Manufacturing and Production Sales Tax Exemptions: Not Just for Manufacturers

Leveraging Tax-Savings Opportunities as States Create and Expand Reach of Exemptions

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Conducted on Thursday, September 18, 2014

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This webinar will brief tax professionals on the latest state improvements of manufacturing sales tax exemptions and how expansive terms of the tax break in many states can benefit your companies in unexpected ways.


Sales tax specialists at multi-state companies cannot afford to lose track of the latest actions on manufacturing or production exemptions, for two critical reasons: States constantly add or improve this potentially big-dollar tax break, and companies not considered traditional "manufacturers" often qualify.

California and Florida have manufacturer's sales tax exemptions in effect. The really big opportunity, though, can arise in how expansively a state's laws and regs interpret terms like "manufacturer," "equipment," and "used predominantly and directly."

Thus, companies as diverse as software developers, commercial printers and filmmakers can qualify. Plus, ancillary activities like engineering and quality control can expand the tax break on production equipment as well as utilities. Tax departments lose sight of the possibilities at their financial peril.

Listen as our panel of state tax advisors helps you keep up with the fast pace of change with state manufacturing and production sales tax exemptions, particularly the states that open their incentives beyond the boundaries of traditional manufacturing.



  1. Current reach of manufacturing/production sales tax exemptions
    1. Available in nearly every state with a general sales tax
  2. Latest states to add or improve exemptions
  3. Jurisdictions that open up the exemption to industries not thought of as manufacturing
  4. Jurisdictions that expand the exemption to cover activities outside of direct production


The panel will zero in and help you understand how to take advantage of these potential tax savings and incentives, including:

  • The states that have, or have expanded, manufacturer's exemptions, and which industries can capitalize and when.
  • Which states are pushing the envelope on the types of industries that qualify for the sales tax break on "manufacturing" equipment and utilities.
  • How to avoid sales tax on purchases related to activities that are ancillary to actually turning out a product.


Susan Traylor Bittick
Susan Traylor Bittick


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Mark A. Loyd
Mark A. Loyd

Bingham Greenebaum Doll

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Thomas E. Mazurek, Jr.
Thomas E. Mazurek, Jr.

Tronconi Segarra & Associates

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Andrew J. Toth
Andrew J. Toth

Tronconi Segarra & Associates

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