctrine in Litigation: Protecting Client Funds From Reco...
April 22, 2020 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will prepare trial lawyers to wield or resist the powerful weapon that is the voluntary payment doctrine (VPD). The VPD broadly prohibits parties from recouping payments they made to others, even if it exceeded the amount due the recipient or was made by mistake. Read More

Litigating Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims Regarding Closely Held Entities
June 13, 2019 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will provide litigators with a general review of business-related fiduciary duty claims; how the context of a closely held business may change how those claims are pursued and defended; and what steps will increase the chance of winning at or before trial. Read More

Big Data in Litigation: Leveraging Analytics for Jury Selection, Trial Costs, Determining...
March 12, 2019 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will guide litigators on how to use big data leading up to, and during, litigation. The panel will explore how data is being used to govern decisions as trial approaches, including settlement conditions, surveying potential jury member demographics, and use of psychographics for des... Read More

Litigating Indemnification and Representations and Warranty Provisions in Commercial Litig...
July 10, 2018 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will discuss litigating indemnification and reps and warranty provisions in commercial contracts. The program will provide counsel with strategies for enforcing or attacking claims arising from contractual disputes involving these provisions. Read More

False Claims Act Litigation: Proof, Defenses, Individual Liability, and More
September 27, 2017 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will discuss litigation tactics for defending False Claims Act (FCA) cases, including individual liability and the impact of the Yates Memo on FCA liability and reverse false claims. The program will look at recent trends in FCA litigation and recent case law developments. Read More

Asset Recovery in Commercial Litigation: Litigating Piercing the Corporate Veil, Alter Ego...
Strategies for Plaintiffs and Defendants to Maximize Recovery or Protect Assets
July 11, 2017 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will provide commercial litigators with an analysis of legal theories that allow creditors to recover assets from affiliates and subsidiaries of corporate debtors and other transferees, namely piercing corporate veil, alter ego liability, successor liability and fraudulent transfers... Read More

Defending TCPA Litigation Following the FCC's 2015 Omnibus Order
Navigating Issues of Consent, Strict Liability, Ascertainability, Picking Off/Mootness, Co...
February 23, 2016 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will provide guidance to commercial litigators on defending Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) lawsuits in the wake of the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC's) recent Omnibus Order on robocalls. The panel will examine the latest class action trends and settlements under... Read More

Avoiding Tort Liability in Breach of Contract Actions
Leveraging the Independent Tort and Economic Loss Doctrines and Mitigating Risk with Effec...
October 31, 2013 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will review recent cases in which breach of contract actions morphed into tort claims, the potential damages exposure for contracting parties under tort law, the application of the economic loss and independent tort doctrines as defense strategies, and contracting strategies to mini... Read More