Private Security Response To Medical Emergencies

First Responders: Effective Strategies for Training and Equipping Your Team

Recording of a 100-minute webinar with Q&A

Conducted on Wednesday, July 25, 2007

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Every second counts in a medical emergency on your company's property. Those first minutes of advance care before emergency crews arrive can make a life or death difference.

Equipping the premises with a medical emergency kit and training officers in emergency care are only part of the story. Effective planning requires communicating to other staff to contact security immediately after calling 911 — and setting and monitoring standards for how quickly officers should be at a victim's side after being summoned.

Listen as our panel of veteran security leaders who will share how they are tackling the job of emergency medical response and planning at their companies.



With their guidance, you'll leave the teleconference well equipped to assess:

  • Practical minimum response times for your particular site, and how to train toward and monitor those quick responses.
  • Medical supplies you'll need and where to place medical kits for quick access.
  • Up-front and repeat training needed to ensure your security officers are ready to provide immediate care.
  • Steps to make sure that security officers and emergency crews are not hindered as they rush to an on-site emergency.


Jay Beighley
Jay Beighley
Security Director
Nationwide Insurance

He has designed security standards for Nationwide’s facilities around the world and incorporated a security...  |  Read More

Joe Koznecki
Joe Koznecki
security Director
Fortunoff retail chain's Woodbridge Center Mall

He has worked with Fortunoff for two years and in retail security for 27 years.

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Jon Shifflett
Jon Shifflett
Vice President of security
Cardinal Health

 He has responsibility for the physical and personnel security at over 400 manufacturing, distribution, and...  |  Read More