State Corporate Tax E-Filing: Mastering Latest Rules and Technologies

Prepare Now for New York Mandatory E-Filing, Michigan's Revised Process, and Other State Options

Recording of a 90-minute CPE webinar with Q&A

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Conducted on Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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New York's decision to mandate e-filing, effective Jan. 1, 2009, for Article 9-A general business corporation and S corporation returns and reports significantly raises the bar for electronic filing of state corporate income or franchise tax returns.

Meanwhile, Michigan, which required e-filing of the former single business tax, is expected to unveil a transitional process to e-file the new Michigan Business Tax before April 2009.

Corporate tax departments must meet process and software challenges arising from these programs, the ever-expanding list of participants in the Federal-State 1120 optional e-filing program, and new individual corporate e-filing additions from states such as California and Connecticut.

Listen from  your telephone as our panel of veteran tax corporate tax professionals and advisors helps you analyze the latest state e-filing mandates and options — from understanding the rules and technologies to assessing the benefits and risks.



  1. New York Mandatory E-Filing
    1. Effective dates
    2. How transmission process will work
    3. Status of approved software vendors
    4. Possible penalties for non-compliance
  2. Report On Other States With Mandatory E-Filing
    1. Michigan
      1. When will mandatory e-filing under single business tax convert to mandatory e-filing for Michigan Business Tax?
    2. California
      1. Latest forms brought into e-filing, effective dates
      2. Taxpayer experiences
    3. Connecticut
      1. Latest forms brought into e-filing, effective dates
      2. Taxpayer experiences
  3. Update On Federal-State 1120 E-Filing Project
    1. Membership trends
      1. States recently joining
      2. Total states enrolled
      3. Number of returns processed
      4. States expected to join in 2009
    2. How return-filing works in 1120 program
      1. What IRS does and doesn’t do with state data
      2. What IRS data states receive
      3. Electronic conversion process
      4. Transmission process
      5. Registration process
      6. Security measures
    3. 1065 program and how it works
  4. General Guidance For Taxpayers On State E-Filing
    1. Steps corporate taxpayers need to take to prepare for state e-filing
    2. Less obvious requirements
      1. Registration with state
      2. Overriding a document
    3. How tax software providers are getting ready for e-filing programs
      1. More thorough testing processes
      2. Refining how their software captures data


The panel offered their experience to guide you in: 

  • Mastering all aspects of New York e-filing well before your company files its first return there.
  • Understanding other states' changes to their mandatory e-filed forms and reports.
  • Benefiting from other companies' experiences dealing with the growing list of states participating in the 1120 program.
  • Evaluating the benefits and downsides of optional e-filing to decide whether, and how soon, to enlist your company.
  • Anticipating the time, manpower and technology demands if you participate in a mandatory or optional e-filing program.


Lynne Belokopitsky
Lynne Belokopitsky
Director of E-Services
New York Taxation and Finance Department

She is tasked with increasing e-filing and e-payment in New York and manages her department’s online tax center....  |  Read More

Annette Olivier-Wolfe
Annette Olivier-Wolfe
Alternative Filing Program Manager and Acting Assistant Administrator for Return Processing Division
Michigan Treasury Department

She has worked for the department for more than 25 years and has overseen e-filing efforts for nine years. Previously...  |  Read More

Joyette Speirs
Joyette Speirs
Manager, Contact Management and Design Group

She manages her group's e-file division. During her career, she has also worked on state and local taxes for multiple...  |  Read More

Terry Hunt
Terry Hunt
E-File Coordinator
Kansas Department of Revenue

He leads corporate e-filing efforts for a revenue agency that was one of the first participants in the...  |  Read More

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