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Forensic Accounting Services: AICPA Standards, Engagement Considerations, Analyzing Data, Expert Witness Testimony

Recording of a 110-minute CPE webinar with Q&A

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Conducted on Tuesday, November 24, 2020

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This course will explain the ins and outs of providing litigation consulting and forensic accounting services, including structuring the engagement, collecting and analyzing data, and testifying as an expert witness. Our panel will cover all aspects of these comprehensive engagements, including avoiding potential missteps.


There is a multitude of diverse areas where a client may need forensic accounting or consulting services. Accounting professionals are uniquely tailored to assist with these. Marital disputes, business dissolutions, and fraud detection are only a few areas that require collecting, analyzing, and reporting on an evidentiary matter. Forensic accounting and litigation services require a particular set of skills and likewise have unique rules and guidelines that need to be understood to provide these services effectively. No two forensic engagements are the same, yet most firms will be called upon to provide these services.

The AICPA recently issued the Statement on Standards for Forensic Services No. 1 (SSFS 1) defining litigation and investigation services, prohibiting agreed-upon procedures in certain circumstances, and codifying authoritative guidance for CPAs providing these services. Accumulating, preparing, and analyzing relevant documents can require a significant outlay of time. Once gathered, there is a specific methodology that must be used so that the evidence collected can survive a Daubert challenge. Expert witnesses also must be familiar with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Practitioners need to understand the caveats of providing these services.

Listen as our panel of forensic experts covers the broad scope of this work from the engagement letter to expert testimony. These are complex multi-faceted arrangements that are challenging, but often lucrative and rewarding.



  1. Forensic accounting and litigation consulting services defined
  2. The engagement
  3. Accumulating and analyzing data
  4. Preparing the report
  5. Giving expert testimony
  6. Cross-examination and other challenges
  7. Caveats and considerations


The panel will review these and other key issues:

  • What type engagement letter is required?
  • What are the requirements of SSFS 1 regarding these engagements?
  • What requirements are laid out in Daubert for expert's reports?
  • What caveats are there to avoid when giving expert testimony?
  • When should a forensic engagement be declined?


Anderson, David
David Anderson, CPA, CFE, CVA

David Anderson & Associates

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Rechtman, Yigal
Yigal M. Rechtman, CPA, CFE, CITP, CISM

RSZ Forensic Associates

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