Revised Federal Forms 940, 941 and W-9 and Interactions With SUTA Forms

Unemployment and Employment Tax Update and Compliance Lessons

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Conducted on Thursday, May 31, 2012

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This teleconference will provide tax professionals with a review of the latest changes to forms and instructions for federal unemployment and employment taxes. The panel will explore the relationship between FUTA and state unemployment taxes, and relate experiences from recent filings of revised forms.


Federal and state unemployment and employment tax reporting gets ever more confusing. This became quite clear with the most recent filing of the revised IRS Form 940 due to the new FUTA tax rate and list of credit-reduction states with additional tax payments required.

In addition, the IRS changed Form 941 with a new calculation and Form W-9 to obtain taxpayer ID numbers on persons for whom back-up withholding is needed.

A material briefing on the new requirements on Forms 940, 941, W-9, W-4, etc. and on examples of state unemployment tax treatment, and experiences based on the more difficult aspects of the latest federal filings, will help tax professionals and advisors stay current and prepared.

Listen as our panel of veteran tax advisors analyzes the most confusing aspects of the current landscape of federal and state unemployment and employment tax compliance, and their inter-workings.



  1. Unemployment taxes
    1. Revisions to federal Form 940
      1. Elimination of the surtax
      2. New list of credit reduction states for 2011
      3. Line changes
    2. Examples of SUTA states and inter-relationship with FUTA
  2. Employment taxes
    1. Updates to federal Forms 941 and W-9
    2. W-4 issues


The panel will tackle these and other challenges:

  • Federal Form 940: Dealing with repayment taxes for state special assessments, the tax rate change and revisions to the form.
  • State unemployment taxes: How they interact with FUTA.
  • Federal Form 941: Managing the new calculation arising from the reduction in the employee FICA portion, and correcting prior-return errors.
  • Federal Forms W-9 and W-4: Meeting all current employer responsibilities.

Following the speaker presentations, you'll have an opportunity to get answers to your specific questions during the interactive Q&A.


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