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Property Tax Issues for Construction Work In Progress: Minimizing Property Tax on CWIP
Leveraging Capitalization Policies, Establishing Grounds for Challenging Assessments on Pa...
September 1, 2016 CPE Download

This CPE course will provide corporate tax professionals and advisers with a practical guide to the various state property tax approaches to assessments and reporting valuation on partially complete, WIP and unoccupied real estate properties. The panel will detail the various approaches key states... Read More

Business Personal Property Tax Compliance: Key Fundamentals
Understanding Key Dates and Deadlines, Assessment Ratios, Market Valuations and Other Esse...
March 3, 2016 CPE Download

This course will review important concepts and trends that tax staff must understand to effectively work on state, county or city business personal property tax compliance. Read More

Fixed-Asset Recordkeeping and Avoiding Overpayment of Business Personal Property Tax
Purging Ghost and Other Non-Reportable Assets; Monitoring and Properly Reporting Depreciat...
October 23, 2014 CPE Download

This course will provide corporate property tax specialists with a review of their role in policing and maintaining their companies' fixed-asset recordkeeping policies and practices. The panel will outline best practices for effective oversight of business personal property valuation and tax. Read More

Minimizing Property Taxes: Leveraging the New IRS Repair Regs
Strategies for Cost Expensing, Fixed Asset Capitalization Policies, and Avoiding Audit Fla...
March 6, 2014 CPE Download

This course will equip tax pros with key tools and insights to manage new challenges for the business personal property tax compliance process since the IRS issued finalized repair regulations effective Jan. 1, 2014. The panel will provide best practices for effective oversight of business personal... Read More

Business Personal Property Tax Compliance: Advanced Strategies to Avoid Costly Errors
Overcoming Challenges With Exemptions and Exclusions, Depreciation, Valuation, and Jurisdi...
November 12, 2013 CPE Download

This course will equip tax pros with key tools to avoid high-level costly mistakes and oversights commonly made by even experienced tax pros in the business personal property tax compliance process. The panel will look at the issues at the state, county and city level, and rely on significant state... Read More

Business Personal Property Audits: Preparation Strategies for Taxpayers
Planning for and Responding to Disputes Over Documentation, Values and Assessments, Penalt...
August 8, 2012 CPE Download

This teleconference will prepare tax managers to plan strategies for managing a business personal property audit, whether conducted by a state agency or a contingent-fee firm. Read More

Cost Segregation Studies: Best Practices
Reclassifying Business Personal Property to Achieve Income and Property Tax Benefits
April 5, 2012 CPE Download

This teleconference will review best practices and commonly followed standards in conducting a cost segregation study as performed by corporate tax professionals and advisors handling both income and property taxes. Read More

Challenging a Business Personal Property Assessment
Strategies for Reducing Your Company's Valuation and Property Tax Bill
January 26, 2012 CLE, CPE Download

This teleconference will provide tax professionals with best practices for preparing a solid case to lower a proposed assessed value of inventory, machinery and equipment, furnishings, and other personal property, based on principles that will apply regardless of the jurisdiction. Read More

Mastering the Sales Comparison Approach in Property Valuations
Making Relevant Comparisons and Defensible Adjustments to Argue an Effective Case to Asses...
September 14, 2011 CPE Download

This teleconference will prepare tax executives and advisors to evaluate the potential use of the sales comparison approach in a business personal or real property valuation and to present an effective analysis to a jurisdiction's assessors. Read More

Property Market Value Calculations: Latest Guidance From the Trenches
Assessing New Market Valuation Factors to Minimize Business Property Taxes
December 10, 2009 CLE, CPE Download

This CPE/CLE seminar will analyze recent significant developments in market valuation analyses and offer response strategies for corporate tax professionals. Read More

Minimizing Your Business Property Tax Bills
Proven Strategies for Challenging Real and Personal Property Valuations
April 22, 2009 CLE, CPE Download

This seminar will offer proven strategies for developing proposals for favorable real and business personal property assessments and for appealing a high valuation and costly tax bill. Read More

Property Tax Exemptions and Abatements: Successful Negotiation Strategies
Proven Approaches for Minimizing Your Company's Tax Bill
November 25, 2008 CPE Download

Read More

Negotiating Property Tax Exemptions and Abatements
Strategies for Maximizing Your Company’s Tax Break
November 29, 2007 CPE

Read More

Federal Income Tax Planning for Commercial Real Estate Transactions
Minimize Your Tax Bite: Responding to Latest Guidance
August 8, 2007 CPE

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