Perfecting Security Interests in Intellectual Property: Article 9, Federal IP Statutes and Foreign Laws

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Conducted on Thursday, December 14, 2017

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This CLE webinar will discuss how IP attorneys can perfect security interests in intellectual property under UCC Article 9. The panel will explain the intricacies of overlapping federal IP statutes affecting IP security interests, outline best practices for drafting the IP security agreement, and discuss foreign laws applicable to U.S. companies holding foreign IP assets.


Intellectual property assets are a key financing tool for lenders and for IP holders to monetize their assets. These assets can be collateral for a loan, and IP assets with predictable cash flow can be pooled into asset-based securities. UCC Article 9 and U.S. patent, trademark and copyright laws all apply. The rules governing perfection, securitization and foreclosure of IP interests are more complex than perfecting interests in other property.

U.S. companies holding foreign IP or foreign companies holding U.S. IP assets must also navigate applicable foreign laws in addition to U.S. statutes to determine the appropriate means of perfecting security interests.

Listen as our authoritative panel of practitioners informs you on the perfection of security interests in intellectual property under UCC Article 9 and overlapping federal and foreign IP laws impacting the perfection of IP interests. The panel will also provide best practices for drafting the IP security agreement.



  1. Overview of Article 9 for perfection or securitization of IP assets
  2. Rules for perfecting security interests
    1. Copyrights
    2. Trademarks
    3. Patents
    4. Domain names
  3. Applicable foreign laws
  4. Drafting the IP security agreement


The panel will review these and other key issues:

  • Article 9 rules for perfecting security interests in IP
  • Best practices for drafting IP security agreements
  • Federal IP statutes impacting perfection of security interests
  • Applicability of foreign laws for U.S. companies holding foreign IP assets


Rhebergen, Constance
Constance Rhebergen


Ms. Rhebergen represents business clients in the identification, protection, licensing and transfer of intellectual...  |  Read More

Vermut, Richard
Richard S. Vermut

Driver, McAfee, Peek & Hawthorne

Mr. Vermut practices exclusively in the area of information technology law and intellectual property law. His...  |  Read More

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