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How Does CLE Credit Work?

How Does CLE Credit Work?

You must participate in the live webinar to receive CLE credit and you must confirm your participation by completing and submitting the Attendance Affirmation/Evaluation (a link to this will be in the Thank you email that you will receive immediately following the program).

To obtain CLE credits, you must:

(1) Purchase a CLE webinar

*Note: CLE for the first person or state is complimentary and CLE credit must appear on your receipt in order to receive a Certificate of Attendance (see example below)

Example of Order Receipt with Multiple CLEs

(2) Participate in the live program using your assigned PIN or participate with a paid attendee

*Note: Each attendee requesting optional Strafford CLE Processing must place an order for CLE Processing in order to receive a Certificate of Attendance

(3) Each attendee must confirm their participation by completing and submitting an Attendance Affirmation/Evaluation at the conclusion of the webinar.  A link to this will be in the Thank You email that is sent immediately following the program.

Example of Attendance Affirmation Form

(4)  Provided all the above conditions have been satisfied by 2pm Eastern the day of the program, a Certificate of Attendance will be emailed within 24-48 hours.

For NM, NC and NH:  Strafford must receive your Attendance Affirmation/Evaluation within 10 days following a program.

NEW YORK ATTORNEYS PLEASE NOTE: Strafford’s programs are accredited for CLE credits through the State Bar of New York’s “other approved jurisdictions” rule. Our adherence to the State Bar of New York’s rules regarding verification of attendance is accomplished through the polling of attorney attendance, the monitoring of phone lines and, as per the NYSB, the announcement of a discreet CLE code during each program for attendees to record and submit as proof of active listening. Further, we require each attorney participant to sign an affirmation stating that he or she listened to the event.

FLORIDA ATTORNEYS PLEASE NOTE: Strafford does not seek direct accreditation of live or recorded webinars and teleconferences for FL. Attorneys must self-apply to the Florida Bar for CLE course attendance credit.

Upon request, Strafford will supply Florida attorneys with the Continuing Legal Education Application for Course Attendance Credit along with a Strafford Certificate of Attendance to verify participation.  The completed application will need to be submitted by the attorney completing the course directly to the Florida State Bar along with a course brochure and/or outline. For more information, please or email