Protecting Minors' Property Rights: Real Property, Bank Accounts, Insurance and Settlement Proceeds, Inheritance

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

1:00pm-2:30pm EST, 10:00am-11:30am PST

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This CLE webinar will explore the vital steps necessary to ensure that minors do not lose valuable property rights. These steps not only fulfill clients' intent but prevent malpractice claims. Minors' property issues are present in situations ranging from simple bank account ownership to complex settlements of litigation. Family law practitioners must be aware of the consequences of missteps.


Failing to protect the property rights of a minor frustrates the intent of the person who wanted the minor to benefit from the property and deprives the minor of valuable property. There are many ways this issue presents itself involving present and future ownership issues.

Present issues are relatively easy to spot but are not amenable to simple solutions. Although the Uniform Transfer to Minors Act can solve simple issues for smaller amounts of property, such as bank accounts, it is likely inadequate. Sometimes it impermissible to use it for assets such as real property or family business ownership.

Future issues may be even more perplexing. Settlement (and judgment) proceeds in litigation arising out of injuries to minors can represent millions of present or future dollars. Courts will be involved in protecting the minors' interests. Similar future interests, such as inheritance, also require meaningful planning.

Listen as this panel, steeped in knowledge of family law financial issues, provides guidance on preserving these large sums of money for those who are intended to benefit from them. Not only does this enable client goals to be met, but it also prevents malpractice lawsuits against counsel.



  1. Minors' property rights in present-tense property
    1. UTMA
    2. Bank accounts
    3. Real property
    4. Equity ownership
  2. Minors' property rights in future property
    1. Lawsuit settlement/judgment
    2. Life insurance proceeds
    3. Inheritance


The panel will review these and other essential issues:

  • The varied manner in which minors' property rights present themselves
  • The role of counsel in identifying such rights
  • Discerning and delivering on client intent concerning minors' ownership rights
  • The many sources of law governing these rights


Isaak, Melissa
Melissa L. Isaak

The Isaak Law Firm

Ms. Isaak is a family law attorney who focuses her practice on representing men in domestic relations issues. Her...  |  Read More

Additional faculty
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