Tax Strategies for Advising Retirees: Social Security Planning, Roth Conversions, QCDs, SECURE Act and Impending Legislation

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Conducted on Thursday, July 22, 2021

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This course will guide tax advisers through tax-saving strategies for taxpayers approaching retirement age or who have already retired. Our panel of experts will identify opportunities to minimize tax and maximize assets and address recent and impending legislation affecting these taxpayers.


There are numerous considerations for retiring taxpayers. These taxpayers are receiving, or approaching the eligible age to receive, social security benefits, Medicare, and required minimum distributions (RMDs). Recent changes due to the SECURE Act--including raising the age for RMDs from 70 and one-half to 72, eliminating stretch IRAs, and removing the age requirement for IRA contributions--complicate tax issues for these clients.

There are steps that tax advisers can use with retirees to reduce taxation of their lifetime earnings. Coordinating and planning future cash flow from pensions, social security, and other personal assets can amount to substantial tax savings. Roth conversions, making QCDs, and considering spousal and ex-spousal social security benefits when appropriate can minimize future tax consequences.

Listen as our expert panel provides their insights and experiences on tax adviser techniques to minimize taxation of taxpayers approaching or in retirement.



  1. Tax strategies for retirees: an overview
  2. Recent legislation
  3. Required minimum distributions
  4. Roth Conversions
  5. Medicare planning
  6. Charitable contributions and qualified charitable distributions
  7. Tax-efficient portfolio withdrawals
  8. Impending legislation
  9. Other considerations


The panel will review these and other critical issues:

  • Planning strategies for social security benefits
  • Modified adjusted gross income limits for Medicare
  • Changes made to RMDs by the SECURE Act
  • When and how to initiate Roth conversions
  • Making charitable contributions and QCDs to minimize tax
  • How impending legislation could affect retirees


Fakhoury, Keith
Keith N. Fakhoury, CFP

Relationship Strategist
PNC Wealth Management

Keith Fakhoury is a Certified Financial Planner and realationship strategist at PNC in Tampa, Florida.

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Ortiz, Oscar
Oscar Vives Ortiz, CPA/PFS, CFP®

Wealth Planner
PNC Wealth Management

As a Vice President and a Wealth Strategist, Mr. Vives Ortiz provides advice on complex financial, estate, and other...  |  Read More

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