Managing State Income & Franchise Tax Audits - The Auditors Speak

State revenue officials reveal what they love, hate and won't stand for

Recording of a 100-minute CPE webinar with Q&A

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Conducted on Tuesday, March 6, 2007

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Audits are adversarial proceedings. So it's virtually guaranteed at some point during a state income or franchise tax audit, the auditor and your company will disagree about how much income should be apportioned to that state, whether your company has provided adequate documentation and made timely appeals, among other common points of contention.

A corporate tax department is best equipped to face this challenge with advance warning of what the other side expects — competitive intelligence to help plan for a smooth audit about which both sides can be happy.

Listen as our panel of state income tax auditors from a mix of larger and mid-sized states evaluates corporate audits from their side of the aisle.



You'll find out how audit supervisors think companies can help ensure a well-run audit and what mistakes they absolutely don't like to see repeated. You'll get their insights on:

  • Auditors' expectations and standards.
  • Measures taxpayers can take to help move audits along smoothly.
  • Mistakes and missteps by taxpayers that raise the ire of an auditor
  • Behavior and poor documentation the auditors simply will not tolerate.


Gary Dullum
Gary Dullum
Franchise Tax Specialist
Texas Comptroller’s Office

During his career with the state, he has also held positions in sales tax and computer audits and microcomputer...  |  Read More

Gary Morris
Gary Morris
Executive Director of Income Taxation
Kentucky Revenue Department

He is the executive director of the Kentucky department’s office of income taxation. He’s worked with the...  |  Read More

Marc McCallum
Marc McCallum
Field Division Regional Manager
Kentucky Revenue Department

He trains employees on corporate income and license taxes among others. He has worked with the department for 18 years...  |  Read More

Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell
Income Tax Division Manager
Illinois Department of Revenue

During his career with the Revenue Department, he’s risen from auditor to assistant division manager to his...  |  Read More

Karolyn Bishop
Karolyn Bishop
Out-of-State Field Audit Manager
Washington Revenue Department

Based in Munster, Ind., she oversees out-of-state audits for the department’s Great Lakes region.

 |  Read More