Promoting Diversity in the Legal Profession

Strategies for Hiring and Retaining Diverse Attorneys to Create an Inclusive Workplace

Recording of a 90-minute CLE webinar with Q&A

Conducted on Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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This seminar will provide guidance for law firms and corporate legal departments with regard to hiring and retaining diverse attorneys and strategies for implementing diversity programs for attorney staff.


Progress toward diversity in the legal profession has been slow. There are still 44% more men than women in the profession, and only 15% of legal professionals are minorities. Law firms and general counsel at companies are addressing the challenge.

Many companies are demonstrating their commitment to diversity in their legal advisors. For example, in September, Microsoft announced it will use a "pay for performance" approach, under which it will pay law firms a bonus for demonstrating concrete diversity results.

What can law firms and corporate legal departments do to improve recruitment and retention of diverse attorneys? What are the best practices for firms and legal departments to implement diversity programs in order to create and build a more diverse legal profession?

Listen as our authoritative panel examines the issue of diversity among legal professionals. The panel will provide guidance for hiring and retaining diverse attorneys and strategies for firms and corporate legal departments to implement diversity programs.



  1. Legal landscape for diversity
    1. Diversity in the legal profession
    2. Issues raised by having diversity policies
  2. Best practices for recruiting/hiring diverse attorneys
    1. Recruiting minority attorneys
    2. Summer associates to new grads to lateral hires
    3. Replacing the diversity talent that is leaving
  3. Best practices for retaining diverse attorneys
    1. Mentoring programs
    2. Resources to assist diverse attorneys succeed
    3. Role of partners, general counsel
    4. Professional development opportunities
  4. Best practices for implementing diversity programs and creating a more diverse workplace
    1. How firms/legal departments are meeting diversity requirements
    2. Establish relationships and team building
    3. Data gathering and research
    4. Create the diversity plan
    5. Inclusion training for all attorneys
    6. Monitor and reevaluate plan and strategic goals
    7. Continue diversity dialogue/plan after training is complete
    8. Inclusive language in employment policies and benefits


The panel will review these and other key questions:

  • What can firms and legal departments do to improve recruitment of women and minorities?
  • How can law firms and legal departments help overcome the barriers to a more diverse profession?
  • What strategies should firms and legal departments use to retain diverse attorneys?


Terri A. Mazur
Terri A. Mazur

Mayer Brown

She chairs the firm’s Women’s Initiatives Committee, which focuses on the retention, professional...  |  Read More

Felix S. Lee
Felix S. Lee

Fenwick & West

He chairs the firm's diversity committee. The firm is consistently ranked as one of the most diverse firms in the...  |  Read More

Joseph P. Sullivan
Joseph P. Sullivan

Sanchez Daniels & Hoffman

The firm is one of the nation's largest certified minority-owned law firms and has been recognized for its commitment...  |  Read More

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