The State Use Tax Challenge

Tactics to Ensure Compliance and Avoid Penalties

Recording of a 100-minute CPE webinar with Q&A

Conducted on Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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How can corporate tax departments ensure full compliance – or even sufficient compliance – with states on use tax? Unexpected use tax charges can arise in audits when vendor documents don't indicate payment of sales tax or where equipment is purchased in a low sales tax state and transferred across state lines.

While software is a necessary tool, your tax staff plays the most crucial role in identifying transactions subject to use tax, calculating tax due, and creating an accountable use tax accrual. They’ll need to properly train the purchasing staff and help defend defending exemption decisions in audits.

Judgment calls by you and your tax staff are integral to effective use tax compliance. This teleconference will bring you valuable lessons from the experiences of a panel of your peers – veteran corporate sales and use tax leaders and savvy consultants -- to help you make informed decisions.



 The panel's approaches and advice will equip you to review your company’s own processes and systems and make improvements in:

  • Training staff (in tax and other departments) on proper procedures for use tax compliance.
  • Processing invoices and exemption certificates.
  • Identifying and correcting potential red flags in purchase documents – before an audit.
  • Selecting and operating compliance software to fit your business' needs.
  • Calculating the correct amount of use tax due for each period.


Steve Peck
Steve Peck
Sales and Use Tax Manager

He has worked for Georgia–Pacific for 23 years, the last 12 as Sales Tax Manager. He also has Big Eight...  |  Read More

David Hobley
David Hobley
Sales and Use Tax Manager

He oversees a staff of three sales and use tax accountants and his responsibilities cover audits, research, training...  |  Read More

Howard Mantel
Howard Mantel
Decentralized Tax Manager
United Parcel Service

He has worked at UPS for more than 23 years, 21 years in the tax department, and has been responsible for all indirect...  |  Read More