Obtaining Post-Trial Relief in Federal Court: Juror Misconduct, New Trials, Preserving Issues for Appeal

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Thursday, June 17, 2021

1:00pm-2:30pm EDT, 10:00am-11:30am PDT

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This CLE webinar will discuss how trial counsel can ensure adequate consideration of the post-trial and post-judgment motions and preserve the issues raised in the motion for appeal. The program will discuss how to ascertain all post-judgment options and best strategies for post-judgment motions.


Trial counsel must carefully follow all requirements for seeking post-judgment relief. Post-judgment relief includes judgment as a matter of law, a new trial, remittitur, and costs and attorneys' fees for jury trials. In non-jury trials, the parallel relief is available for amended findings, rehearing, alteration or amendment of judgment, and correction of clerical errors, among others.

Counsel should understand how and when to interview the jury under FRE 606 to investigate whether the jury considered extraneous prejudicial information, was improperly influenced, or made a mistake on the verdict form.

Practitioners must also consider the timing and content of motions, the presumptions and burdens of proof, and the effect on the time to appeal.

Listen as this experienced panel reviews how to ensure adequate consideration of the post-trial and post-judgment motions and preserve the issues raised in the motion for appeal.



  1. Introduction
  2. Timing and mechanics of post-trial relief
  3. Effect of motions on appeal
    1. Time
    2. Issue preservation
  4. Types of relief available


The panel will review these and other material issues:

  • What are the tell-tale signs of juror misconduct?
  • What options are available when jury answers are inconsistent with the verdict?
  • What are the different times when a judgment may be entered?
  • Is a separate judgment always required?


Batalden, Peder
Peder K. Batalden

Horvitz & Levy

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Cohan, Louis
Louis R. Cohan

Cohan Law Group

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McMichael, Virginia
Virginia H. McMichael

Appellate Law Group

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