VAT Fundamentals for U.S. Companies Buying or Selling in the European Union

Ensuring VAT Compliance on Goods and Services Transactions

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Conducted on Thursday, July 6, 2017

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This webinar will give U.S. transactional tax specialists a grounding in the most relevant aspects of European value-added tax (VAT).


As U.S. companies expand, the odds increase that their transactional tax professionals and advisers will need to be aware of the basic components of compliance aspects of VAT, particularly in the European Union.

Solid grounding in VAT fundamentals (e.g., necessary paperwork and implications of exemptions such as for exports to non-EU member countries) serves U.S. tax professionals well. Awareness of latest actions, such as country rate changes and the place-of-supply rules (S.I. No. 520 of 2009) is also crucial.

Listen as our panel of seasoned transactional tax advisers explores fundamental concepts you need to help steer your company to proper VAT compliance.



  1. Basics of the European VAT tax base
  2. VAT compliance issues for U.S. taxpayers
  3. Exemptions and reclaiming VAT
  4. Latest regulatory and ratemaking developments with VAT


The panel will address these and other VAT basics:

  • VAT applicability: whether companies need to register for it, reclaiming it and applicable exemptions
  • VAT compliance: necessary paperwork on transactions
  • VAT rules: key changes, e.g., the place-of-supply rules for services


Britta Eriksson
Britta Eriksson
President and CEO
Euro VAT Refund

Ms. Eriksson's consulting clients on VAT matters include Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Commerce Department,...  |  Read More

Brian Groome
Brian Groome

Senior Manager

Mr. Groome has significant experience with international indirect tax. He works in KPMG’s Indirect Tax...  |  Read More

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