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Gift and Estate Planning for a Noncitizen Spouse: QDOTs and Preparing Form 706-QDT

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Conducted on Thursday, September 2, 2021

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This course will discuss tax consequences and planning for a noncitizen spouse. Our panel of trust and estate experts will explain how to take advantage of the unlimited marital deduction using a qualified domestic trust (QDOT) and prepare the corresponding Form 706-QDT.


For a nonresident spouse, the estate tax marital deduction may be limited or not available. U.S. citizens are allowed a $11,700,000 lifetime exclusion from estate tax; nonresidents are offered $60,000. There is no gift tax marital deduction for transfers to a noncitizen spouse. However, the annual gift tax exclusion for gifts to a nonresident spouse is $159,000 in 2021 compared with the $15,000 annual per done exclusion for gifts made by citizens and residents. These limitations make planning for a noncitizen spouse crucial.

Putting assets in a QDOT with a U.S. trustee can allow noncitizens to claim the marital deduction for estate tax. However, these trusts come with an additional filing requirement. In addition to Form 1041 reporting, there may be a requirement to file Form 706-QDT. The 706-QDT is not necessarily filed annually. The trustee should file it when specific events occur, including when principal distributions are made (there is a hardship exception) or when the donor spouse dies.

Listen as our panel of trust and estate tax experts explains the substantial transfer tax savings opportunities for a noncitizen spouse, including maximizing the annual gift tax exclusion, establishing a QDOT, and the filing requirements for QDOTs.



  1. Estate and gift tax concerns for a noncitizen spouse
  2. Gift tax exclusion
  3. Estate tax
  4. QDOTs
  5. Form 706-QDT
  6. Other planning techniques


The panel will review these and other critical issues:

  • How to best utilize the $159,000 annual exclusion for gifts to a noncitizen spouse
  • When is Form 706-QDT required to be filed?
  • What taxpayers can benefit from setting up a QDOT?
  • What assets are the best candidates for a QDOT?


Doyle, Jere
Jeremiah W. (Jere) Doyle, IV

Senior Vice President
Bank of New York Mellon

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Patterson, Jacqueline
Jacqueline Patterson, CPA, JD

Buchanan & Patterson

Ms. Patterson specializes in tax, estate and financial transactions, with an emphasis on asset protection and...  |  Read More

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