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Documenting and Trading Syndicated Loans: Current Trends, Key Provisions, LSTA Forms
April 22, 2020 CLE Live Webinar

This CLE webinar will examine the critical provisions of credit agreements and secondary trading documents currently being used in the loan syndication market. The panel discussion will focus on standard loan forms promulgated by the Loan Syndications and Trading Association (LSTA), as well as LSTA... Read More

Representing Co-Lenders in Syndicated Credit Facilities
Consent Rights, Sacred Rights, Waterfall and Pro-Rata Sharing Provisions, Removal and Addi...
January 28, 2020 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will examine syndicated loans from the co-lender's perspective. The panel will discuss deal points of particular concern to co-lenders, including pro-rata sharing and waterfall provisions, "sacred rights," assignment provisions, and the ability of the agent to add or remove co-lende... Read More

Structuring Anti-Net Short Provisions in Syndicated Credit Facilities
Determining When a Net Short Position Exists: Divestment, Voting, and Other Limitations
December 17, 2019 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will examine the issues presented by these complex and rapidly evolving terms, and the other so-called "Windstream provisions" that attempt to shield borrowers from net short debt activist investors. Read More

Syndicated Credit Facility Restructuring and Workouts
Navigating Divergent Interests Among Lenders, Confidentiality, Voting Rights, and the Role...
October 29, 2019 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will discuss critical legal issues that arise in syndicated credit workouts, particularly for counsel representing the administrative agent and the other lenders in the facility. The program will address unique aspects of a multi-lender facility workout and best practices for lender... Read More

Structuring Agent and Co-Lender Agreements in Syndicated Facilities: Balancing Differing R...
Navigating Rights of Agents, Exculpatory Clauses, and Information Sharing in Syndicated an...
June 11, 2019 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will discuss typical clauses in a syndicated loan agreement and provide best practices for lenders and agents to structure and negotiate loan agreement provisions to protect their rights and interests and avoid being disadvantaged in a multi-lender transaction that goes south. Read More

Loan Participations and Purchased Loans: Structuring Participation Agreements, Lender Due...
Strategies for Lead Lenders and Participants to Minimize and Manage Risk; FDIC Guidance
October 11, 2018 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will examine current trends in the loan participation market, critical provisions of participation agreements, and best practices in due diligence for participating lenders. The panel will also discuss FDIC regulatory guidance regarding risk management for purchased loans and purcha... Read More

Structuring Incremental Loan Facilities: Key Terms for Lenders and Borrowers
Conditions Precedent, Incremental Capacity, Most Favored Nation Provisions, "Sidecar" Debt
September 25, 2018 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will examine incremental loan facilities, including key loan terms such as incremental capacity, conditions precedent, most favored nation (MFN) provisions and incremental equivalent debt or "sidecar" agreements. The panel will look at issues from both lender and borrower perspectiv... Read More

Prepayment Structures in Leveraged Finance: Balancing Borrower Flexibility With Lender Pro...
Debt Retirement Provisions in Syndicated, Mezzanine and Second Lien Term Loans
February 27, 2018 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will analyze the prepayment features of syndicated, mezzanine and second lien term loans. The panel will discuss provisions currently used in each type of loan to balance the borrower's need for flexibility in future operations with the lender's need for call protection and preservi... Read More

Syndicated Loan Agreements: Amend and Extend, Borrower and Affiliate Lender Buybacks, Cash...
Structuring Provisions to Address Lender and Borrower Objectives and Risks
November 13, 2014 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will provide fianance market participants with an analysis of recent trends in syndicated loan documentation - amend and extend transactions, borrower and affiliate lender buybacks, cashless rolls, disqualified institutions and pro-rata sharing. The panel will discuss how to structu... Read More

Structuring Multi-Lender Syndicated Loan Agreements
Crafting Provisions Covering Defaulting Lenders, Amend and Extend, and Pro Rata/Sharing to...
July 24, 2013 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will provide practitioners with an analysis of issues that arise in multi-lender syndicated loan agreements. The panel will outline how to draft clauses to protect all parties to the agreement and bolster the enforceability of provisions in the face of a lender default or insolvency... Read More

Covenant-Lite Loans: Leveraged Lending in the Syndicated Loan Market
Analyzing Elements and Structuring Provisions of Cov-Lite Loans for Borrowers and Lenders
May 30, 2013 CLE CLE On-Demand, Download

This CLE webinar will provide banking and commercial finance counsel with an analysis of cov-lite loans, including current market conditions favoring the loans, typical provisions, and key elements. The panel will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of cov-lite loans for borrowers and lenders. Read More