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Auditing Construction Contractors: Avoiding Common GAAS and GAAP Deficiencies

Recording of a 110-minute CPE video webinar with Q&A

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Conducted on Tuesday, September 19, 2023

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This webinar will review the unique aspects of auditing large and small construction companies. Our panel of construction industry experts will discuss revenue and cost recognition compliance, financial statement presentation and disclosures, and common GAAS and GAAP deficiencies found in these audits.


Unlike other industries, the terminology alone for construction companies can be overwhelming. Change orders, claims, WIP or CIP (work in process or contracts in progress), retainage, job costs, billings in excess of costs, and costs in excess of billings must be understood, reported, and disclosed. Accounting for and auditing revenue recognition methods, including the percentage of completion (recognizing revenue over time) or completed contract (recognizing revenue at a point in time), can be challenging. Accounting for and auditing cost recognition for bond, mobilization, and uninstalled material costs, including indirect costs, has its unique challenges, along with auditing a contractor’s job cost postings. Most importantly, understanding the types of contracts and key relevant accounting and auditing matters is one of the most important steps in the process.

ASC 606 changed the way revenue is recognized by contractors, certain financial statement reporting requirements and made it critical for auditors to understand the audit process surrounding ASC 606 during engagement planning, fieldwork, completion, and reporting.

Listen as our panel of construction experts explains meeting GAAS and GAAP guidelines while efficiently completing audit engagements for construction contractors.



  1. Auditing construction contractors: introduction
  2. GAAS and GAAP compliance
  3. Revenue and cost recognition
  4. Contract receivables and contract assets/liabilities
  5. Supplemental schedules of contracts
  6. Financial statement reporting requirements
  7. Disclosures
  8. Common deficiencies


The panel will review these and other critical issues:

  • Avoiding common GAAS and GAAP deficiencies in construction audits
  • Examining the supplemental schedules of contracts for construction companies
  • Appropriate accounting methods for contractors
  • Unique disclosure requirements for contractors


Malfettano, Joseph
Joseph Malfettano, CPA, CCIFP

Withum Smith+Brown

Mr. Malfettano has over 12 years of experience providing professional public accounting, audit, tax and advisory...  |  Read More

Sandor, Louis
Louis Sandor, III, CPA, CCIFP®

Withum Smith+Brown

Mr. Sandor is in charge of Withum’s National Construction Practice and is licensed certified public accountant in...  |  Read More

Trubenbach-Byrne, Matthew
Matthew Trubenbach-Byrne, CPA, CCIFP

Audit Manager
Withum Smith+Brown

Mr. Trubenbach-Byrne has approximately 7 years of experience providing professional public accounting, audit, tax...  |  Read More

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