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Financial Reporting Changes Post-Tax Reform: GAAP Entries for Repatriation Tax, GILTI and...
Determining Adjustments to Deferred Tax Assets, Retained Earnings and OCI
August 22, 2019 CPE Download

This course will provide financial accountants and advisers with a practical guide to meeting the GAAP financial reporting challenges of the foreign repatriation tax provisions of the 2017 tax reform law on publicly traded and non-publicly traded companies. The panel will discuss FASB's approach to... Read More

Valuation Challenges Involving Closely Held Businesses
Valuation Methodologies, Minority Interest and Marketability Discounts, Tax Considerations...
February 20, 2019 CPE, EA Download

This course will provide accounting advisers with a thorough and practical guide to the methodologies and common challenges of providing valuations of closely-held businesses. The panel will detail the specific approaches to valuing smaller private companies, describe the unique challenges of determ... Read More

Navigating FASB's New Pushdown Rules for Acquired Entities
Evaluating Whether and How to Adopt Pushdown Accounting on Subsidiary Financial Statements
April 23, 2015 CPE Download

This course will prepare corporate accountants and executives to navigate the new FASB guidance on the use of "pushdown accounting" on an acquired entity, as well as detailing major balance sheet items which impact the purchased entity's decision of whether to apply "pushdown accounting" on its fina... Read More

Taxation and Financial Reporting of Investments in Securities and Related Complex Transact...
Tackling Financial Statement Challenges and Tax Consequences of Timing, Character and Sour...
September 10, 2013 CPE Download

This teleconference will provide advisors with a framework for the accounting of equity instruments under standards and guidance such as ASC 820, along with a review of the relevant federal tax rules. Read More