Protecting Against Parking Lot Crime

The Latest Proven Tactics for Increasing Security and Avoiding Liability

Recording of a 100-minute webinar with Q&A

Conducted on Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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Parking lots and decks account for more crimes that result in a company being sued than any other setting. How severe is the problem? In the latest downtown Houston crime statistics, commercial lots and garages are the No. 2 setting for crimes; four other parking categories rank in the top 10.

And, one security consulting firm estimates that roughly 80% of crimes afflicting shopping centers, strip malls and business offices occur in parking lots and decks. Failing to stop a preventable attack exposes companies to big-dollar judgments or settlements.

Security leaders must stay current with what’s working in combating parking lot crime with officers, cameras, panic phones, etc. – and what's not working and not worth the time and effort.



  1. Security Personnel Techniques
    1. Specific instructions to contract security officers
    2. Types, visibility of security vehicles
    3. Scheduling number, frequency of patrols by hours of greatest risk
      1. Maintaining variation to throw off crooks
    4. Monitoring suspicious vehicles in parking areas
  2. Effective Use Of CCTV
    1. On parking garage or lot perimeter
    2. Within parking structure
    3. Warning signs of continuous camera surveillance
  3. Effective Use of Lighting
    1. On perimeter of parking garage or lot
    2. Within parking structure
    3. Inside stairwells
  4. CPTED And Structural Security Techniques
    1. Cutting back trees, bushes, ivy
    2. Use of visibility mirrors
    3. Improving fencing
  5. Emergency Communications Options
    1. Code Blue intercoms
    2. Panic buttons
    3. Associated signage
  6. Communications With Employees, Tenants About Parking Security


The panel armed listeners with their insights and actionable guidance on:

  • Performing a risk assessment on your parking lots and exteriors to establish your baseline security requirements.
  • Planning officers' rounds to maximize coverage and visibility in your parking areas.
  • Selecting and locating your lighting, cameras and security callboxes -- and utilizing crime prevention through environmental design.
  • Training your team on car thieves' and muggers' latest tactics to prevent your employees and customers from being victimized.
  • Assessing which security vehicles best fit your premises and needs -- small maneuverable vehicles or big SUVS with flashing lights.


Michael Rinicella
Michael Rinicella
Security Manager
Jo-Ann Stores

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Jessie Beaudoin
Jessie Beaudoin
Senior Director of Surveillance
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

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Lara Richardson
Lara Richardson
Vice President
Liability Consultants

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