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The ASB's Audit Standards Clarity Project: Prepare Now to Comply
Meeting the Challenges of International Convergence, New Objectives and Special Considerat...
June 29, 2011 CPE Download

This teleconference will provide advisors with an analysis of the material changes (to date and upcoming) to U.S. auditing standards by the Auditing Standards Board's (ASB) clarification and international convergence efforts, as well as the navigational issues with which auditors will deal on a rout... Read More

Audit Confirmations: Navigating the Updated ASB, PCAOB and IAAS Standards
Meeting the Tougher Requirements for Confirming Audit Evidence
May 11, 2011 CPE Download

This teleconference will provide accounting advisors with a clear understanding of new and revised confirmation standards from the AICPA Auditing Standards Board, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, and International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board--and how they impact a firm's externa... Read More

SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402: Preparing for New Service Company Control Standards
Mastering Requirements Governing Your Next Controls Report
February 16, 2011 CPE Download

This teleconference will prepare auditing professionals to meet a service organization client's particular needs with regard to an internal controls report, under the new requirements of SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402. Read More

New PCAOB Audit Risk Assessment Standards
Master the Guidelines for Analyzing Material Risk of Misstatements in Financials
September 30, 2010 CPE Download

This course will prepare accounting advisors to comply fully with the new PCAOB audit risk standards for post-Dec. 15, 2010 period audits, utilizing a comprehensive risk-assessment approach. Read More

Mastering SAS 70 Audit Reports for Service Organizations
Evaluating Internal Controls Issues With Type I and Type II Reports
June 16, 2010 CPE Download

This course will prepare auditing professionals to meet a service organization client's particular needs with regard to a SAS 70 report, anticipate special challenges in evaluating a service provider's internal controls and their effectiveness, and produce a high-quality SAS 70 report. Read More

FASB Statement 166 and Commercial Loan Participations
Meeting Complex Accounting and Disclosure Standards for Lead and Participating Lenders
March 24, 2010 CPE Download

This course will prepare accounting advisors and corporate finance professionals to make accurate decisions about accounting for loan participations under FAS 166, and to make required disclosures in financial statements. Read More

Derivatives and Hedging Accounting: FAS 133 and Beyond
Mastering the Evolving Guidance on Derivative Instrument Accounting and Valuations
February 17, 2010 CPE Download

This course will analyze the relevant FASB guidance and recent revisions affecting various derivative instruments, hedging transactions, and foreign currency accounting. Read More

New FIN 48 Mandate for Pass-Throughs, Non-Profits and Private Entities
Are You Ready for FASB's Reserve and Disclosure Demands?
January 19, 2010 CPE Download

This course will provide a thorough briefing on the dictates of ASU 2009-06 within the broader context of FIN 48. The panel will offer best practices for advisors to prepare private company, pass-through and non-profit clients for FIN 48 compliance. Read More

PCAOB Auditing Standard 7 and AICPA SQCS No. 7
Mastering Engagement Quality and Quality Control Reviews
December 16, 2009 CPE Download

This seminar will review new requirements for conducting highly detailed engagement quality reviews and peer reviews within the realities of staff time and resources. Read More

Mastering the PCAOB's New Extensive Reporting Mandate on Firm Activities
Preparing Now to Meet Annual and Special Disclosure Requirements
October 27, 2009 CPE Download

This seminar will prepare accounting firm leadership and professionals to thoroughly and fully comply with filing the PCAOB's revised Forms 2 and 3. Read More

New FASB Standards Codification: Are You Ready?
Leveraging Essential and Non-Essential Guidance to Prepare GAAP Statements and Footnotes
October 14, 2009 CPE Download

This seminar will provide an advance course on the principles and operational details of the new FASB accounting standards hierarchy and its associated database, preparing accounting professionals to use them efficiently from the outset and to produce GAAP financials under the Accounting Standards C... Read More

Equity Compensation Accounting: Sound Decisions in an Uncertain Market
Leveraging FAS 123R to Value and Expense Restructured Compensation
June 24, 2009 CPE Download

This seminar will provide accounting professionals with an in-depth analysis of applicable guidance affecting clients' equity-based compensation and offer best practices for preparing financial reports and booking expenses. Read More

Accounting for Troubled Debt Restructuring
Meeting the Demands of SFAS 15 and 114 in an Ailing Economy
March 26, 2009 CPE Download

This seminar will prepare accounting professionals to meet FASB troubled debt restructuring standards under SFAS 15 and SFAS 114 across a diverse range of industries and debt structures. Read More

SAS Nos. 104-111: Meeting the Mandate for Tighter Audit Processes
Assuring Compliance and Preventing Financial Statement Errors
January 15, 2009 CPE Download

This seminar will offer the real-world experiences of accounting profession veterans who will review the intent and nuance of every material portion of SAS Nos. 104-111 for audit staff seeking to improve compliance and reduce errors. Read More

Conducting Efficient Internal Controls Audits of Smaller Companies Under AS5
Strategies for a Thorough Yet Cost Effective Examination
November 6, 2008 CPE

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Auditing Standard No. 6 and FAS 154: Guiding Clients Through the New Requirements
Ensuring Consistency in Financial Statements
April 17, 2008 CPE

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SOX 404 Internal Control and AS2 Audit Reforms
Understand the Impact; Implement New Compliance Standards Now
June 27, 2007 CPE

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Walking the Fraud Tightrope with Audit Clients:
How Accounting Firms Should React to the
April 24, 2007 CPE

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Bracing for SAS 112
Identify and communicate internal controls to avoid liability
February 22, 2007 CPE

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