Maximize Your Investment in CCTV

Best Practices, Latest Technology, Effective Tactics with Cameras

Recording of a 100-minute webinar with Q&A

Conducted on Thursday, February 15, 2007

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Nothing is more fundamental to the success of a company’s security mission than the maximum usage of a smoothly functioning camera system. CCTV utilizing an effective video-archiving system can make or break security.

Corporate security leaders must constantly re-learn lessons about managing CCTV --given the complex variables involved: How many cameras to install and monitor in real-time? Which technological features are essential and which are unnecessary? How to adjust camera settings and lighting to get sharp and defendable pictures?

To get a handle on effective oversight of camera system management, finding out what has worked and what has failed for your peers is crucial to making smart decisions about your own CCTV system, policies and practices.

Listen as our panel of experienced corporate security leaders and representatives of well respected CCTV vendors and integrators give you practical operational insights on enhancing and adapting core camera technology to thwart the threats to your company.



Among the guidance panelists will offer are:

  • Techniques for effectively and efficiently positioning cameras around your property and deciding which of them to monitor live.
  • What new CCTV technological features excite the speakers.
  • How corporate security departments are hardening their cameras against vandalism and weather damage.
  • The current legal standards for any requirement to monitor cameras and for the privacy rights of customers and employees.


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