Form 1040NR Non-Resident Alien Filing Challenges and Effective Approaches

Determining Taxpayer Classifications and Elections, Computing Income and Deductions, and Understanding Spouse/Dependent Treatment

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Conducted on Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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This webinar will provide tax advisors and pros with a deeper understanding of issues in preparing Form 1040NR, including taxpayer classification, determining who should file, how to report income and claim refunds, identifying available deductions and limitations, treatment of spouse and dependents, and common mistakes to avoid.


Tax advisors must understand the distinctions between a U.S. resident and a non-resident, dual-status or undocumented alien to resolve complex issues when preparing Form 1040NR. Immigration laws affect tax liability of non-resident aliens and individuals who are not citizens but do reside in the U.S.

Challenges include taxpayer classification, determination of who should file, non-resident alien election, determination of dual status, how to report income and claim refunds, available deductions and limitations, treatment of spouse and dependents, filing due dates, and other common pitfalls.

Tax advisors will benefit from a thorough briefing on these issues and effective approaches for filing Form 1040NR by our experienced panel.

Listen as our panel reviews federal rules and offers guidance affecting a tax professional's completion of Form 1040NR, including filing requirements and taxation of non-resident aliens living in the U.S.



  1. Defining a foreign investor
  2. Source-of-income rules
  3. Who files Form 1040NR
    1. Non-resident alien standard
    2. Dual-resident taxpayers
    3. Dual-status taxpayers
  4. Issues in completing Form 1040NR


The panel will tackle issues such as:

  • What are the key complexities and best practices for tax advisors in determining classification and status of a taxpayer as a U.S. resident or non-resident alien?
  • What income items and deductions should always be considered when preparing Form 1040NR?
  • What is the difference between income effectively connected with a U.S. trade or business (ECI) and fixed, determinable, annual or periodic income (FDAP), and how is this income reported and taxed on the Form 1040NR?
  • What special elections apply to a U.S. non-resident alien?
  • What common mistakes can tax professionals anticipate and avoid when preparing Form 1040NR?


Marc J. Gedeon
Marc J. Gedeon

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Robert J. Misey, Jr.

Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren

Mr. Misey is attached to the firm's Tax and Business Law Practices, and chairs its International Practice. He...  |  Read More

Strohl, Marc (new)
Marc J. Strohl

Protax Consulting Services

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