New Basis Reporting Requirements for Estates: Meeting Form 8971, Schedule A, and New Beneficiary Consistency Mandates

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Conducted on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

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This webinar will provide tax advisers to trusts and estates with a practical guide to the new estate basis consistency reporting requirements. The panel will explain the latest IRS pronouncements on coordinating basis reporting with the filing of the estate tax return and valuations reported on new Form 8971. The panel will also outline useful tips for assisting fiduciary clients in completing Form 8971.


The basis consistency initiative launched by the IRS has caused significant concern among tax advisers and estate executors. The enactment in 2015 of IRC Section 1014(f) requires consistency between an asset’s reported estate tax value and the basis of the asset when acquired by the estate beneficiary.

Congress then imposed new reporting requirements in IRC 6035 that require estate executors to identify the value of property reported on the estate tax return to both the IRS and the estate beneficiaries. The IRS responded with Form 8971 to facilitate this reporting. Since then Treasury has issued proposed regulations and the instructions to Form 8971 were significantly revised in September, 2016.

Advisers must understand which estates are required to file Form 8971, which assets are subject to reporting, how to prepare Schedule A, and the special provisions for income in respect of a decedent.

Listen as our expert panel provides you with a thorough guide to the basis consistency reporting requirements, giving you tools to assist your fiduciary clients to timely file Form 8971.



  1. Basis consistency reporting rules
  2. IRS using basis consistency reporting to cross-reference with beneficiaries’ returns
  3. Intersection of IRC Sections 1014 and 6035
  4. Exemptions from reporting requirements
  5. Form 8971 reporting
  6. Subsequent transfers provision


The panel will review these and other important issues:

  • Which estates are required to file Form 8971?
  • What assets are subject to reporting?
  • What are the penalties for failure to file the asset valuation disclosure and basis consistency reporting?
  • Schedule A preparation
  • Changes arising from the most recent instructions to Form 8971/Schedule A
  • Limited use of attachments to Schedule A
  • What are the special provisions for income in respect of a decedent in completing Form 8971?


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