Maximizing the 199A Deduction: Increasing Assets and Wages, Separating and Aggregating Businesses, and More

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A live 110-minute CPE webinar with interactive Q&A

Date: TBD

This webinar will provide advisers to businesses with strategies to increase the generous 20% QBI deduction under 199A. The panel will cover tips to maximize W-2 income and assets when applicable, separating and aggregating businesses, and other planning tips.


The prior year practitioners worked to grasp the basic concepts, eligibility, and reporting the 199A deduction. Now with the basics understood, advisers are taking proactive steps to maximize this tax-saving deduction.

The calculation, in its purest form, is 20% of qualified income. The calculation requires extra time and adds an extra layer of complexity to every return with a taxable business. For income exceeding certain thresholds, the deduction is limited to the lesser of 20% of QBI (qualified business income) or, the greater of 50% of W-2 wages paid by the business or the total of 2.5% of UBIA (unadjusted basis after initial acquisition) plus 25% of W-2 wages.

There are planning opportunities to explore for the subset of taxpayers subject to the W-2 and UBIA thresholds. Increasing salaries and buying additional property would quickly increase the deduction for businesses subject to the W-2 and UBIA limitations but would also increase costs as well. Knowing the potential caveats of each strategy to determine when the benefit of the 20% deduction outweighs any additional costs is critical.

Various strategies surround the 199A deduction. Ensuring a business' income is qualified, staying under thresholds, increasing asset acquisition costs, and increasing W-2 wages are just a few approaches that can significantly impact a taxpayer's deduction. Less apparent are strategies surrounding sales of businesses, businesses with losses, and for converting nonqualified income.

Listen as our panel of experts divulges strategies for maximizing the deduction under 199A.



  1. QBI: An Overview
  2. Maximizing W-2 wages
  3. Increasing UBIA
  4. Aggregating and separating businesses
  5. Converting non-qualified income
  6. Individual thresholds and SSTBs
  7. Planning for sells
  8. Planning for NOLs
  9. Other tips


The panel will review these and other important issues:

  • Maximizing W-2 wages
  • Increasing asset acquisition costs
  • Converting non-qualifying income to QBI
  • QBI deduction planning for pending sales


Stucky, Kara
Kara Stucky, CPA
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Wainwright, Ronald
Ronald G. Wainwright, Jr., CPA

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