Corporate Income Tax Software: Comparing the Leading Platforms

Real World Evaluations for Your Next Investment in a Compliance System

Recording of a 100-minute CPE webinar with Q&A

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Conducted on Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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This seminar will offer corporate tax professionals real world perspectives on how the leading corporate income tax software platforms perform in a tax compliance setting, and how to leverage the benefits of a particular program for your tax department's needs.


The complexity of corporate income tax compliance for multiple state and federal returns demands a reliable and efficient software package. Due to widespread corporate belt-tightening, informed decision-making before upgrading or replacing existing programs is more crucial than ever.

Vendors' websites, product reviews and similar resources can only take a tax professional so far. How can you be sure to get unbiased and accurate information about the relative pros and cons of the leading offerings from Lacerte, Intuit, CCH and other providers?

Candid and honest appraisals from experienced professionals who have actually used those programs extensively are your best bet for straight answers on the proficiency of a given platform's document management system, data report generation capabilities, and integration of state e-filing.

Listen as our panel of veteran tax professionals shares their observations on how to evaluate your software needs, choose the right platform to meet those needs, and avoid wasting your staff's time and company's money.



  1. Procedural aspects of federal and state income tax software research, selection, implementation
    1. Researching the various options
    2. Crafting a request for proposal
    3. Making the most of vendors’ services for installation
    4. Training staff on new software
  2. Description of features of current leading platforms for federal and state income tax
    1. Interface for preparing and completing state and federal forms
    2. Use of e-filing, compatibility with different states
    3. Typical cost of installation
    4. Integration with Web/research databases
  3. Experiences by and viewpoints of individual panelists
    1. How useful do they find customer service for each platform?
    2. How frequent, reliable and thorough do they find updates to the software?
    3. Do they find the platform up-to-date on the latest federal and state law changes?
    4. How seamlessly are federal forms and multiple state forms integrated into the different platforms?


The panel will break down the pros and cons of the leading platforms and offer advice for the procedural aspects of undergoing an implementation, including:

  • Best practices for drafting an RFP for your company's next installation.
  • Tactics for researching the competing platforms, without relying on biased information.
  • Honest evaluations of some of the leading corporate income tax compliance platforms' abilities to manage documentation and integrate frequent updates to laws, regs and forms.
  • Evaluations of how platforms integrate FAS 109 functionality.
  • Practical approaches to training your staff on a new system.


James C. Bourke
James C. Bourke

WithumSmith and Brown

He is the firm's Director of Technology. He oversees implementation and operation of all of the firm's tax, accounting...  |  Read More

Christopher Chudyk
Christopher Chudyk

Traphagen and Traphagen CPAs

He specializes in corporate tax returns, audits, computer consulting and tax planning. He is designated as a Certified...  |  Read More

Lara Della Valle
Lara Della Valle
Director of Compliance
The Gagnon Group

She has over 15 years of experience as a tax professional, and has concentrated in federal and state compliance for the...  |  Read More

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