Taxation of U.S. Persons Owning Foreign Corporations: Strategies for Subpart F and GILTI Inclusions

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Conducted on Wednesday, February 24, 2021

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This CLE/CPE course will provide guidance to tax counsel and advisers on the implications and potential opportunities for U.S. persons owning foreign corporations under recent IRS guidance and current tax law. The panel will discuss key tax provisions and regulations causing compliance issues for U.S. taxpayers, Subpart F tax treatment of controlled foreign corporations (CFCs), global intangible low-tax income (GILTI), significant tax modifications for U.S. persons owning stock of foreign corporations through domestic partnerships, and best practices for ensuring accurate reporting and compliance.


The GILTI provisions and expanded Subpart F rules have a significant impact on U.S. owners of foreign corporations. Tax professionals must recognize implications and potential opportunities for U.S. persons owning foreign corporations under recent IRS guidance and current tax law.

The Subpart F rules require "U.S. shareholders" of CFCs to treat certain income types as taxable in the current year. Section 250 adds a layer of current income inclusion for CFC shareholders on global "intangible income" but also provides a deduction that reduces the effective tax rate on the included income.

The repeal of Code Sec. 958(b)(4) forces certain taxpayers to include in gross income amounts under Subpart F and GILTI attributable to foreign corporations that are CFCs, even though they may have limited access to critical items to determine whether such foreign corporations are CFCs and their inclusion amounts.

Rev Proc 2019-40 provides relief to certain U.S. persons who own stock in certain foreign corporations by limiting the inquiries they must make to determine whether certain foreign corporations are CFCs. It also offers particular unrelated minority U.S. shareholders the ability to rely on limited information to calculate Subpart F and GILTI inclusions in the absence of detailed financial statement information.

Listen as our authoritative panel of international tax practitioners reviews the Subpart F rules and GILTI provisions and provides a practical guide to determining CFC ownership and reporting obligations for U.S. persons owning foreign corporations.



  1. Prior treatment of U.S. persons owning foreign corporations
  2. Recent IRS guidance and critical takeaways
  3. U.S. tax challenges under Subpart F
  4. U.S. tax challenges under GILTI
  5. Best practices for ensuring accurate reporting and compliance


The panel will review these and other key issues:

  • Key tax compliance challenges for U.S. persons owning foreign corporations
  • Recent IRS regulations and guidance for U.S. taxpayers
  • Expanded definition of a CFC and U.S. shareholder
  • Expansion of Subpart F and key challenges under new tax law
  • Challenges under Section 951A GILTI rules for U.S. taxpayers
  • Tax planning and methods to ensure accurate reporting and compliance


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Rolando Garcia, JD, CPA

Doeren Mayhew

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Hatch, Kris
Kris Hatch

Fenwick & West

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