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Compliance Challenges With Fundraising for Tax-Exempt Organizations: State Charitable Solicitation Issues, Commercial Coventures, Sweepstakes and Raffle Compliance, and Related UBIT Issues

Fundraising Tax Compliance for NPOs

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Conducted on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

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This course will take a fresh look at compliance and reporting issues related to contributions received by tax-exempt organizations (TEOs). The panel will explain the caveats and responsibilities of modern nonprofit fundraising, including federal and state compliance issues associated with charitable sales promotions, raffles, and other prize promotions, and avoiding or minimizing UBIT in connection with these campaigns.


Fundraising is the life-blood of charitable organizations, yet little thought goes into a fundraising activity or event up-front. Digital campaigns, special events, gaming, and social media have substantially replaced traditional marketing efforts. If events are not appropriately structured, TEOs can be subject to UBIT on income raised.

Fundraising and soliciting are subject to the additional burdens of state, and sometimes city and county, regulations as well. Legal practitioners and organization leaders have the opportunity and obligation to inform the charity of its compliance and reporting obligations when the organization initially considers a new idea to raise money. Equally important is understanding how nonprofits can talk about their collaborations with companies and others without advertising for these sponsors (and therefore incurring UBIT).

Listen as our panel of experts explains how to best handle compliance issues considering the innovative fundraising methods used by TEOs today. The many considerations when raising money for these benevolent organizations make expertise and proper planning a necessity for advisers and administrators of TEOs.



  1. State considerations
    1. Registration and regulations
    2. County and city considerations
  2. Fundraising methods
    1. Charitable sales promotions
    2. Gaming, raffles and special events
    3. Online giving and social media
  3. Federal considerations
    1. UBIT
  4. Best fundraising practices for NPOs


The panel will review these and other important issues:

  • Current methods of soliciting contributions
  • Critical initial considerations for nonprofit fundraising activities
  • Tackling the problems that come with modern fundraising methods
  • Determining and handling state registration and regulation issues


Steinman, Melissa
Melissa Landau Steinman


Ms. Steinman practices primarily in the areas of advertising and marketing, antitrust, trade regulation, consumer...  |  Read More

Vessels, Cristina
Cristina I. Vessels


Ms. Vessels counsels public charities, trade and professional associations, and other nonprofits on a range of legal...  |  Read More

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