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Preparing Forms 8992 and 8993 for GILTI and FDII: Recent Updates, Tested Income, QBAI, and Related Schedules

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Conducted on Tuesday, November 21, 2023

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This course will guide international tax professionals through preparing and calculating amounts for reporting on Forms 8992 and 8993 for GILTI (global intangible low-taxed income) and FDII (foreign derived intangible income). The panelist will discuss the concepts behind the numbers, recent changes to these forms, and caveats to avoid in preparing these complicated forms and their related schedules.


A U.S. shareholder with an ownership interest in a CFC must calculate and report GILTI using Form 8992, U.S. Shareholder Calculation of GILTI. GILTI is calculated based on tested income and qualified business assets investment (QBAI). Corporations, or individuals making a Section 962 election, must file Form 8993, Section 250 Deduction for FDII, to calculate the FDII and GILTI deductions available.

Like other foreign information returns, failure to file Form 8992 or provide complete information can result in a $10,000 penalty. Once contacted by the IRS, the penalty can run as high as $50,000 a month until resolved, Treasury Reg. Section 1.6038-5.

These forms continue to be updated. Form 8993 was recently revised for proposed and final Section 250 regulations, and Form 8992 has a new Schedule B to accommodate consolidated group filings. International tax practitioners need to understand how to calculate and report tested income, QBAI, and the Section 250 deductions for U.S. shareholders in CFCs.

Listen as Alison N. Dougherty, CPA, Managing Member at Googolplex Tax Services, reviews the components of GILTI and FDII and walks you through preparing Forms 8992 and 8993 to properly report these complex calculations.



  1. GILTI and FDII: introduction
  2. Form 8992
    1. Filing requirements
    2. Recent changes
    3. Preparing the form
  3. Form 8993
    1. Filing requirements
    2. Recent changes
    3. Preparing the form


The panelist will review these and other critical issues:

  • What is the purpose of the new Schedule B added to Form 8992?
  • How is Schedule A prepared to report GILTI on Form 8992?
  • When should an amended return and Form 8993 be filed for taxpayers making a Section 962 election?
  • What are the most recent changes to Forms 8992 and 8993?


Dougherty, Alison
Alison N. Dougherty, CPA

Managing Member
Googolplex Tax

Ms. Dougherty provides U.S. tax reporting, compliance, consulting, planning, and structuring solutions to U.S. and...  |  Read More

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