Negotiating Enforceable Liquidated Damages Clauses in Business Contracts

Avoiding Enforceability Pitfalls With Carefully Drafted Provisions

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Conducted on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

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This CLE course will outline considerations and best practices for business counsel when negotiating and drafting liquidated damages clauses in commercial contracts to increase the likelihood that a court or arbitrator will enforce the clauses.


Liquidated damages provisions allow parties to a business contract to specify the amount of damages one or both parties may recover in the event of contractual breach. These clauses can be an effective tool for avoiding a complex and costly lost-profits damages analysis by experts. However, they can also become the subject of dispute when the relationship between the contracting parties breaks down and one party alleges the liquidated damages are excessive.

Business counsel can help mitigate challenges to enforceability through careful drafting of liquidated provisions. Using boilerplate clauses often leads to unintended consequences.

Listen as our authoritative panel explains best practices for drafting and negotiating liquidated damages provisions in business agreements. The panel will provide strategies for anticipating and overcoming enforcement hurdles with the clauses.



  1. Drafting considerations for liquidated damages clauses
    1. Purpose and benefits of liquidated damages
    2. Scope of liquidated damages provision
    3. Cap/limitation on the amount of liquidated damages
    4. Language not to include in the liquidated damages clause
  2. Enforceability issues with liquidated damages clauses
    1. Reasonableness of liquidated damages at time of contract and at time of breach
    2. Difficulty of calculating actual damages
    3. Avoiding perception of liquidated damages as a penalty


The panel will review these and other key issues:

  • What considerations should business counsel take into account when drafting and negotiating liquidated damages provisions in commercial contracts?
  • What enforceability challenges do parties commonly face when seeking to invoke a liquidated damages clause and how can they be overcome?
  • How can boilerplate liquidated damages provisions result in unintended consequences?


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