Taxation and Financial Reporting of Investments in Securities and Related Complex Transactions

Tackling Financial Statement Challenges and Tax Consequences of Timing, Character and Source

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Conducted on Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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This teleconference will provide advisors with a framework for the accounting of equity instruments under standards and guidance such as ASC 820, along with a review of the relevant federal tax rules.


In the review or preparation of financial statements and tax returns, accounting firm professionals increasingly are called on to account for, analyze and/or value equity instruments such as common stock, convertible debentures and preferred stock with a broad range of liquidation preferences.

In this regard, advisors are guided by standards and guidance such as ASC 820 on fair value measurements. However, the intricacies and constant evolution with these equity instruments require a thorough understanding of the tough issues presented.

Tax compliance challenges related to equity instruments arise from capital gain/loss treatment, worthless securities, capital gain distributions, wash sale rules (Sect. 1091), short sale rules (Sect. 1233), calls and puts, and Sect. 1256 contracts relating to futures, options and foreign currency contracts.

Listen as our panelists give you a fundamental grounding that will help you identify, measure, account for and value equity instruments and report transactions in those instruments correctly on tax returns.



  1. Equity instruments and their derivatives
  2. Applicable standards and guidance
  3. Fair value issues
  4. Tax compliance challenges


The panel will tackle such topics as:

  • Understanding types of equity instruments frequently seen in financial statement reviews.
  • Analyzing cash flows for, and measuring fair value of, equities.
  • Accounting for equity securities.
  • Applying tax concepts of timing, character and source.
  • Handling compliance challenges that transactions in these instruments create for the practitioner.

Following the speaker presentations, you'll have an opportunity to get answers to your specific questions during the interactive Q&A.


Ross, Laura
Laura L. Ross, CPA


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Renee Ford
Renee Ford
Assurance Principal

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Elizabeth Powell
Elizabeth Powell
Senior Manager

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