Preemployment Screening for Security Directors

Strategies for Effective Background Investigations

Recording of a 100-minute webinar with Q&A

Conducted on Thursday, May 10, 2007

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Here’s a nightmare for a corporate security leader: Your company unwittingly hires someone with a history of stealing from employers, low productivity due to drug abuse, or violent dealings with co-workers.

Whether you’re hiring security staff or working with your HR and legal departments to screen prospective employees across the company, making smart – and cost-effective – decisions about checking for criminal and civil offenses and drug use is a critical job for security leaders.

It requires you to weigh the benefits of being intensely thorough against the added costs of having your vendor check more states’ criminal records or test for additional drugs.

Plus, not all crimes and drugs are created equal. Which ones can you afford to let slide without exposing your company to undue risk?

Listen as our expert panelists give you new guidance and best practices for screening the criminal, civil and drug backgrounds of applicants for security and other jobs.



The panel's insights help you:

  • Select the best firm to conduct background checks and drug screening and monitor its progress to be sure you are getting your money's worth.
  • Define the appropriate scope for criminal and civil records research for your company – how many states, how many years back, whether misdemeanors and driving offenses matter.
  • Become familiar with the latest popular drugs and drug tests, so you can determine which test makes most sense for your organization.
  • Understand the myriad state and federal laws dealing with privacy and hiring discrimination, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Effectively fortify your background research with other sources, including applications, interviews, and past employer reference checks.


Cary Gray
Cary Gray
Founder and CEO

Cary is a retired Air Force colonel and former college professor on business principles.

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Les Rosen
Les Rosen
Employment Screening Resources

His firm is a national background-screening company. Les is an attorney and former prosecutor and serves frequently as...  |  Read More

Scott Hewitt
Scott Hewitt
Security Director
Ferguson Enterprises Inc.,

He is a 30-year veteran of the security profession and administers drug testing of all prospective and current Ferguson...  |  Read More