Mastering Yellow Book and Single Audit Workpaper Documentation: Preparing High-Quality GAGAS Working Papers

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Conducted on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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This course will provide audit professionals with a thorough and solid foundation to prepare GAGAS Yellow Book-compliant audit workpapers for Single Audits under OMB Circular A-133 and successor guidance. The panel will discuss best practices for documenting the contents, sequence and format of audit documentation for engagements involving Federal Funds recipients, and other GAGAS audits. This is a hands-on, highly practical guide to efficiently preparing high-quality Yellow Book audit workpapers.


Workpapers are crucial to accurately and timely completing an audit. In addition to wasting billable time, poorly prepared workpapers can lead to errors in the audit report. This is particularly true for audits performed under GAGAS, or GAO “Yellow Book,” requirements.

While GAGAS lists certain general requirements of Yellow Book documentation, the standards do not offer guidance on the form, sequence or internal referencing of workpapers. The standards require only that the workpapers be clear to an “experienced auditor.” However, proper and standardized preparation of working papers makes review of documentation more efficient for the audit reviewer.

While workpaper methodologies vary among firms, and among audit managers, there are key components to high-quality workpapers, such as legibility, proper referencing, accurate and verified calculations, and a sufficiently-detailed checklist to facilitate accuracy while reducing review time.

Listen as our panel of experienced audit professionals provides best practices for efficiently creating high-quality Yellow Book-compliant workpapers.



  1. Yellow Book documentation standards for workpapers
  2. Elements of review-efficient workpapers
  3. Summary memo and referencing methods
  4. Documenting audit tests
  5. Common deficiencies of audit workpapers


The panel will discuss these and other important questions:

  • Risks and costs of poorly prepared workpapers
  • Yellow Book Section 6.83 requirements for all workpapers
  • Key elements of high-quality workpapers and summary memo
  • Tools to facilitate workpaper best practices


Jay Giannantonio, MS, CPA, CIA
Jay Giannantonio, MS, CPA, CIA

BNA Training & IT Solutions

Mr. Giannantonio is a management consultant with over 30 years of experience specializing in finance...  |  Read More

Johnny L. Brooks, CPA
Johnny L. Brooks, CPA

Managing Director
Brooks & Associates

Mr. Brooks has extensive experience in all fields of financial management; audit, attestations, and internal control...  |  Read More

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