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Valuation Challenges With $10 Million-and-Under Businesses
Avoiding Mistakes With Built-In Gains and Taxes, Misuse of Market Data and Other Small Bus...
August 8, 2013 CPE Download

This teleconference will explore the challenges that frequently arise for advisors in providing a valuation of a smaller business ($10 million and under in revenues). The panel will address common traps such as valuation methodology, built-in gains and taxes, proper adjustment to accounting records,... Read More

Review of Fair Value Calculations During Financial Statement Audits
Navigating SAS 57, SAS 73, SAS 101 and Other Standards in Testing Measurements and Disclos...
May 16, 2012 CPE Download

This teleconference will provide accounting advisors with a review of the standards governing examinations of fair valuations during financial statement audits. The panel will explore different approaches involving the practical application of those standards. Read More

Purchase Price Allocation: Valuation Challenges During Due Diligence
Overcoming Critical Issues Arising in Business Stock and Asset Sales
December 21, 2011 CPE Download

This teleconference will provide valuation and tax advisors with a detailed, analytical approach to complex valuation decisions that frequently confront advisors planning purchase price allocation matters during the M&A due diligence phase. Read More

Valuations in Buy/Sell Agreements for Private Companies and Businesses
Mastering Standards and Best Practices to Calculate and Update Fair Market Value
June 22, 2011 CPE Download

This teleconference will prepare advisors to decide how and when to apply valuation methods to a private business or company that uses a buy/sell agreement, as well as to understand what is expected with different valuation standards under different circumstances. Read More

Valuations of Distressed Companies
Best Practices for Valuing Businesses Before, During and After Bankruptcy or Reorganizatio...
September 2, 2010 CLE, CPE Download

This course will sharpen advisors' skill set for working on various distressed company valuation situations, using practical scenarios that apply across industries and in business circumstances that frequently arise. Read More

FAS 141R: Valuing Contingent Assets and Liabilities
Mastering Valuation Standards for Mergers, Acquisitions and Combinations
July 27, 2010 CPE Download

This course will provide advisors with best practices for complying with FAS 141R standards for accounting for business combinations and their 2009 revisions, including the valuation of contingent assets and liabilities recognized during mergers and acquisitions. Read More

FASB's ASU 2010-06: Expanded Requirements for Fair Value Disclosures
Navigating New Guidance for Disclosing Valuation Techniques and Measurements
April 20, 2010 CPE Download

This course will prepare accounting advisors and corporate finance professionals to make complete and accurate disclosures about fair value techniques and measurements, under the new guidelines provided by ASU 2010-06. Read More

Employee Stock Ownership Plans: Key Valuation Decisions
Practical Solutions for ESOP Marketability Discounts, Loans and Other Valuation Challenges
February 24, 2010 CPE Download

This course will analyze scenarios that frequently arise in valuing shares held by an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) and outline new approaches for optimal valuation decisions. Read More

Valuing Stock Compensation Under Sect. 409A
Reaching the Best Decisions in Allocating Value to Stock Options and Stock Appreciation Ri...
November 24, 2009 CPE Download

This seminar will analyze scenarios that frequently arise in valuing and allocating value among common and preferred stock options and rights. The panel will offer new approaches to making optimal valuation decisions for employee stock compensation. Read More

Revised USPAP Standards: Key Implications for Valuation Specialists
Mastering New Requirements for Ethics, Competency and Other Engagement Conduct
September 29, 2009 CPE Download

This seminar will discuss and analyze all of the material provisions of changes to USPAP for 2010 and 2011. The panel will outline best practices for adjusting current practices in order to fully comply. Read More

New FASB Fair Value Guidelines for Financial Instruments
Implementing Mark-to-Market Revisions for Asset Valuation and Non-Temporary Impairments
May 14, 2009 CLE, CPE Download

This seminar will analyze the new FASB mark-to-market guidance for accounting advisors to banking, financial services and other industries, offer a framework to make sound valuation decisions under the new rules, and discuss the impact of the new rules. Read More

The OCBOA Alternative for Tax-Basis Compilations and Reviews
Best Practices to Avoid Oversimplification Risks While Leveraging Time and Cost Benefits
September 25, 2008 CPE Download

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Business Valuation Services: Lessons Learned Under the New AICPA Standard
Effective Processes and Procedures to Comply with SSVS No. 1
July 31, 2008 CPE

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Business Valuation: Mastering Changes in Key Standards
Complying with New USPAP and NACVA Mandates
May 6, 2008 CPE

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FASB Statements 141R and 160: Meeting the Compliance Challenge
Mastering the New Accounting Standards for Business Combinations
March 12, 2008 CPE

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Corporate-Owned Life Insurance: Mastering the New Accounting Policies
How to Implement FASB Issues 06-4 and 06-5
October 25, 2007 CPE

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