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Jury Selection in Employment Litigation: Preparing for Voir Dire, Identifying Bias, Leveraging Strikes

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Conducted on Thursday, August 17, 2023

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This CLE course will provide employment litigators with strategic techniques for jury selection. The panel will offer tips for using social media and questionnaires, weeding out jurors, dealing with tainted jurors, and avoiding common mistakes during voir dire.


As in all trials, jury selection is a critical element in successfully trying employment law claims. Prospective jurors in employment litigation usually have strong values and preconceived ideas based on their own personal experiences regarding the employer-employee relationship. These beliefs definitely impact how a juror views a case.

By using time-tested jury selection techniques, including questions designed to elicit jurors' attitudes towards employers, employment litigators can develop insights into potential jurors and, most importantly, weed out those they don't want to keep on the jury.

Our authoritative panel—including a jury consultant and two experienced employment-law trial lawyers, will discuss successful techniques in preparing for voir dire, eliciting potential biases among prospective jurors, and selecting a jury that will be most open to supporting your clients' position.



  1. Use of themes in jury selection
  2. Effective questioning to determine biases and identify who to strike
  3. Use of juror questionnaires
  4. Dealing with a tainted jury panel
  5. Pros and cons of using social media in jury selection


The panel will review these and other high priority issues:

  • What techniques can employment litigators use to increase the relatability of an employer by potential jurors during jury selection?
  • What types of open-ended questions elicit biases of potential jurors?
  • How does one convince a judge to allow the use of juror questionnaires, and how are they best used efficiently and effectively?
  • How can employment litigators properly precondition jurors to fundamental themes in their case during voir dire?


Erick, Casey
Casey S. Erick

Cowles & Thompson

Mr. Erick is a Shareholder and focuses on Commercial Litigation and Employment Law.  He has represented clients in...  |  Read More

Fox, Stephen
Stephen E. Fox

Sheppard Mullin

Mr. Fox leads Sheppard Mullin’s Texas employment law practice. Consistently recognized by peers and clients as a...  |  Read More

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